Congress Continues Wasting Our Time With Worthless Witch Hunts

by RL Miller, via Daily Kos

Last week, the House held Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for reasons arising from the House GOP-dominated probe into the “Fast and Furious” non-scandal, despite solid reporting, via CNN, that the vast architecture of a Congressional inquiry into a massive conspiracy was built on one disgruntled employee and a couple of lunatics with blogs. One good reporter exposed the lies at its heart, and it all came tumbling down.

Now, the same House Oversight Committee wants to bring in the chief of Abound Solar for a hearing. Abound filed bankruptcy after receiving $70 million in Department of Energy loan guarantees. In a nonpoliticized world, Abound was one of many solar manufacturers being hit hard by industry consolidation and Chinese competition; to Darrell Issa’s GOP, it’s another excuse to politicize clean energy.

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that there is no vast architecture of conspiracy allowing Abound to get a loan, just as there was nothing beyond cheap GOP talking points at the heart of the Solyndra investigation.

Call it Sunny and Spurious.

Not to be outdone, Senator Scott Brown (R-CosMApolitan) seeks to manufacture a Wind and Worthless non-scandal by calling for an investigation into Cape Wind. Apparently one employee of the FAA, once, expressed concern about radar, so Scott Brown needs to sic a Senate committee on Cape Wind.

Meanwhile, the real waste of taxpayer money is being ignored. Darrell Issa’s Oversight Committee seems to have no interest in a Congressional Budget Office report noting the  waste of carbon capture & storage money (a kind of “clean coal”) – to date, $6.9 billion, or nearly 100 Abounds or 14 Solyndras. That kind of Cash and Curious is where the Oversight Committee should be spending its time. Instead, Issa’s committee is engaging in witch hunts manufactured by blogging zealots untethered to reality.

RL Miller is an attorney and environmental blogger. This piece was originally published at Daily Kos and was reprinted with permission.

6 Responses to Congress Continues Wasting Our Time With Worthless Witch Hunts

  1. prokaryotes says:

    This is indeed a prime example for misuse of power.

  2. Leif says:

    As well as tax payers money.

  3. Chris Winter says:

    And how about those royalties on oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico which the government failed to collect? The amount could go as high as $53 billion.

  4. Brooks Bridges says:

    So why aren’t Democrats organizing investigations into the money being spent on waste of trying to clean up dirty coal?

  5. Brooks Bridges says:

    Never mind. I see it’s being pushed by Obama. Sigh.

    Between this and Ethanol and …. How much longer must we endure these insanities?

    I mean besides the bogus witch hunts.

  6. The last time people like Issa were taken seriously was when Joe McCarthy was grandstanding. (Issa is so pathetic, he can’t even be another Joe McCarthy.)

    I don’t think too many people, other than the Republican Tea-Party base are taking Issa seriously — the country has moved on. However, it’s sad, as others have pointed out, that precious time and money are being wasted by the likes Issa and Scott Brown as they try to manufacture issues ahead of the election.

    Winning the House back for the Dems, while not a magic bullet, will at least get Issa to shut up, if not actually go away.