Scott Brown: ‘Oil Companies Don’t Get Subsidies’

by Brad Johnson

Freshman Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA), notorious for his close ties to the Koch brothers, doesn’t believe that oil companies get subsidies. Walking in an Independence Day parade in Plymouth, MA, the senator declared his allegiance to the oil industry, which receives $7 billion in subsidies a year:

BROWN: Oil companies don’t get subsidies. . . . I’m positive. They’re able to take deduction like every other business. If we’re going to reform the tax code, we should do that.

Watch the video from American Bridge:

Brown’s denial of oil subsidies is nothing new; he has similarly questioned the facts of climate change. Brown was forced to contribute to charity after the American Petroleum Institute ran radio and print ads supporting his position on tax breaks for big oil companies. Brown stands in opposition to the growing global movement to end fossil fuel subsidies.

11 Responses to Scott Brown: ‘Oil Companies Don’t Get Subsidies’

  1. This guy is so amazing.

  2. The fact checkers should have a field day with this one, given how much research is available in this area.

  3. Joan Savage says:

    According to a former oil company employee, the distinguishing difference is a that subsidy is something paid out by government, while tax exemptions are for money that the companies didn’t have to pay into government. The people who complain about Big Oil conflate the two and call it all subsidy, which may have an emotional value but clouds the conversation, particularly about the amounts involved.

    The big oil companies don’t usually bother to apply for “chump change” direct subsidies. What is the multi-billion dollar difference for big oil companies are the tax credits and tax exemptions, worth far more to them than what are strictly referred to as subsidies.
    So we should be pushing Scott Brown to hold up his statement, ” If we are going to reform the tax code, we should do that.”
    Indeed we should.

  4. Peter M says:

    Brown is clueless- frankly I thought the voters in MA had more sense then elect a clown like him-

  5. M Tucker says:

    The “subsidies” that everyone talks about are really tax breaks or credits that many call tax incentives or simply called business incentives. For oil companies and coal companies they do get such breaks from the federal government but they also get them from state governments. These tax incentives are not limited to oil and coal interests but are extended to many mining operations as well as manufacturing enterprises. This BS Republican call to “reform the tax code” every time tax issues arise is simply a way to avoid doing anything. They could easily stop federal tax incentives for fossil fuels and the very act of making that change IS a reform of the so called “tax code.”

  6. Tami Kennedy says:

    You don’t get beyond the freshman class using the ‘representatives for dummies’ handbook.

  7. Tami Kennedy says:

    Maybe we could collect a few pennies from a ticket on jaywalking during the parade…

  8. Chris Salmon says:

    If deducting expenses and losses from gross revenue and paying tax only on net profit is a subsidy, then EVERYONE gets subsidies.

  9. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    The big corporations pay billions to politicians, as ‘contributions’. ‘Long live Democracy!’. The politicians then enact laws that financially advantage their financers, in various ways. So these monies are best thought of, not as subsidies, depreciation, tax advantages etc, but as kick-backs.

  10. Anderlan says:

    I tell my friends who say this, Exxon can properly claim the oil in the ground as plant when they tap a reserve, but only when I can claim the entire energy output of the sun as plant when I put up a solar panel!

  11. Earl Richards says:

    How did this yokel ever get to be a Senator?