Must-See: Best News Report This Year On Link Between Climate Change And Extreme Weather

Last week I wrote that “Every Network Gets Extreme Weather Story Right.” The ABC News weather editor even ended his story, “Now’s the time we start limiting manmade greenhouse gases.”

But the major networks only devote 3 minutes each to what is in fact the “Climate Story of the Year: Warming-Driven Drought and Extreme Weather Emerge as Key Threat to Global Food Security.”

Indeed, global warming is the story of the century — and if we don’t start reducing greenhouse gas emissions ASAP, it will be the story of the millennium — see NOAA stunner: Climate change “largely irreversible for 1000 years,” with permanent Dust Bowls in Southwest and around the globe (if we don’t act quickly).  See also Nature Geoscience: Ocean dead zones “devoid of fish and seafood” are poised to expand and “remain for thousands of years.“

So the story deserves much more than 3 minutes. Here is “Inside Story Americas” from al Jazeera English with a 25-minute segment. There’s no point in summarizing it. The point is the in-depth discussion, featuring Michael Mann, Bob Deans, and Heidi Cullen.

Cullen has become a metaphor machine: “Weather autopsy” and “lone gunman theory” are awesome. She also said, “climate change increases your chances of being unlucky” with extreme weather.

Kudos to everyone involved. Time for every major network to do the same thing.

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19 Responses to Must-See: Best News Report This Year On Link Between Climate Change And Extreme Weather

  1. Peter M says:

    A really good interview and exchange between all three (Mann, Cullen & Dean) and the reporter. It would be better if the US Media did this- but then again we understand the US Media is on a short leash.

  2. I found this to be a very informative report.I consider Aljazeera to be a well respected news resource on par with BBC. I only wish that American mainstream media would be this forthcoming in reporting climate change. Thank you for your fine journalism.

  3. Evacuations Ordered In Western Japan As Heavy Flooding

    They get 50 cm rain in half a day. Normally this amount rains within an entire month.

  4. Japanese island ravaged by flooding

    Risk of tornadoes, worst floods in record history….

  5. And just last week we saw this in Russia

    Flood disaster kills over 170, affects 24,000 in southern Russia

    Who is next?

  6. kj says:

    Nobody beats the neocon PR machine! Do the Dems or the american people have 1 on their side? Industry always wins! It’s sad that short term profits trump future life on earth.

  7. ozajh says:

    Like the BBC, I find Al-Jazeera to be a fine news resource but with an underlying political bias. IMHO their news reports are usually accurate. I watch them with a slightly suspicious initial attitude but am happy to gain knowledge when I conclude a segment is straight reporting, which would certainly apply to this one.

    And again like the BBC, they have sufficient funding to devote the time to in-depth reports. This can be tremendously valuable.

  8. Ozonator says:

    The extremely “Vain” capital of the extremist Republicans and Christians are turning 99.9% of media outlets into corporate shills due to their SuperPAC money. They didn’t say a word with Putin striking the same pose of Katrina Bush flying over catastrophic flooding in southern Russia. took several minutes to delete my response to their blog blaming the dead Brazilian penguin story on literate AGW scammers. Soon to be abused, dead birds from market hunting in the 1930’s is like ‘Mengele’ Morano’s dead bird oil market of today. To be fair and balanced, I had predicted for South America: “GBRWE 7/1 – 7/12 ‘regular’ for global warming predictions: sports, rainfall, tornadic, hurricane, and stellar ecosystems with tectonic quantities … by Robert Rhodes, The “Ozonator” … B1. Weeks’ Reporting Period of GBRWE 7/1 – 7/12. … With 3 weeks for exporting into mountainous/polar regions – as long as it takes for other planets, from American extremists’ holy environmental racism from global warming, the still Brain-dead Ronaldus Magnus Model of Hatred and Greed & T-bags – tornadoes, blizzards, torrential rain, and other forms of lightning or something uglier will develop in titanic swathes within 2 weeks – a). Earth: Rio Grande – Sao Paulo – Mar del Plata”.

  9. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    al Jazeera like the BBC is a propaganda outfit that serves its political masters. Their coverage of Syria has been so despicably mendacious that senior al Jazeera journalists resigned in protest at the fabrication of ‘news’. That story, in turn, was totally suppressed by the other arms of the Western MSM.

  10. Lawrence says:

    Is Al Jazeera a major network in the US?
    I’d have been more impressed if the host hadn’t spent the whole interview finding different ways to re-ask the same question over and over again – “But is this heatwave definitely caused by global warming” – in longer and longer sentences.

  11. Mike Roddy says:

    The focus now must be on pressuring the US media to wake up. Since they have proved that they have no conscience, this can only be done by threatening them with credible competition. A wealthy pilanthropist could accomplish this by setting up a new media company, and hiring people like Cullen, Rather, Koppel (eased out over his Iraq coverage) and others.

  12. M Tucker says:

    I doubt that a report on Al-Jazeera will influence American farmers and ranchers. I don’t think they will influence the “no Sharia law” freaks. I’m glad to see the report but will the message reach anyone other than those already convinced? Keep up the messaging but do not expect a dramatic change in how this issue is reported.

  13. jtuck says:

    Never say never. Even the wall came down in Germany. Nothing is perfectly the way we want it to be, but we are evolving. Positive energy directed toward negative events sometimes stops them, sometimes slows them down. Never give up! (this was meant to inspire, not criticize)

  14. Mark Shapiro says:

    Heidi Cullen has obviously worked hard on expressing the risks from AGW. At about 13:00 into the story, she speaks of “putting ourselves in harms way” and then unloads the best, most understated bit of rhetoric I have heard yet:

    ” . . . climate change increases your risk of being unlucky. “

  15. Chris Winter says:

    I was struck by that too. I kept wondering, is he trying to discredit any linkage between these extreme events and climate change? I’m still not sure.

    But I thought it was a great report, and the three more than held their own in establishing that there is indeed a link.

  16. Ozonator says:

    I sit corrected –

    Putin tours Russia flood scene, berates officials
    by Staff Writers
    Moscow (AFP) July 16, 2012

    And Looter Limbaugh sold a bunch of SuperPAC scratch-offs today claiming Pres Obama hates US and Bush43 made us happier than a woodpecker in a lumber yard…

  17. Robco1 says:

    The question around 17 min. in is very telling… “is there a conspiracy to (underreport this story in the news)”…

    The correct answer is yes. It is called public relations, and it is a clearly documented, comprehensive disinformation campaign being run by PR professionals to confuse the public and manipulate the press on the topic of global warming. Exposure of this fraud is key to generating the public will to address the problem.

    This is a stock fraud, plain and simple. Energy companies hold tens of TRILLIONS of $$ in proven and unproven future reserves. Reserves that become worthless the day the financial community recognizes the reality that those reserves can never be cashed (i.e. burned).

    Expose the fraud. Tell the public about Heartland, the 1994 TASSC memo, the 1998 API memo, the 2006 IREA memo, and the rest of the reams of evidence that expose this fraud. Tell the public what this fraud is costing them and their children. Show them that the solution will improve their lives. Get them mad. Then you will see change.