Report Finds 25,000 Jobs In Ohio’s Clean Energy Economy

On the eve of Mitt Romney’s campaign stop in Ohio, a new report from the Advanced Energy Economy Institute finds that the Buckeye State is home to 25,000 jobs in “22 advanced energy industry segments.”

Though Romney has repeatedly claimed that green jobs are “illusory,” the AEE report finds there are more advanced energy jobs in Ohio than the agriculture and mining industries combined:

“In Ohio, with its productive manufacturing base, robust infrastructure and transportation system, low cost of doing business, and excellent educational system, the advanced energy industry has established a strong foothold and has great capacity to grow.”

The jobs identified in the report are spread among 410 companies that work in “renewable energy, energy efficiency or high-tech manufacturing.” More than 7,000 of the jobs are in building materials, more than 4,000 are in heating, cooling and ventilation, and about 1,400 are in nuclear energy.

According to a recent report the Brookings Institution, green jobs in Ohio pay an average of $3,500 more than typical blue collar jobs. That report, which used a broader definition of the clean economy, also found that Ohio has over 105,000 jobs in the sector.

Ignoring the gains made in the clean economy — a sector that now employs more than 3 million Americans nationwide — Romney recently debuted a television ad attacking the industry. Ironically, there are 64,000 jobs in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries in Romney’s home state of Massachusetts.

House Speaker John Boehner, who represents the state of Ohio, also seems to be ignoring — if not outright rejecting — the growth in this sector. Under Boehner’s leadership, the Republican-lead House has failed to extend the wind production tax credit (PTC), creating uncertainty in the wind market and leading to the abandonment of a $20 million wind project in Ohio that would have created as many as 200 new jobs. There are currently 6,000 wind jobs in Ohio — a large number of which could be threatened if the PTC isn’t extended.

Boehner has also railed against the 1603 grant program as a “Solyndra-style stimulus program.” That program, which helped tens of thousands of renewable energy projects get developed while also creating or saving up to 75,000 jobs, allowed the industry to post solid growth during the depths of the economic slowdown.

Boehner and Romney continue to ignore the tens of thousands of green jobs in their home states in order to satisfy their false narrative that clean energy doesn’t work.

— Max Frankel

10 Responses to Report Finds 25,000 Jobs In Ohio’s Clean Energy Economy

  1. Rico says:


    There are more than 500,000 jobs in agriculture in Ohio!! That’s according to the state of Ohio. That’s a far cry from 25,000. I don’t care about what you write – just get your facts straight!

  2. Zimzone says:

    Boehner, McConnell, Can’tor & the rest all prioritize business interests above the needs of the voters that put them in office.

    Meanwhile, our media accepts any standard retort from them as gospel.

  3. Mark Shapiro says:

    Gotta love the new nattering nabobs of negativism:

    “We can’t possibly afford clean energy.”
    “Americans can’t build efficient homes or factories.”
    “American engineers can’t make wind or solar profitably.”
    “Boo-hoo. We just have to keep polluting.”

    These guys sound so pessimistic!

  4. Mark Shapiro says:


    Dirty energy costs money. Clean energy costs money.
    Dirty energy creates jobs. Clean energy creates jobs.
    Dirty energy adds to GDP. Clean energy adds to GDP.
    Dirty energy is dangerous. Clean energy is safe.

    Dirty energy is dirty. Clean energy is clean.

    Any questions?

  5. SecularAnimist says:

    Max Frankel wrote: “Boehner and Romney continue to ignore the tens of thousands of green jobs in their home states …”

    They are not “ignoring” green jobs.

    They are actively trying to destroy green jobs.

  6. Mark Shapiro says:

    On a more serious note, it is good that someone is sifting through the data, toting up the numbers, and publicizing the good news.

    My previous points are simply that energy, whether clean or dirty, costs money, and therefore provides jobs and adds to GDP.

    And why are Republicans such negative, whiny, pessimists on clean energy?

  7. SecularAnimist says:

    Mark Shapiro wrote: “And why are Republicans such negative, whiny, pessimists on clean energy?”

    Because the Koch Brothers are paying them to destroy the competition, that’s why.

  8. Turboblocke says:

    Re:#1 on page 14 shows the following for actual jobs 2008 Farming, Fishing, & Forestry 15,530 shows only about 4 million agricultural,fishing and hunting jobs in the whole of the USA in 2010

  9. MorinMoss says:

    Only two.
    Why the hell aren’t we running after clean energy as fast as we can?

    What the hell took us so long to get even this far?

  10. MorinMoss says:

    What facts did they get wrong? Agriculture is not mentioned in the article and no one claimed that green energy jobs were the biggest wedge of Ohio’s industry