Sen. Sessions: ‘I Am Offended’ By Views Of Climate Scientists

The Senate hearing on climate science this Wednesday, unsurprisingly enough, appears to have changed little with respect to the politics of climate change on Capitol Hill. Indeed, a significant portion of the discussion was dominated by debate over Dr. John Christy’s particular brand of denialism, a well-trod debate.

Nonetheless, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) was more than surprised when informed by Senator Barbara Boxer that roughly 98 percent of climate scientists, contra Christy, accepted that anthropogenic warming was real and serious — he was outraged:

Sessions: Madam Chairman, I am offended by that, I’m offended by that — I didn’t say anything about the scientists. I said the data shows [sic] it is not warming to the degree that a lot of people predicted, not close to that much…

Boxer: The conclusion that you’re coming to is shared by 1-2 percent of the scientists. You shouldn’t be offended by that. That’s the fact.

Sessions: I don’t believe that’s correct.

Watch it:

Senator Sessions may want to look over this study, which surveyed the publications of 1,372 climate scientists and vindicated Senator Boxer’s view of their conclusions. For that matter, so should Senator James Inhofe, the ranking Republican on the committee who had previously dismissed the study’s findings as irrelevant to the debate on climate change. Though Sessions and Inhofe were the most outspoken Republicans at the hearing, their views are mostly shared by their colleagues on the Environment and Public Works committee.

While these denialists debated the Committee’s Democrats on the role of climate change in fueling the current devastating drought, the best available science suggested that the current troubles are some of the earliest signs of a “dust-bowlification” of the United States as a consequence of global warming.

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  1. TK Vanacoro says:

    Sen. Sessions: ‘I Am Offended’ By Views Of Climate Scientists/

    That’s okay Sen. Sessions: I expect that most of the USA if offended by your ignorance!

  2. Delia Lake says:

    I want to know what their plan is to handle severe climate change if against all their bravado it happens? How are they going to re-close Pandora’s chest?

  3. squidboy6 says:

    I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating, I was in Mobile, Al a few months ago and the people told me “we have all the oil we’ll ever need but the environmentalists won’t let us get it” and it’s 75% light crude.

    When I explained to them about Santa Barbara oil, it’s asphalt and makes a very poor subject for fuel they repeated the 75 % light crude assertion.

    These are people who would fight the Civil War again, and lose again, but not be able to admit defeat. Of course the people in Louisiana know that oil is disappearing and that it causes them a lot of heartache, loss of their coastline, and poor health for people living near refineries but they’re so happy spending the oil wealth they don’t care, they just light up a couple of packs of cigarettes and drink more.

    I always thought Tennessee was hell but a few weeks in Alabama changed my mind.

  4. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    That a morally and intellectually challenged crustacean is ‘offended’ by the truth can hardly come as a surprise. I still think a lot of people refuse to see this struggle in its true light, because the conclusion is quite chilling. This is a fight, to the death for our species, between truth and lies, light and dark, good and evil. Ironically, the other side thinks like this, only they have the categories 180 degrees incorrect.

  5. dhogaza says:

    “These are people who would fight the Civil War again, and lose again, but not be able to admit defeat.”

    Puhleeze, didn’t your visit larn ya that it’s the War of Northern Agression?

  6. Jake says:

    Sen. Sessions is the senior member from Looney Tunes. It is one thing to have a decent respect for the opinions of others, but this does not extend to endangering our species.

  7. Christopher S. Johnson says:

    Sessions is talking about heat rise predictions, not the concept in general. He needed to hear about ocean absorption or something.

  8. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Caption to lead picture, ‘Well shoot! I goll-darn guess yoo got me hyere. What is four and seven, as if any darn body gives a hoot!’

  9. Robert In New Orleans says:

    Mr. Sessions, I am offended by the ignorant, backward, science hating, inbred rabble that elected a vacuous “p’takh” like your self to high public office.

  10. Merrelyn Emery says:

    It is happening, ME

  11. Francois T says:

    He is OFFENDED?

    My Dick Cheney’s answer: “Soooooo?”

    What should we care?

  12. John H. Cato, jr. says:

    I am not in a position to do this, but I would *really* appreciate if someone in the climate community to *please* ask either Sessions or Inhofe the following next time they happen to be on the Hill when one of these ‘debates'(?) is convened:

    “Senator, I am convinced that this
    discussion could be greatly enhanced
    if you would advise us of 1) the infor-
    mation at your disposal and 2) the mental
    processes that are presently going on
    inside your brain. To continue this
    debate without that information ON THE
    RECORD is truly a waste of my time.”

    I might could be convinced that calling them names would accomplish something – but, in concert with the lack of information noted above, that, also, is a waste of my time.

    — john.

  13. scarecities says:

    well—this guy got voted into office—-you know who you are

  14. Amoeba says:

    Senator Jeff sessions would appear to be a bought and paid for politician, bought and paid for by the coal and coal industry.
    $484,765 since 1999.

    So what Senator Sessions meant was: his fossil-fuel industry funders are offended by the science. And his continued future funding would be at risk if he didn’t spout mendacious bullshit about the science.

  15. Amoeba says:

    If Senator Sessions wants to be treated other than as a mouthpiece of the fossil-fuel industry, he should – refuse all fossil-fuel funding and check his pronouncements on the climate with the AGU before making them.

  16. Peter M says:

    Sessions is a Confederate- his state in 20 years? Not a good place to be.

  17. Merrelyn Emery says:

    I am sure that most crustaceans are better morally and intellectually equipped to sit in the US Senate than that silly little man, ME

  18. ANGRY BADGER says:

    It’s disturbing to the extent that short-term thinking has taken over our society. These old cretins have no sense of transgenerational repsonsibility. It’s all about keeping their jobs and getting away with it.

  19. Bozeaux says:

    …and I always presume there’s a Swiss or Caymans account holding a hell of a lot more…

  20. Paul Hoover says:

    I wonder what is the effect of increasing the concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere. I bet Jeff Sessions can’t tell me.

    The other thing I ponder is why are green house gas concentrations increasing in the atmosphere.

    I keep asking my denier friends, they are running out of answers.

  21. squidboy6 says:

    I was born in Tennessee and have lived in the South for many, many years. My early education was in the South but I was educated on the West Coast through college.

    Before the Civil War Mississippi had the highest per capita income. Alabama and Mississippi have never recovered from defeat because they would rather not admit they were defeated and they don’t want equality. This is a Southern attitude that is very common.

  22. Marl Jones says:

    This “dustbowl-ification” happened the last time our economy tanked. Most people have either forgotten their high school history classes, or are looking forward to walls of black dust, the inevitable power shortages due to the loss of hydropower, the rising sea level along with it’s reduced salinity. yeah that’ll be real swell.

  23. squidboy6 says:

    Mississippi and Alabama both want to increase deep water rigs offshore. Mississippi wants to drill just off the barrier islands, where it can’t be seen by tourists onshore.

    Alabama has some of the worst environmental practices, and they routinely allow sewage from far inland to flow down river to Mobile Bay, a large oyster habitat. Oysters from Louisiana are trucked to Mobile for shucking since the workforce is even cheaper than here in New Orleans.

    Sessions likes it this way but the recently passed law to rid illegal immigrants hurt small farmers. I doubt very much that this was accidental. Factory farms could be using this ruse to take over land. Boycott products from the South until they change. They’ll change if the money dries up. Hyperbole is a diversion.

  24. Tom L says:

    That’s Jefferson Beauregard Sessions to you sir! Where is your respect for our ‘cultural heritage’?

  25. Gary says:

    I am offended by the mere existence of Sen. Sessions!!!

  26. rolltide says:

    I live in Mobile and I sometimes feel lonely here because of my views. Many of them wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the @$#*. They are so glued nto Faux News and they really believe that it is fair and balanced. I get jumped on regularly by these people, but just know that there are some sensible people here. I write Shelby and Sessions regularly ane they send back their inane responses. I’m stuck with them!!

  27. Pickwick says:

    That’s OK, Sessions. 98 percent of scientists are offended by yo9u.

  28. Leif says:

    “Before the Civil War Mississippi had the highest per capita income.” Of course slaves were not tallied in that “per capita income.” If bill Gates walks into a dead beat bar, on average everyone in there would be a multi-millionaire.

  29. Chynna says:

    I, for one, am offended that anyone continues to vote for representatives like Jeff Sessions.

  30. Diane Sciacca says:

    He was probably taking exception to her assertion that tobacco causes lung cancer. Alabama is a tobacco state. Then again, he probably thinks tobacco doesn’t cause cancer, either.
    Let’s see your meteorology/climatology degree, Senator Sessions.

  31. thanes says:

    As a life-long Georgia resident, of a line that because of birth-years last served under arms against the United States of America, I believe the US and the world would have been better served if Lincoln broke the slaves out of the South, then handed the keys in Richmond back to Jefferson Davis and the crackers, and let the South wander off to its ignominious and mediocre evangelical agrarian racist lazy future. Then I could emigrate North to a US that made sense.

  32. Indie in CT says:

    Whether or not one believes in climate change or not, look at it this way: we only have ONE chance to correct this, as in the old saying: ” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”! That is even *IF* there *IS* a “cure”. IT would be better to err on the side of caution, the alternative could be catastrophic! ! BTW, I happen to believe in climate change/global warming.

  33. Joan Savage says:

    Sessions said to Boxer, “It’s not as real as it appears,” a rather circular mental construction. He used “appear” to mean model projection, not using the word in the normal sense of appearance as something observed.

    Yet, I doubt that he would say the Alabama tornadoes were not as real as they “appeared” to be.

    Curious fellow.

  34. Monica Griffin says:

    When corporate America buys and pays for our government, they definitely get their money’s worth. In sheer stupidity. Do you think this man has any grandkids he’d like to leave a nice planet to?

  35. thanes says:

    I disagree in principle. I don’t have an intrinsic respect for the opinions of others, but I try to have an even lower respect for my own. I have reverence for understanding and science. If someone thinks Steven Kincaid was a great tortured artist taken too quickly from us, well, I would counter he was a hack preying on Righties’ revisionist delusions and inability to appreciate art. With respect for the person with that stupid-ass opinion, but not for the opinion.

  36. Zimzone says:

    Boxer: The conclusion that you’re coming to is shared by 1-2 percent of the scientists. You shouldn’t be offended by that. That’s the fact.

    Sessions: I don’t believe that’s correct.

    Reagan: ‘Facts are pesky things’.

    Conservatism in a nutshell = Jeff Sessions

  37. Sean Duross says:

    She blinded him with SCIENCE!

  38. 3 Lambda says:

    I’d like to see a truth-o-meter put up for each senator’s claims in this hearing. The results would be revealing.

    Sen Sessions put up a chart (he says from NOAA) of the number of state record highs and lows per decade from the 1880s through current year. It shows a big spike in record highs (and lows) in the 1930s and more record lows than highs more recently. He uses this chart to allege that this does not match climate model predictions.

    Well, I think that climate models do not include such predictions as the number of record highs and lows per state.

    Climate does not respect political borders.

    Clearly, this is an apples and oranges comparison. Invalid by any stretch of a reasonable imagination.

    The chart does show the number of records per decade falling over time (as any high school algebra student could predict!). I just find the aggregation by state and by decade, as well as including partial decades at the start and finish of the chart, to be nonsensical.

    Also, I’ve not been able to find a similar chart at NOAA. I suspect that his staffers or lobbyists put this together from raw data – there’s no other use for it other than to mislead.

    Essentially, the chart screams, “squirrel!”

  39. Lewis Cleverdon says:

    Delia – its a useful question to put to the delayers I think.
    Many years ago when the UNFCCC used to meet in Geneva I put it, quite amicably, to a middle ranking member of the US delegation.

    He paused before responding and said,
    “Well, I guess we’d just have to bomb China’s power stations.”

    I doubt he was serious (he likely just wanted to see my reaction), as the late Edward Teller had by then started promoting his seminal paper on Sulphate Geo-engineering.



  40. HarryW says:

    Thank GAWD someone’s standing up for the crustaceans…before they go extinct.

  41. Indie in CT says:

    Not all that long ago, my in-laws ( who were actually *Northerners who relocated to the south for a job) told me an interesting story. Seems my father-in-law was visiting one of his collegues, and ran into the boyfriend of his collegues daughter. This man said he had to go: “up north” and thought it would be funny to stick a confederate flag in the back window of his truck. My father-in-law tried to tell him that *Northerners* DON’T CARE about the civil war. THEY WON, remember? Also, southerners, or the older ones anyway, referred to the Civil War as a: “Recent unpleasantness”!? RECENT? that was ALMOST 150 YEARS AGO !

  42. Mat G says:

    To be fair, I’m deeply offended when I’m wrong too…deeply offended by MYSELF.

  43. HarryW says:

    A) thgey have no plan.

    B) even if we *cease* CO2 emissions THIS INSTANT, Pandora’s box is uncloseable, for at LEAST a millennium.

  44. Here’s a great little list of climate resources for the little man to read up while the world collapses around him:

  45. HarryW says:

    Two words: Dunning-Kruger.

    Writ LARGE…..

  46. Jackie says:

    Jeff is so sad he will never get pass even his own party didn’t feel he qualified as a US Supreme Court Justice and it’s been down hill from there. Nothing makes since to Jeff and climate change as is the teaching of God confuses him. Jeff is a man stuck in the pass and living in it now. The voters who elect Jeff are just as stuck in the pass as he is and it will take generations to catch up. We have some law makers who still ignorant and backward which makes it easy for slickers to guide them.

  47. JFM says:

    Oh, the delicate sensibilities of these Southerners!

  48. J says:

    Every day Sessions answers the question, “How high can you pile it?”

  49. grubeg says:

    Thank you for those 2 little words. I just learned something positive lurking on one of these comment threads. Thanks

    It explains a lot.

  50. pbeeg says:

    It does my heart good to know that in the Library of Congress books on that period are filed under “The War of the Rebellion.”

  51. Lewis Cleverdon says:

    Harry –

    You can assume that pandora’s box cannot be closed for a millenium if you want, but many here don’t share your defeatism.

    Given a tool kit comprising :-
    – a fairly rapid end to anthro-GHG outputs of near-zero by 2050 under a global climate treaty,
    – plus a global carbon recovery program of coppice-forestry for biochar & methanol for cleansing the atmosphere by 2100,
    – plus, in the interim, a global albedo restoration program for restoring the pre-industrial temperature and thereby halting the feedbacks’ ongoing acceleration,

    that box can most definitely be closed. And glued & screwed shut.

    Quite whether we can assemble and apply such a toolkit to the task depends substantially on how many people are willing to help.

    Care to give it a go ?



  52. Marcus says:

    I am offended by stupid people. NOT uneducated, just stupid people.

  53. eric says:

    No wonder college tuition is so high. If we keep graduating physicist, chemist and the like he’ll keep being offended.

  54. agio says:

    “the data shows [sic]”

    This grammar-nazi says, thank you for the [sic]. Data are plural.

  55. Wes55 says:

    Time for a new line of reasoning with the Senator:

    Climate change is caused by God punishing us for putting too much carbon dioxide in the air. Reducing emissions will please God, and he will turn the temperature back down to normal.

  56. pattyp says:

    Their plan is to blame all the environmentalists, liberals, and Democratic politicians for not convincing them how bad it really was and not trying to do anything about it decades ago.

  57. M Tucker says:

    I am willing to try anything that would work! But what, pray tell, would a global albedo restoration program actually be? Is it just a concept or are there any actual environmental engineers working on this, anywhere?

    I know several schemes are being experimented with to remove CO2 from the atmosphere but none are ready to actually be put into service. They would be extremely expensive. What do we do with the captured CO2?

    I do not wish to be disrespectful but this is not a tool box it is a wish list of techno-solutions.

  58. Cathymac says:

    Yowser. That’s an offensive comment, Senator Sessions.

  59. lorence says:

    Just because your offended doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

  60. Michael Valentine says:

    One question for Senator Sessions, how many of the counties in Alabama declared drought disasters?

    33 is the answer sir.

  61. Jeremy Mancevice says:

    We possibly have the makings of a ‘New’ Dustbowl on our hands. Some of the reddest of the ‘Red’ States are baking in 110 plus drought right now and the ‘crops’ are gone. Sen. Sessions your time is running out. If the current trends continue not only will places like Oklahoma Kansas and Arkansas need Federal Disaster Relief we may end up with an internal refugee ‘problem’. Parts of Middle America are experiencing weather and temps such as is seen in parts of Arabia. The daytime temperature in Baghdad can go into the mid 120’s.What will your supporters say if next year is even hotter than this ?

  62. William Carr says:

    Actually, the solution lies with energy.

    There are technically viable techniques to turn CO2 plus calcium from seawater into concrete; and there it will stay.

    There are techniques to turn CO2 into plastic. And once we use the plastic, we bury it, and there it will stay.

    There are techniques to grow saplings of Willow or Black Locust, partially burn them as fuel for power plants, and plow the charcoal into the soil. And there it will stay.

    What we need, is the political will to push these solutions; and the energy.

    For example, if the Government offered free land and 1% interest loans to every company that would build Concentrating Solar Power plants in the SouthWest Deserts, we’d soon have gigawatts of electricity coming out of our ears.

    This would also instantly create private sector jobs, and good paying ones.

    The CSP installations would start near existing cities to feed the local power grid, and spread out from there.

    After the local need was taken care of, the power can be sold 1,500 miles away just using current { snrk ! } technology.

    Concentrating Solar doesn’t have the storage problem of Photovoltaic panels, as it harvests heat, not electricity.

    That heat can sit in an insulated tank of Molten Salt for a week.

    So the rare cloudy day in Phoenix isn’t a problem. Once those tanks are hot, they stay hot day and night.

    And of course, you would add a Natural Gas backup for the turbines; it’s cheap, easy, and reliable. But most of the power would come from the sun.

    Use that electricity to scrub the CO2 out of the Coal plants and make plastic from it. Or pipe it out to Algae Farms, where the algae gobbles the CO2 and produces high-quality oil for biodiesel.

    Eventually no new Coal plants would be built, and even the old ones would only be used to make biodiesel. Because the Solar electricity would be cheaper.

  63. Andrew J Coutinho says:

    Yeah, facts are so friggin’ inconvenient.

  64. Chris Winter says:

    Sean Duross:

    As we whimsically say sometimes on Freethought blogs, you’ve won the Internets for today.

  65. Chris Winter says:

    Yo, Jeff Sessions—

    Don’t get your little mind in a stew, Jeff. Just sit back and contemplate the balmy tropical breezes that, according to your thinking, so delight the detainees at Guantánamo.

  66. Art Mensor says:

    I’m offended that someone as ignorant as Jeff Sessions is elected to serve us Americans and we pay him……..maybe it is us that offend me, the ignorant voters that send so many of these fellow ignorant representatives to Washington.

    No wonder our country is sinking so fast among the countries of the world.

    Good luck kids of the future.


  67. LJL says:

    It is a criminal waste of money to send South white males to school since genetically they are ineducable which is proved by Jeff Sessions.

  68. Matt says:

    I wasn’t aware that the climate responded to the hurt fee-fees of an oil industry shill…

  69. Lewis Cleverdon says:

    Excellent, Wes

    I tried it on our local visiting Jehovah’s Witnesses on the grounds that we’re getting hammered by intensifying climate impacts because we’ve been disrespecting His Creation with which we’ve been entrusted as stewards, and their eyes widened and they started finding me bible quotes to back it up.

    They actually found one about how “in the latter days” He will destroy those who are destroying the Earth.

    [Sounds an excellent prospect. Inhofe et al better find a really deep hole and stay in it. – Nobody ever said He was a pacifist].

    We parted on good terms.

    The moral of this tale is that if we try to speak the other person’s language, there’s a better chance of being understood than if we just treat them as fools for not understanding ours . . .

    Come to that, who’s to say that this glorious little blue marble of a planet within an intricately evolved universe,
    with its fundamental propensity to manifest symbiogenesis, sentience and gnosis,
    has not been set up to come crashing down on the heads of any culture that abuses it ?



  70. Paul Magnus says:

    Shouldn’t this video have continued? What next? Is that it.

  71. LoftyDreamer says:

    I’m offended that Sessions is one of my senators.

  72. noen says:

    Senator Sessions should set up his throne on the beach and command the tides not to come in.

  73. majii says:

    I think the areas of the country that have been experiencing extreme drought and the loss of a significant percentage of our corn crop would overrule Sessions’ beliefs. If not these things, then, maybe the increase in food prices and the increase in the price of gas may wake him up.

  74. BDog says:

    I’m quite certain that these ‘denialists’ simply aren’t smart enough to understand the science.

    Even if they were they wouldn’t care because big energy owns these politicians. They try to create doubt in the public’s mind about global warming because if our country had to take action to save our planet it might be slightly rougher on the bottom line.

    It’s sad to watch the people that eat this crap up.

  75. radpat_USA says:

    Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama), ’nuff said, ugh?

  76. JB says:

    Bravo. Well said.

  77. Ivee says:

    Maybe he’s hoping to buy some prime waterfront real estate in Utah?

  78. David says:

    I’m offended by his stupidity and his overall doucheness.

  79. natsel says:

    Gravity, heliocentrism, plate tectonics: they’re all the same and equally offensive.

  80. Merrelyn Emery says:

    Lewis, I have long harboured the suspicions aired in your last para but I must make one small correction to those above. It was the Tuareg who put it most clearly when they explained why they would not allow their women to fight or go to war – they are far too veangeful, vicious and bloodthirst, they said. Just put an ‘S’ before that ‘He’, ME

  81. Lewis Cleverdon says:

    My pleasure Merrelyn :


    Now I’ve only to magic it past the clunky Think Progress lack of an edit button and we’re set fair.

    Bright culture the Tuareg. Very canny.



  82. Jeff R says:

    The word albedo means “the coefficient of reflectivity of a surface”. I infer that albedo restoration means doing things like making the places that used to be covered with snow (highly reflective white), but are no longer, reflective again, but I have no idea how to do that.

  83. Fiona Mackenzie says:

    Only a politician could imagine that he could drive back climate change itself with loud denials.

  84. Jeff R says:

    I’d never heard of D-K, but I looked it up and, frighteningly, it appears to perfectly explain the existence and strength of the present day “conservative movement.” Thanks.

  85. L. Luscher says:

    As Yoda the Jedi would say: Offended you are! A sh!t I don’t give!

  86. Michel Cecilia says:

    He is an offense to the welfare of all humans

  87. Nabil Al-Murabit says:

    Can you guys imagine the damage this douche would’ve done had he been confirmed to the SCOTUS? Oy Vey!

  88. Jim says:

    Plan B is to blame liberals and burn them at the stake when all hell breaks loose.

  89. craig fox says:

    “Offended”?— by the existence of a fact? What part of this is insane? Not even the Catholic Church was offended by Galileo–they just disliked the fact that was opposed to their world view. This man is not even bright enough to speak gramatical English. The Schools systems have been weak–but this is ridiculoous.

  90. jjcomet says:

    Thanks for posting; I learned about the Dunning-Kruger effect a number of years ago while working as an editor on a cognitive psychology textbook. There have been several instances lately where the phenomenon came up in conversation, but I had forgotten the name. Now my mind is at rest on the subject…

  91. Superman1 says:

    Sessions and Inhofe are not stupid, and have access to the best climate scientists in the world. Unfortunately, they represent states where fossil fuel extraction is a significant industry, and admitting to damage from fossil fuel use is a political death sentence. The energy workers don’t want to hear that message, nor do the fossil fuel resource owners and extracters.

  92. VBobier says:

    Yeah cause Big Oil expects their puppets in the Repugnican Party to give Big Oil whatever they want & to defend climate change denial to the death…

  93. David M. Loucas, MD says:

    And I thought that Homo Neanderthalus was extinct, but it appears that Senator Sessions is the missing link. I think he should be studied carefully to learn how the primitive brain processes information. For example I would be curious to find out if Senator Sessions thinks that the sun disappears when it sets in the horizon.

  94. Patricia Stidham-Burns says:

    Sessions is one of the worst and that speaks volumes! The Democrats may be a little crazy sometimes but the Republicans are clearly insane! I think that candidates should A.They must pass a thorough psychological exam. B.They must swear in a court room to a judge “I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God” That would scare the hell out of most of the crooks we have in Washington! And the Rethuglicans would have to play fair. They don’t like “fair” or “compromise” How many of them would drop out of running again or don’t bother. Just think of Mittens…Has he EVER spoken the truth?

  95. Kevin Schmidt says:

    Sessions does not “believe” in real science?

    That’s OK. There is no room for belief in scientific proofs anyway.

  96. This shows the power of the ego-mind and its insistence at being right. Even when faced with the facts of overwhelming evidence he still is sure he is right. The unquestioned mind is a danger to us all and unsustainable.

  97. Anne Furman says:

    Robert Proctor and agnotology – the study of ignorance.

  98. Merrelyn Emery says:

    Thank you Lewis for indulging my little foray into animism but as the Jungians so convincingly showed, humans know that mothers are intrinsically both good and terrible. Hang onto your hats out there and remember when your Mum got angry – our collective Mother is getting pretty fed up right now, ME

  99. LooseShoes says:

    Brilliant, Lewis. I wish you could have tried it on Rick Santorum who asserted that “stewardship” in the Bible meant “make available for man to pillage and plunder as he saw fit.”

  100. LooseShoes says:

    No, he’ll just continue to blame Obama.

  101. Francois T says:

    Senator Sessions!

    You are still breathing…and that offends me!

  102. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Harry’s correct, and that’s not defeatism. Apart from the nigh impossible task of stopping the Rightwing genocidists fulfilling their destiny, you also have the problem of extracting fifty of 100 ppm of CO2 from the atmosphere and sequestering it somewhere safe. I’d say it was doable if the planet’s wealth was re-routed from greed and militarism, but that’s simply not going to happen, I fear.

  103. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Have a geek at Altemeyer and the Rightwing Personality Type, too.

  104. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    The science of political ponerology is also illuminating.

  105. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Jefferson!!?? Now there’s a sad irony.

  106. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Here in Australia (currently in a state of terminal funk over ‘Olympic failure’)the denialists senile delinquents favour the ‘thousands of underwater volcanoes’ laugh. That’s also the cause of Arctic Sea ice loss, which, in any case, isn’t happening. They’ve got an answer, a dumb and ignorant one, for everything.

  107. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Zhou En-lai was asked, in the 1970s, what was his opinion of the lasting consequences of the French Revolution. ‘Too early to tell’ was the reply.

  108. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    I pity them, until they gain power, then I fear them.

  109. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Thatcher was a Tuareg? Wow! And Hilarious Clinton, too!

  110. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    He appears to be a Climate Cnut, there’s no doubt about it.

  111. James W. Crissman says:

    Then they have a moral obligation to accept political death. It’s not as if they’ll be missed. But their only concern is their own hide. What happened to courage? If they in-fact understand the importance of this issue for the future of the planet, then they might well have a future as heros for all of us if they would chance to suffer the political consequences of honesty.

  112. James W. Crissman says:

    I like your optimism, Tuck, but there is still the problem of population. As we become more efficient and cleaner per capita, we still face a population that insists on expanding to consume all available resources. Like a monster truck with 4WD, we get stuck in deeper mud. Solutions will need to be global, which is, I think, why right wingers hate to admit the problem. Ideologically pure market capitalism aided by Jesus ain’t gonna be the whole answer.

  113. James W. Crissman says:

    exsqueeze me… that was William Carr’s optimism I meant to comment on.

  114. Toby Thaler says:

    I feel sorry for the people being burned out of their homes in Oklahoma as a result of extreme heat and drought, but I wonder: how many of them vote for the re-election of Inhofe year after year. See, e.g.,

  115. Pelu Maad says:

    Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is offended… tell…

  116. Aussie John says:

    I wonder how long honest fellow republican party members allow this grievous miscarriage of truth to go on? Surely there must be some proud Americans remaining who have sufficient personal integrity to speak out against such evil tactics.
    To borrow an apt quote “We don’t usually think of history as being shaped by silence, but, as English philosopher Edmund Burke said, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.’”
    If a society is not ready to fight for its existence, it does not deserve to exist.