Just Two Percent Of Canadians Deny Climate Change

A new survey finds only 2 percent of Canadians doubt climate change is happening.

Most respondents said humans are at least partially responsible for climate change, though a majority partially blame natural causes too, according to the Insightrix Research online survey.

The Globe and Mail writes:

Almost one-third — 32 per cent — said they believe climate change is happening because of human activity, while 54 per cent said they believe it’s because of human activity and partially due to natural climate variation. Nine per cent believe climate change is occurring due to natural climate variation. Two per cent said they don’t believe climate change is occurring at all.

That number is striking because of the politicized debate in the U.S. A large majority of Americans also say climate change is occurring (70 percent), but the rate of denial is certainly stronger, at 16 percent, according to a recent poll.

But in the Republican party, climate denial runs rampant, even reaching the presidential ticket. A National Journal survey of 65 GOP lawmakers found 13 climate deniers, 21 who said the science “isn’t conclusive,” and only five who would admit a significant amount of climate change is due to human activity. The wave of climate deniers in Congress has grown in tandem with the oil industry’s spending in politics.

Canada has a somewhat different story. In an Alberta election this spring, one candidate who said the science isn’t settled “found herself booed roundly at a late-stage leaders debate over the issue.” The position possibly played a major role in her loss.

In the U.S., many politicians — particularly President Obama — fail to talk about climate change. But studies show that politicians shouldn’t avoid the topic: A George Mason survey found more than two-thirds of independent voters lean toward climate action, and a majority would consider a candidate’s position on the issue.

13 Responses to Just Two Percent Of Canadians Deny Climate Change

  1. Dennis says:

    Does Canada have a news network similar to Fox News?

  2. CJ says:

    Canada has standards of honesty for news organizations – they refused to let Faux broadcast there. Canada also has marriage equality – and look, their country has yet to implode (or explode).

    No Faux, better understanding of issues… Maybe there’s a connection???

  3. Mike says:

    No, it’s illegal to lie. Canada’s Radio Act requires that “a licenser may not broadcast … any false or misleading news.”

  4. BillD says:

    Wow–that’s great! Evidence that a politician lost because she claimed that the evidence on climate change was uncertain. Canada is also experiencing stronger warmer, because warmer is greater to the north. Maybe this plays at least some role. Canadian temperature records were completely blown away by the warm spell this past March.

  5. Artful Dodger says:

    No Dennis. Fox news itself is broadcast by all major Cable & Satellite carriers in Canada.

  6. Artful Dodger says:

    BillD, you should know that that particular politician, Danielle Smith, leads a Political Party which did not exist 5 years ago, has been created largely with money sourced from Koch-funded U.S. groups, and this “Alberta Party” still managed to form the Official Opposition in the Alberta Legislature. No, this represents bad news for Democracy and a slow and deliberate drive to exploit the tarsands.

  7. BillD says:

    OK, Artfull Dodger–I didn’t know the background on Alberta politics. However, it must be good news that she lost, especially if the loss can be attributed her and her parties stand on climate change. Certainly the effects to exploit the tarsands involves great financial interests. It’s very important the costs are made known to the people of Alberta and Canada.

  8. Artful Dodger says:

    Hi Bill. In the same way that the U.S. Tea Party has dragged the center of U.S. politics far to the right, the Koch-backed “Alberta” Party decreases the possibility of effective opposition to tar-sands development.

    Meanwhile, the Canadian Federal Government is moving to curtain political contributions from foreign sources to green charitable groups. It’s a clear move to stifle opposition.

  9. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    That immediately disqualifies the Murdoch squalor. What do they think of phone-hacking murdered children?

  10. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Harper is the harbinger of things to come on the hard, hard Right, throughout the Anglosphere and wherever madness reigns. The destruction of Green parties and of environmentalism, which, as we know, the Right despise with hysterical and visceral ferocity, is absolutely certain to be a priority for the next few years.

  11. neilrieck says:

    Don’t forget about SUN-TV which is a FOX-like right-wing network run by Quebecor.

  12. David Lewis says:

    P.S. I read the comment of the former Premier of Alberta, Ed Stelmach, who said Ms. Smith’s refusal to admit climate change exists cost her party a shot at victory.

    He said voters agreed Alberta would have a big problem selling oil and promoting environmental stewardship on the world stage with a premier who didn’t believe in climate change.

    I ran this through my rebophrabistat, changing the issue and who is saying what but attempting to preserve the logic:

    “He said voters agreed Germany would have a big problem killing Jews and promoting humanitarianism on the world stage with a Premier who didn’t believe Jews were human beings”.

    It is national policy to develop the tar sand oil in Alberta. If the US doesn’t want it, they’re going to sell it to Asia, especially China. They’ve recently allowed the Chinese to take a major ownership stake in the tar sands. Canada is negotiating a free trade agreement with the EU as I write.