August 31 News: Global Food Prices Rose 10 Percent In July; World Bank Issues Hunger Warning

Global food prices jumped 10% in July from the month before, driven up by the severe Midwest drought which has pushed the price of grains to record levels, the World Bank reported Thursday. [Los Angeles Times]

The World Bank issued a global hunger warning last night after severe droughts in the US and eastern Europe sent food prices to a record high. [Guardian]

The League of Conservation voters has started a petition drive calling on PBS’s Jim Lehrer, the moderator of the first presidential debate, to force the candidates to answer questions about climate change. [New York Times]

Over the past four years, the Republican Party has undergone a fairly dramatic shift in its approach to energy and environmental issues. Global warming has disappeared entirely from the party’s list of concerns. Clean energy has become an afterthought. Fossil fuels loom larger than ever. And one way to see this shift clearly is to compare the party’s 2008 and 2012 platforms. [Washington Post]

After ignoring the issue of global warming since he began his 2012 run for the White House, Republican nominee Mitt Romney is now invoking it to illustrate a key difference issue between him and President Obama. [National Journal]

The Republican National Convention seems a strange place for a press-shy billionaire benefactor of iconoclastic libertarian causes that have vexed GOP leaders — including the anti-establishment tea party movement. [Politico]

While climate change hasn’t played a big role in the 2012 White House campaign, a new report claims that this summer’s weather shows an urgent need to address the issue. [The Hill]

Indiana farmer John Kolb normally would welcome storms that could provide his crops with badly needed water in this summer of drought. Instead, he and other Corn Belt farmers are nervously watching the forecast as Hurricane Isaac’s remnants slog their direction, concerned they could end up getting too much of a good thing. [Washington Post]

A Colorado brewery said Thursday that it’s monitoring the water it gets from the city of Fort Collins to make sure residue from a deadly wildfire that blackened a northern Colorado river doesn’t befoul the taste of its beer. [Associated Press]

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Thursday that Royal Dutch Shell would be allowed to start “certain limited preparatory activities” for oil drilling in the environmentally sensitive waters off Alaska’s northwest coast. [Washington Post]

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  1. Spike says:

    Big wildfire in southern Spain featured on UK news. The video looks like a scene from Hell.