U.S. Experiences The Most Extreme Eight-Month Period For Weather Ever Recorded

The period from January to August 2012 saw the most extreme weather in recorded history throughout the contiguous U.S., according to new data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The agency’s Climate Extremes Index, which tracks the top 10 percent extremes in drought, precipitation, and temperature, was more than double the average value since the index was started in 1910.

The eight-month period between January and August was also the warmest on record for the lower 48 states, according to NOAA’s State of the Climate report. The report shows that the summer of 2012 was the third warmest ever recorded for the U.S. — only .2 degrees F lower than the summer of 1936, during the height of the Dust Bowl.

Our climate system, juiced by carbon pollution, is smashing old records faster than a baseball player on steroids.

8 Responses to U.S. Experiences The Most Extreme Eight-Month Period For Weather Ever Recorded

  1. Paul Magnus says:

    our weather is seriously scary now!

    Climate Chaos shared a link.
    a few seconds ago
    our weather is seriously scary now!

    Stormlapse – 09/09/2012
    I made the mistake of leaving autofocus on, so the focus changed part way through :S

  2. Paul Magnus says:

    Canada (Harper) thought that we might survive Climate Change… sorry.

    Hurricane about to land on east coast tomorrow now also. 2yr since last one.

    “we never saw anything like this…”

  3. Paul Magnus says:

    BTW that flooding is due to the remnants of Isaac, not the one now arriving.

  4. richard says:

    Laws of nature as social leveler???

  5. Jack Burton says:

    This will obviously not make a dent in the denial community. As the facts become more and more undeniable, the deniers simply up the volume on their denial.
    Clearly the last two years of extreme weather events and now the record arctic sea ice melt has no effect on the US media, US politicians or the conservative movement in the USA.
    I wonder what next year will bring if El Nino becomes a strong event. This could be an interesting 2013, as if 2011 and it’s tornadoes and 2012 with it’s drought and extreme rain events hasn’t been enough.
    Your average person is beginning to sense something is not normal that weather has become less stable.
    But our elites in the USA, those who buy politicians and own the media are dead set on covering up the obvious. Global warming is real, but America’s elite rulers somehow think a cover up is in order. What motivates them other than short term gain on their fossil fuel plays is beyond me. It is as if they feel their children and grandchildren will be immune from the chaos coming in the not so distant future.
    The signal from the arctic could not be more clear, global warming has arrived and shown up in force decades early.

  6. Merrelyn Emery says:

    USA immune? Yep, that’s what years of believing in omnipotence leads to – as you were immune to WWII, ME

  7. James Martin says:

    I could not agree more. It is truly a very sad state of affairs. The motivation for denial is exactly what you said – short term gain – greed, pure and simple.

    I think most people don’t even realize how much momentum climate change has at this point. Even the most drastic human efforts to stop carbon-loading the atmosphere (which won’t happen anyway) would be like shutting down the engines in the Exxon Valdez about 100 feet before impact.

    The world most likely won’t abruptly end this December 21, but decades from now we’ll probably be wishing it did.