7 Of The Top 17 Fastest Growing Cleantech States Are Swing States

Here’s more evidence that green jobs may play a role in national elections. According to analysis from DBL Investors, seven of the top 17 fastest growing states for cleantech jobs are swing states. In addition, five of those top states lean Republican.

Using earlier data from the Brookings Institution showing 2.7 million jobs in America’s “clean economy,” DBL matched up growth rates with the political leanings of various states. The report found that Republican states lead in the top ten states with the largest percentage of green jobs. It also found that the top three states have more green jobs than the entire U.S. coal mining sector.

“The on-the-ground reality of the economic importance of clean tech should serve as a reminder to journalists, pundits, policymakers and even politicians campaigning for office,” write the report authors Nancy Pfund and Michael Lazar. “Politi­cians who play polit­i­cal foot­ball with clean tech increas­ingly do so at their own risk, while those that pro­mote green job growth score big points with vot­ers and work­ers alike.”

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has called green jobs “imaginary” and labeled investments in clean energy “boondoggles.”

4 Responses to 7 Of The Top 17 Fastest Growing Cleantech States Are Swing States

  1. Mike Roddy says:

    The notion that the people determine policy is becoming quaint. We already know that Republicans depend on oil money, and believe that the advertising time they buy will keep them in office. We also don’t know how much cash is changing hands. Corruption these days is not addressed- Paul Ryan is now worth $5 million from an aide and Congressman’s salary, with conflicts of interest along the way. The press has been silent.

    Democrats, meanwhile, are too timid to call them on it. Money talks, and Republicans don’t want to see no stinking polls or jobs data. We are in a dark period, and had better wake up soon.

  2. The way to satisfy both Republicans and Democrats is through new technology for energy cheaper than coal. Republicans fear that carbon taxes will put the US at an economic disadvantage to exempted developing nations. Democrats fear that continuing CO2 emissions will increase global warming with disastrous consequences for water and food. Both are right.The US has the capability to develop advanced nuclear power technologies that can produce energy cheaper than coal. Making such clean, safe power plants available globally is the only way to convince 7 billion people in 250 nations from burning coal — economic self interest.The liquid fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR), originally developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratories, is now being refined by China, while the US fails to harvest this technology that could check global warming, end energy poverty, and as well lead to a $70 billion export industry. The new book about this,THORIUM: energy cheaper than coal, is described at thorium

  3. Jan says:

    I wonder whether or not wealthy “green lobbyists” will turn the tables before we self destruct. I guess we will see in the next few years.

  4. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    ‘Wealth’ in the sense of great accumulations of money and power in the hands of a morally deranged elite, is precisely the root cause of all our travails. Natural wealth, that of equality and justice amongst living communities existing in an unravaged biosphere, is its antithesis.