Video: In Creepy Coal World, Billionaires Use The Great Barrier Reef As Their Own Private Ride

With the Arctic experiencing “astonishing” record melting of sea ice and scientists warning that “we have a planetary emergency” due to heat trapping gasses from burning fossil fuels, what is our response? Drill for more oil in the Arctic.

And with 90 percent of the world’s coral reefs under threat due to a steep rise in carbon dioxide emissions, what is our response? Build more coal mines, export terminals and coal-fired power plants to emit more carbon.

Heck, Australia is so bold, it’s looking to build export terminals that would go straight over the Great Barrier Reef — a natural gem already under threat from climate change and increasing industrial activity.

Welcome to the bizarro world of energy policy. Step right up and take a ride:


7 Responses to Video: In Creepy Coal World, Billionaires Use The Great Barrier Reef As Their Own Private Ride

  1. NJP1 says:

    Whether Aussies or saudis, their good life can only be sustained by exporting hydrocarbons to other people who want to burn them
    If the Australian government, of the Saudi Government unilaterally decided to stop exporting their energy sources tomorrow the result would be violent insurrection and anarchy, because both peoples have go used to an every-improving lifestyle.
    They and we know perfectly well that it can’t go on forever
    but they are not going to stop partying until their own house burns down
    Sorry, but that’s just human nature, and the way we’ve evolved to be. We are locked into a profit-focussed economy which of itself must run ever faster
    not a pleasant prospect for our future though

  2. Mark Shapiro says:

    Oh well.

  3. Merrelyn Emery says:

    Good heavens – that doesn’t sound like the Australia I know. And if that is ‘human nature’, then I and the majority of Aussies opposing this destruction are not human, ME

  4. Tami Kennedy says:

    Australia certainly doesn’t have rights to profiteering. U.S. talks about replacing high carbon coal with natural gas, then just exporting, like Australia, coal to maintain mining profits.

  5. Dick Smith says:

    No chance of attention deficit on this one. Kudos to Greenpeace.

  6. Gillian King says:

    There’s a growing swell of opposition to Australian coal exports. In July, Beyond Zero Emissions released a report ‘Laggards to Leaders’ that argues for a moratorium on coal development.

    The Australian arm of is gearing up for an anti-coal campaign.

    And now this Greenpeace video.

    Thisness of a That warns against the Pied Piper Syndrome —

    “Don’t be taken in by those who say that the ‘joyous land’ of the future will be based on coal, oil and natural gas. Recognise them for what they are – persuasive folk who spin yarns about horses born with eagles’ wings.”

  7. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    The Dullard regime introduced a carbon tax (due to morph into a ‘carbon price’ for speculation and profit by the usual suspects)with much ballyhoo, but refuse to defend it along ecological and human survival lines. At the same time, illustrating either prodigious stupidity or gargantuan hypocrisy, they issue many permits to pollute to the worst polluters, and promise coal-miners that coal will be mined for ‘generations’. Not many, that’s for certain. However my favourite imbecility was the gutting of environmental programs to fund flood relief after the string of record rainfalls and consequent flooding. That, of course, as every MSM presstitute and hack squawked, with trademark ‘spooky synchronicity’ was all the fault of La Nina, and so-called climate change had nothing to do with it.