How Fox News Smeared A Scientist Over Supposed ‘Polar Bear Fraud’

by Shauna Theel, via Media Matters

A scientist that Fox News and the right-wing media charged with “Polar Bear Fraud” has been cleared of scientific misconduct. Will Fox News and other outlets follow up on their smears?

Last July, the Interior Department suspended one of its employees, Arctic biologist Charles Monnett, pending an investigation into allegations of scientific misconduct by an anonymous Interior Department employee. Monnett was best known for co-authoring a peer-reviewed paper on drowned polar bears that was cited in the 2008 decision to list the polar bear as a threatened species, along with many other papers establishing the threat that climate change poses for polar bears.

The right-wing media used the investigation not only to reject Monnett’s findings, but also to dismiss all the science on polar bears and global warming. Fox Nation promoted an Investor’s Business Daily editorial claiming the Monnett investigation was exposing “the global warming fraud” with the headline “Global Warming Industry Rocked by Polar Bear Fraud.” Fox Nation also promoted a New York Post op-ed on the Monnett investigation with the headline “Global Warming Theory Faces Sudden Collapse.”

But the Interior Department cleared Monnett of all scientific wrongdoing. Monnett was officially reprimanded for an unrelated issue: forwarding government emails to local government and university officials that “ended up being used in litigation against the government.” Jeff Ruch of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, which provided Monnett legal representation, said that Monnett leaked the emails under the Bush administration to expose suppression of scientists’ concerns about the environmental risks of offshore drilling in the Arctic.

Steve Doocy promised last year on Fox & Friends to “keep [viewers] posted” on Monnett’s case. But so far Fox News remains silent not only on Monnett’s case but also on the record arctic sea ice loss this summer that portends danger for polar bears.

Shuana Theel is a Senior Researcher for Energy & Environment at Media Matters for America. This piece was originally published at Media Matters and was reprinted with permission.

2 Responses to How Fox News Smeared A Scientist Over Supposed ‘Polar Bear Fraud’

  1. Scott says:

    Yes, Fox, we are waiting for your update on the polar bear story. I hope Mr. Monnett is able to continue his important work.

  2. Ozonator says:

    The spoiled baby boomers aka extremist Republicans and Christians expect for their parents money machine to continue by Fox electing Vain Romulan & Mo Ruin. Keeping it GOP simple, they expect it to be done cheap on the backs of our murdered border agents, murdered embassy employees, and Ed Sullivan’s dead bear substitute.