October 9 News: British Energy And Climate Minister Calls For Raising European CO2 Reduction Target To 30 Percent

The EU should raise the price to businesses of producing carbon dioxide to reduce greenhouse gases and improve efficiency, the Liberal Democrat energy and climate minister told a conference in London on Monday. [Guardian]

Mitt Romney’s administration on Day One would approve a pipeline that would run from Canada to U.S. refineries in Texas, creating thousands of jobs and pushing America on its way to energy independence, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said Monday. [Associated Press]

A Fox News special on President Obama’s “green agenda” presented a one-sided discussion of Environmental Protection Agency rules that distorted the intention and impact of regulations, downplayed the threat of climate change, and ignored the public health threats of coal use. [Media Matters]

A renewable energy initiative on Michigan’s ballot is finding support in an unlikely place – churches. [The Daily Climate]

Grocery shoppers can expect to see drought-related price increases in the coming weeks on turkey, eggs, vegetable oils and dairy products. [Chicago Sun Times]

The Ohio Democratic Party on Monday urged federal and state prosecutors to investigate whether the largest privately owned coal company in the country illegally forced employees and vendors to contribute to presidential contender Mitt Romney and other mostly Republican candidates. [Toledo Blade]

The EU has launched a campaign aimed at showing how low-carbon solutions can improve quality of life. [BBC]

A combination of climate change and booming tourism could cause famous mountain spots in Southwest China’s Yunnan province to lose their snow, authorities and experts have warned. [China Daily]

The thunder, lightning and rainfall every single evening of late have nailed one fact—the monsoon is in no hurry to retreat from the city. While its average withdrawal date is September 28, the monsoon has been stretching its stay to October in the past few years. [Times of India]

A variety of organizations — from those that bring development aid to those that focus on animal protection — have taken up the cause of global climate change. Often through broad coalitions such as the Climate Action Network they lobby governments, pushing for policy changes that would favor clean energy. [International Herald Tribune]

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  1. Joan Savage says:

    Chevron Corp. (CVX) lost a U.S. Supreme Court bid to block a $19 billion judgment by an Ecuadorean court in an almost two-decade legal battle over pollution in the Amazon rain forest.
    (Inside Climate News/Bloomberg)

  2. catman306 says:

    Oil Sands comes to America

    As a direct action blockade of the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline continues in Texas, we look at what could be the first actual tar sands and oil shale strip-mining operation in the United States. Not far from Moab, Utah, the state has already leased land to a Canadian energy development company that recently changed its name to U.S. Oil Sands. The company plans to mine nearly 6,000 acres in an area of unspoiled wilderness that is also the watershed of the Colorado River, which provides water to more than 30 million people. The mine itself would be water-intensive in what is already the second-driest state in the country, and activists say chemicals used in the mine could pollute the water that is left. We’re joined by two activists working to block the project: John Weisheit, longtime conservation director of Living Rivers & Colorado Riverkeeper; and Ashley Anderson, founder and director of Before It Starts, which is leading the fight to stop tar sands drilling in Utah. [includes rush transcript]

  3. HerwigR says:

    On september 23 a lot of people in Belgium sang for the climate.
    2 links to see : the original clip : and the collection of videos :