Obama Talks (And Tweets) Climate Change. Will Biden Tonight?

On Tuesday, President Obama tweeted out a short version of his convention comments on climate to his 20 million twitter followers.

Today, Obama added a slightly tweaked version of his convention riff to his stump speech at his University of Miami speech in Coral Gables (full video here):

Yes my plan will reduce the carbon pollution that is heating the planet.  Because climate change is not a hoax.  More drought and floods and hurricanes and wildfires, that’s not a joke.  That’s a threat to our children’s future.  And we can do something about it.

And yes, as semi-delighted as I am that the president is talking about climate change (at least to university audiences), I really wish he would stop repeating the “hoax” myth in trying to debunk it. So let’s call this “modified rapture.”

Will Biden bring up this issue in tonight’s debate even if the moderator does not? He will if he looks at the polls and public opinion analysis (see Krosnick: Candidates “May Actually Enhance Turnout As Well As Attract Voters Over To Their Side By Discussing Climate Change”).

4 Responses to Obama Talks (And Tweets) Climate Change. Will Biden Tonight?

  1. Ozonator says:

    Apparently a President Vain Romulan & Mo Ruin will even flip flop on changing the liberal movie business into a white wash.

    Going Hollywood on the graves of the good ship and crew of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, “Going to the movies? “Snows Of Superior” … October 2nd, 2012… I was recently contacted by a movie producer who expressed interest in a movie script based upon my life. … I took … a few days off of work and write a spec movie script … Instead of being a story about the global warming wars … it ended up being the true story of me starting out as a poor Black child … global warming debate and congressional testimonies … support the recurring themes and the protagonist’s struggle to overcome … “Destiny belongs to those who weather the storm”” (Roy ‘d-rage’ Spencer, on the boards of the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation and the George C. Marshall Institute via EssoKoch $ to funnel extremist Republican and Christian payola to Looter Limbaugh for “celebrity” mass murder endorsements of an “official climatologist” supporting investments in global destruction; whistlesuckers at UAB; neither has yet to predict anything but a free lunch;

  2. Artful Dodger says:

    Nope. Guess they’re still hoping we can dump it on our kids.

    “issues such as education, immigration and climate change never came up”

    Here’s some new, Vice-President Biden: You are young enough to see the effects of climate change. The drought’s not over, and food is scarce already.

    And your Great-grandchildren will not live long enough to see the worst of what’s to come.

    Show some leadership. The science is clear, quit hiding behind the doubt. Uncertainty on outcomes is a reason to act more quickly, not to delay.

  3. SecularAnimist says:

    Again, not a single mention of climate change, or of its already huge impacts on the US economy and public health.

    Meanwhile, as reported elsewhere on this site, the Obama campaign has been running ads in Virginia, touting Obama’s support for the coal industry, and attacking Romney for a long-ago (and long-since repudiated) statement that a Massachusetts coal-fired power plant “kills people”.

  4. Carol says:

    Anyone know of any rallies/protests around Hofstra for the next debate?
    Where are the college students in all of this?
    There is no draft but everyone’s number will be called when the ravages of climate change continue to escalate and bring an end to life as we know it on this planet.
    No one will be spared.
    Young/old/middle aged we need to take to the streets or fields as they are doing in Texas . . .
    sitting at our computers signing cyber petitions isn’t going to cut it.
    Joe, what do YOU think it is going to take to stop this madness?