Wind And Solar Make Up 100% Of New U.S. Electricity Capacity In September

September was tied for the hottest of any September on record globally. It was also a very hot month for renewable energy in the U.S. According to figures from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, wind and solar accounted for all new electricity capacity added to America’s grid in September.

The projects consisted of five wind farms totaling 300 megawatts and 18 solar installations totaling 133 megawatts:

Renewable energy Analyst Kenneth Bossong initially reported on the figures.

“The remarkable expansion of renewable energy’s contribution to the nation’s electrical supply reflects continuing declines in costs, the impact of state renewable electricity standards, and the mix of tax and other incentives provided by the federal government,” said Bossong in an emailed statement.

As the chart above shows, the U.S. has seen 4,055 MW of wind, 936 MW of solar, 340 MW of biomass, 123 MW of geothermal, 9 MW of hydro, and 3 MW of waste heat projects come online since January. This represents a 29 percent increase over the same period in 2011.

4 Responses to Wind And Solar Make Up 100% Of New U.S. Electricity Capacity In September

  1. Temple East says:

    So proud of the wind and solar projects. My nephew works in the wind industry and he is making a great living for his family. We need more and more of these jobs and more farms in the south. Solar is a great idea and it should be a normal part of our daily lives. We should put solar on all new houses. We need to protect our earth.We need to find a way to replace oil and gas and stop sucking it out of the earth. It is there for a reason.

  2. Julian Boche says:

    This rocks!

  3. Sasparilla says:

    The numbers are nice to see, especially the growth of wind over 2011.

    That said 2013 is going to look awful even if the tax credit is fixed (which the Koch guided GOP is not allowing), which seem like a long shot at this point. Without the tax credit I can’t imagine how small the Wind install will be for 2013.

  4. Amy in Florida says:

    Thanks to Obama our clean energy is a priority!