October 26 News: East Coast Braces For Possible ‘Perfect Storm’ Brewing In The Atlantic

How’s this for some election-year timing: The East Coast faces the real possibility of taking a battering next week from a “perfect storm” roaring in from the Atlantic — right at the tail end of a campaign in which President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and their debate moderators have all drawn criticism for avoiding discussion of climate change. [Politico]

As Hurricane Sandy whips the western Bahamas and models reach consensus that this storm is destined to slam the Mid-Atlantic and/or Northeast, many trusted sources in the weather community are voicing cause for concern and urging residents to begin preparing. [Capital Weather Gang]

The most recent gusher of Super PAC cash to flow into California’s 2012 election cycle came last Tuesday in the form of an $11 million contribution that has prompted speculation about possible involvement of the Koch brothers. [Huffington Post]

It’s become common to blame the flagging fortunes of coal mining companies on low natural gas prices that have convinced many U.S. utilities and industries to slash their use of coal. But there’s another reason for the woes of mining firms: The cost of mining coal has been going up. [Washington Post]

Fish from the waters around the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan could be too radioactive to eat for a decade to come, as samples show that radioactivity levels remain elevated and show little sign of coming down, a marine scientist has warned. [Guardian]

The worst U.S. drought in decades showed little sign of easing last week as farmers closed out their corn and soybean harvests and turned their attention to winter wheat, which has been struggling to break through the moisture-starved soil in some states, according to a weekly report. [Daily Chronicle]

Of all the plants and animals facing a potentially dire future because of climate change, a study released Thursday in Science paints a potentially grim picture for one of the most important and underappreciated groups of living things on Earth. The study reports that phytoplankton — water-dwelling, single-celled micro-organisms including algae and other species — may have trouble adjusting to rising ocean temperatures. [Huffington Post]

One of the world’s leading naturalists has accused US politicians of ducking the issue of climate change because of the economic cost of tackling it and warned that it would take a terrible example of extreme weather to wake people up to the dangers of global warming. [Guardian]

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