Chevron Donates $2.5 Million To GOP Super PAC In Single Largest Corporate Donation Post-Citizens United

Chevron, the second-largest oil company in the U.S. and eighth-largest in the world, contributed $2.5 million in October to the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC to elect House Republicans. That makes Chevron’s super PAC donation the single largest from a corporation.

The donation comes after House Republicans voted 109 times this Congress to enrich oil companies. According to Public Campaign Action Fund’s Adam Smith:

The donation appears to be the largest from a publicly-traded corporation in the post-Citizens United era. The corporate donation is double what the company’s PAC and employees have already donated to federal candidates and committees this cycle, according to analysis of data from the Center for Responsive Politics.

The company’s donation arrives in an election year where the oil industry has waged multimillion-dollar ad campaigns, including American Petroleum Institute’s campaign in swing states. Chevron has also sent 91 percent of its federal political contributions to Republican candidates. So far this year, fossil fuel groups have spent more than $153 million on campaign ads to promote pro-fossil fuel candidates.

Chevron gets a good return for its loyalty. House Republicans voted at least twice to protect Big Oil’s $2.4 billion in taxpayer subsidies. Chevron alone receives an estimated $700 million in annual tax breaks. And the company spent $16.6 million of Big Oil’s $105 million lobbying Congress to block pollution controls and safeguards for public health.

22 Responses to Chevron Donates $2.5 Million To GOP Super PAC In Single Largest Corporate Donation Post-Citizens United

  1. Robert Marston says:

    A vote for the GOP, at this point, is a vote for big oil and for a climate nightmare all in one go.

  2. Barbara says:

    GOP get’s a big wet kiss from big oil, I wonder why?

  3. Zimzone says:

    I look forward to the day when big oil becomes exactly what they drill for…fossils.

  4. Robert Levi Marenda says:

    “9. Corporate Power is Protected – The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation often are the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite.”

  5. American taxpayers are literally funding Big Oil’s efforts to buy protection for themselves.

    * taxpayers give $2.4b in subsidies to big oil

    * big oil pockets 90% and then spends the remaining 10% to buy the votes that keeps the taxpayer moola coming their way

    nice legacy GOP…

  6. Chevron stock currently trading at over $110 a share. I can’t imagine what their beef with the current administration is.

  7. Barbara says:

    The push for green energy is your answer, IMHO.

  8. Stephanie Palmer says:

    There is no such thing as energy independence. All oil is sold on the world market. Last year we exported oil. I guess the Chinese will pay more than we will. All oil is privately owned. We don’t benefit monetarily. It’s the primary reason I question why the Republicans are pushing the Keystone pipeline making us, courtesy of the lovely Mr. Cheney, responsible for all environmental damage incurred.

  9. Michael Valentine says:

    This election session is kinda funny.

    Two men enter the ring and one leaves the winner. Yet both men are managed by the same corporations.

    Heads they win tails you lose.

  10. googiecat says:

    absolutely BOYCOTT!

  11. Bravo says:

    Gee, what a surprise! The Repugs will counter that teacher unions do the same and the Chevron is a PERSON! How can we argue with that, when the Supreme Court is on their side!!! peace.

  12. Kita123 says:

    I will not buy gas from this company again. I know that will not make a difference but it’s my way of putting my money, (that is what the government has not already given them) where my mouth is….

    Vote in 2012………….

  13. Marie says:

    No surprise — the GOP has always been in bed with oil — the GOP even started a war in Iraq for oil — isn’t Chevron the Condoleeza Rice oil company? And Hamid Karzai too?

  14. Marie says:

    As long as they continue to deny climate change and the fundamentalists continue to reign over the GOP platform, there will be no significant change in the status quo.

  15. Marie says:

    The more we can rely upon renewable, green energy, the more the oil giants’ profits are reduced.
    Why they haven’t switched from drilling for fossil fuels to producing equipment for green energy is indicative to me that their brains and creativity are fossils too.

  16. Iceguy75 says:

    So everytime I pay for gas I donate to the GOP?

  17. Mareli says:

    Chevron, Exxon-Mobil, Shell, BP: They are all bad. Try to buy Citgo when I can since it is from Venezuela.

  18. Barb says:

    We’re cutting up our card.

  19. Colleen says:

    If they have so much money to donate why do they need the subsides that congress is giving them? As a matter of fact I remember that the oil companies told congress that if they stopped these subsides that they would lay off workers. How is that for blackmail?

  20. Rebecca Gavin says:

    What I find puzzling about this, is that the Dems have almost no chance of taking the House….so why the big money now? I would think they’d be trying to impact the Senate race.

  21. Rakesh Malik says:

    “A vote for the GOP, at this point, is a vote for big oil and for a climate nightmare all in one go.”

    Voting for nearly any politician is a vote for big oil and a climate nightmare, along with economic disaster and dystopia.

    The only differences are that dummycraps pretend to be for the people, and the repugnicants don’t bother pretending.

    Voting for either party is a losing proposition, the question isn’t which one will lead us to our demise, it’s which one will lead us there more quickly.