October 29 News: Activists Connect The Dots On Climate Change And Extreme Weather In Times Square

Photo: Adam Welz

A group of climate change activists braved the calm before the storm on Sunday afternoon to rally in New York City’s Times Square. Leading environmental activist organization organized the event, “Connect the Dots between Extreme Weather and Climate Change,” in less than 48 hours, according to Phil Aroneanu, the group’s co-founder and U.S. campaign director. [Huffington Post]

The city was bracing Monday for an uninvited guest named Sandy. As the she-witch hurricane churned toward the region and threatened potentially historic devastation, New Yorkers hunkered down in their homes and turned off the welcome sign, transforming the bustling metropolis into a transit-free ghost town. [NY Daily News]

Just a week or so before voting day, the convergence of westbound Hurricane Sandy with a eastbound cold front is creating a massive storm, a Frankenstorm even, that is threatening millions of Americans. Weird weather is making yet another appearance in our lives and once again we ask, “Is this climate change?” [National Public Radio]

Storm surges like those accompanying Hurricane Sandy as it churns north are, at their simplest, a function of strong winds driving too much water into too small a space. But other factors, some of which will come into play as this storm approaches the New York area, can combine to make surges higher and more destructive, experts said. [New York Times]

Record heat and extended drought sparked a huge increase in the number and severity of wildfires in South Dakota this year, forcing the state to spend nearly five times what it spent to battle blazes last year. [Rapid City Journal]

As gas power has replaced coal in the US, the excess coal has pushed down prices on world markets, sparking a bonanza for the high-carbon fuel. Last year, coal had its best year in more than four decades, according to the World Coal Association. [Guardian]

Officials in the coastal city of Ningbo, China, promised on Sunday night to halt the expansion of a petrochemical plant after thousands of demonstrators clashed with the police during three days of protests that spotlighted the public’s mounting discontent with industrial pollution. [New York Times]

Shanghai has been experiencing some of its most serious and long-lasting air pollution in months, as well as weather conditions that have contributed to thick clouds and a haze that has grounded some flights and led to vehicular crashes which killed at least one person and injured dozens. [Eastday]

5 Responses to October 29 News: Activists Connect The Dots On Climate Change And Extreme Weather In Times Square

  1. muoncounter says:

    Connecting dots is a skill that seems to peak in childhood and diminish with age.

    NYC’s OEM website notes that there are indeed dots, but does not connect:
    Many hurricane experts say the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico have begun to spin off more frequent and destructive hurricanes than in previous decades. Tropical storms have been on the rise since 1995, and a record 15 hurricanes made their way into the North Atlantic in 2005.

    Kossin 2008 made the connection:
    A consistent signal emerged that suggests the season has become longer as the earliest formation dates of the season have become earlier and the latest dates have become later. … the trends were shown to be
    related to local SST variability with warmer SST consistently associated with a longer hurricane season.

    As a former New Yorker, I understand the magnitude of ‘transit system shut down.’ But maybe the 1% will start to get the point from ‘stock exchanges closed.’ Good luck to all in the path of this storm – please take those warnings seriously!

  2. NJP1 says:

    There’s been hoax merchants banging on about all this for years
    now when we need one, they’re nowhere to be seen

  3. Paul Klinkman says:

    “Frankenstorm” is good. People helped to build it, and that’s not natural.

    “She-witch” is problematic. We have set up a holy-day partially devoted to the hatred of somebody else’s religious beliefs and the people who follow those beliefs, and that’s not holy at all. The idea of a “witch” was used in Europe by profiteering witch hunters who would identify rich widows as “witches”, prove their charges somehow, have the widows killed for witchcraft, and collect the widows’ assets as their own profit. The old hatreds have been re-formed by modern Hollywood into this idea of a “Witch” as always female, always doing evil to other people and always old and ugly.

  4. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Just as Russian women, in Soviet days, were always old, uncomely and dumpy. Then with the arrival of ‘Freedom’ and the ‘Magic of the Market’, they all, miraculously, morphed into veritable Helens.