Fox News Gives Airtime To A Climate Denier To Discuss Unprecedented Superstorm

Most television news outlets have given minimal airtime to the connection between global warming and Hurricane Sandy. In Fox’s case, it mentioned global warming in its Sandy coverage in order to mock climate science.

Fox News turned to climate denier Joe Bastardi at least twice in the last two days, where Bastardi presented debunked arguments that unprecedented extreme weather “has nothing to do with global warming” and “everything to do with nature.”

Bastardi appeared on Sean Hannity on Monday (he was also on Fox and Friends, Tuesday):

BASTARDI: When you see CO2 continue to go up and the global temperature goes up, levels off, and you can associate it with the natural cyclical pattern of the oceans and you look at the big picture. And also a lot of these people are just weather voyeurs. What if you’ve been studying since the day you were born? Some of them just study it now.

In fact, the world continues to warm. September marked the 331st month in a row that global temperatures were above the 20th century average. And scientists are increasingly making a direct connection between global warming and the probability and intensity of extreme weather events.

Although scientists reject Bastardi’s claims as “utter nonsense,” “simply ignorant” and “completely wrong,” Fox has often relied on the weather forecaster for climate denier arguments.

While Fox mocks climate scientists, other outlets have ignored climate change altogether, despite its relevant to Sandy’s destruction. (Some outlets did break the silence last night — more on that later this morning). Like a baseball player on steroids, the effects of human-caused climate change fuels the probability for more frequent extreme weather, such as superstorms.

14 Responses to Fox News Gives Airtime To A Climate Denier To Discuss Unprecedented Superstorm

  1. mark E says:

    I wonder how much of an insurance claim will be submitted by Fox News and its affiliates? Does anyone think they should recover?

  2. Carol says:

    Thank you to Joe, Bill M., James Hansen and all the wise, brave souls continuing to speak truth to power and standing up to the likes of Joe Bastardi (fitting name) and other deniers of AGW.

    From Edward Abbey, Postcards from Ed: Dispatches and Salvos from an American Iconoclast:

    “We must soldier on, muddling our way toward frugality, simplicity, liberty, community, until some kind of sane and rational balance is achieved between our ability to love and our cockeyed ambition to conquer and dominate everything in sight. No wonder the galaxies recede from us in every direction, fleeing at velocities that approach the speed of light. They are frightened. We humans are the Terror of the Universe.”

  3. BillD says:

    Driving in to work this morning, I listened to two separate reports on Nation Public Radio (Morning Edition) that linked the storm to Climate change.

    In the first, the reporter asked about the increased frequency of electrical outages. The first reason was an aging grid and the second (I was holding my breath) was the increase in severe weather associated with climate change.

    The second report asked a public transportation expert stationed in Washington DC and he directly noted that increases in storms and sea level rise were important problems for coastal cities.

  4. Zimzone says:

    One can always count on Fox, and particularly Hannity, to do the wrong thing.

    They have it down pat!

  5. Brooks Bridges says:

    Dog bites man?

  6. Mike Roddy says:

    Bastardi is one of the strangest characters you will ever find on television. The fact that he is interviewed with a straight face on a major network tells us that our educational system might need an overhaul. If Bastardi was on TV in Sweden, it would be on their Saturday Night Live show, as a parody.

  7. Jai John Mitchell says:

    That Joe Bastard!

    what a fool! He just said on Fox that the Atlantic is much warmer than normal BUT the Pacific is much cooler than normal. That this is NOTHING UNUSUAL, (nothing to see here people, move along. . .)

    but NOAA says: “Above average equatorial sea surface temperatures remain across the western and central Pacific.”


    the El Nino Southern Oscillation is slightly positive.

    here is the graphic

    That guy is a liar and is doing his very best to destroy America.

  8. chuck cruz says:

    i agree. those people have rupert murdock’s balls so far down their throat i don’t understand how they can even breath. its obvious they can’t seeing the obvious brain damage in the “so called’ fair and balanced reporting

  9. Anne van der Bom says:

    Wasn’t Bastardi the guy that confidently predicted Arctic sea ice would return to the levels of the 90’s?

  10. Bastardi’s quote doesn’t even scan. It makes no sense on its face.

    We’re dealing with very irrational people at Fox News. Many of its followers are just wallowing in confirmation bias. They don’t want global warming to be true, and Fox is there to sell them their reassurance.

    My dad, who recently died, watched Fox. It poisoned his mind. I dreaded calling him because he would pepper me with Fox misinformation.

    But he wasn’t totally irrational. I could sometimes crack his veneer of outrage. I really hope more Fox viewers are like my dad, and that the continual exposure to the truth through other channels will chip away at their self-satisfied scorn for the very idea that CO2 emissions are messing with the atmosphere.

  11. Jose Santos says:

    Ok, here’s what I propose…if this was the 100 year storm that NYC is supposed to have every 100 years, then let’s wait 100 year more or so. If it happens again within 5 to 10 years, we’ll go after fox news, like people were after frankenstein in that ol’ classic terror movie! I want to be at the front of the line.

  12. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    The global insurance business will collapse under the weight of centi-billion dollar catastrophes. I’d bet that the final bill for Sandy (look out for Julian!) will be in the hundreds of billions.

  13. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Man bites Murdoch?

  14. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Not just a lie, but a stupid, irrelevant, quintessentially Fox News, lie.