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  1. Mark Dunlea says:

    Problem is that Obama didn’t talk much about it either except to promote an anti-climate agenda – $5 billion for Clean Coal, hydrofrack for natural gas, off shore drilling for oil. And groups refuse to talk about the climate agenda of the Green Party’s Jill Stein ( prefering to support the lesser of two evils strategy for voting – otherwise known as game over for climate change.

  2. Will Fox says:

    Romney v Sandy –

    Romney Crowd Boos, ‘USA’ Chants Against Climate Change –

  3. Anne van der Bom says:

    Remembers me about the joke of a man visiting his friend. The rain was pouring down, and there were pots and pans all over the place to catch the water dripping from his leaky roof. “So”, said the man, “shouldn’t you fix your roof?” “Hell no”, replied his friend, “you think I’m gonna go up there in this kind of weather?”. “Fair enough, but then you can repair it when the sun shines”, suggested the man. To which his friend answered: “What good would that do? When the sun shines, my roof doesn’t leak.”

  4. Greatgrandma Kat says:

    I had on interesting conversation yesterday with my 8yr old greatgrand daughter as we watched the relief efforts for Sandy victims.
    She was asking her usual 1000 questions, mostly about the kids she saw like “Are they going to be ok and have enough food”? “Are the cross people (red cross workers) going to help ALL those people? How will they get to school (the kids)? it went on like that for about 10 minutes when she suddenly turned to me and in the most grown up voice asked “They won’t put their houses back in the same place will they gran? Sadly I told her yes they probably will.

  5. Colorado Bob says:

    Winter 2012-’13 Outlook Headlines:

    “This year is totally unique in the 63 years we’ve been keeping statistics on El Niño. Never before has an El Niño event begun to form in July and August, then quit in mid-September.”
    -NOAA’s Mike Halpert on the unprecedented onset and demise of El Nino in 2012.

  6. Paul Klinkman says:

    I have a sense that many millions of Americans will eventually die from GMO crops, from pesticides and from toxic chemicals around us. Monsanto’s worldwide suppression of normal scientific research and threats of lawsuits against great numbers of people has been every bit as powerful as the Koch brothers’ attacks on science and disruption of public discourse.

  7. idunno says:

    Skeptical science has a lot of links to broadsheet coverage, discussion and general wonkery about Sandy and climate.

    Prompted by Perfessor Watts’s new-found aversion to “tabloid climatology”, I thought it might be interesting to see what the tabloids are saying…

    The New York Post weighs in here…*&proxystylesheet=redesign_frontend&output=xml_no_dtd&site=default_collection&filter=p

  8. fj says:

    Military to deliver fuel to NY.

    Climate Action must be at wartime speed.

  9. Colorado Bob says:

    Hurricane Sandy will be studied for years to come. No storm of its like has been registered in the past 300 years of history in the region (at least since the first Europeans appeared on the shores of New York and New Jersey in the mid 17th century). It is a testament to the accuracy of forecasting techniques since there was no precedent to base forecasts on: the NWS fell back on its models. They were dead on accurate and their forecasts saved hundreds if not thousands of lives.

    This gives us hope for future events of this magnitude. Let’s not forget that the climate models employed to forecast Sandy do not really differ in a significant way from those now used to forecast future climate change. The same science is behind them. It is simply a matter of magnitude vs. short-term versus long-term forecasts.

    Christopher C. Burt
    Weather Historian

  10. Joan Savage says:

    CLEVELAND — First Energy says it is doing everything it can to restore all power by midnight Monday.

    “Our crews are working day and night to get the power back on as quickly as possible,” said company spokesman Todd Schneider. “We truly appreciate our customers’ patience.”

    He said of the 775,000 customers served by First Energy’s CEI company, about 300,000 suffered power outages. That is nearly 2 in 5 customers.

    “And please remember, we’re out there working as fast and as hard as we can, because we want nothing more than to get the lights back on for them.”

    Schneider told WKYC the company was not losing ground in Northeast Ohio because it had to send employees to the East Coast to deal with massive power outages there.

  11. fj says:

    Maybe. This is just from emissions in the late 1980s.

    Regarding extreme weather we are in for one-hell-of-a ride.

  12. Frank Zaski says:

    About a year ago, many commented that they would not vote for Mr. Obama because of his lax efforts to fight global warming.

    Recall the 2000 election, Bush defeated Gore in Florida by 537 votes. Nader received 97,421 Florida votes in that election.
    What will you do now?

  13. Paul Magnus says:

    No more playing games now for the deniers and avoiders… reality has arrived in their lap. And we know risk is appreciated when it slaps you in the face.

    Ditto for the media!

    Climate Portals shared a link.

    What’s at stake with climate change — MSNBC
    The time for choosing sides on climate change is now. Which side are you on?

  14. The lesser of 2 evils is still evil.

    I’d like to hear more of ‘Jill, baby, Jill.”

  15. Paul Magnus says:

    Climate Chaos shared a link.

    Before and after Sandy: Photos show contrast between lovely shore and wreckage
    OCEAN COUNTY — With all of the constant coverage of Sandy’s decimation of the Jersey Shore, it may become difficult to remember exactly what certain areas looked like before rain and hurricane-force winds expanded beaches onto blocks and water into homes. Below are before-and-after photo slid…

  16. Ken Barrows says:

    No, Mark, don’t you see? All we have to do is get more energy efficient and we’ll be okay. (I am kidding.)

  17. Paul Magnus says:

    Good headline..

    Sandy: Act of God or act of man?
    Is global warming to blame for Sandy the “Frankenstorm”? Pundits and politicians were arguing about that even before the massive storm struck the Atlantic coast; now that it has moved on, after killing 50, flooding the New York subway system, ripping away chunks of New Jersey’s coastline and causi…

  18. prokaryotes says:

    OMG Toles is the best lol :)

  19. Brooks Bridges says:

    Mark: A quote fromThe Nation in article titled:
    “Hurricane Sandy as Greek Tragedy”

    “But no president can cross Big Oil in the way that is required to defuse the climate crisis without the help of a powerful and sustained popular movement. ”

    People keep blaming Obama and the media but the only one I see organizing protests is Bill McKibben – and the max he’s gotten at DC is what? 12,000? Are there really on 12,000 people in the US who care enough to go out and protest?

    I think you and many others are putting the cart before the horse.

    Pogo got it right: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

  20. prokaryotes says:

    Butterfly Report + Jeremiah, the Frog
    1 November 2012 James Hansen

    James Hansen uses the powerful message of stories to deliver the science!

  21. Ernest says:

    Perhaps climate activists should form their own SuperPAC or own “issue oriented” organization. (It’s already independent of mainstream political parties given the way they treat climate change.) And it would aim for the most compelling presentation on the issue.

  22. David B. Benson says:

    Good find.

  23. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    ‘Powerful and sustained popular movements’ are no longer possible. The ruling regimes in all capitalist states oversee networks of surveillance unknown in the past. ‘Activists’ paid by Western intelligence or the Saudi and Qatari despotisms are heroes when they bring civil war to Libya or Syria, but ‘activists’, particularly environmental ones, in the West, are demonised and vilified without respite by the Rightwing MSM. In countries like Poland, where the ruling Rightwing regimes are less sophisticated, anti-fracking protestors are being actively harassed by the security and police forces, and in the UK environmental groups have been subjected to penetration by police provocateurs and intimidation by the authorities. The cry of ‘eco-terrorism’ is growing louder and louder on the Right, and worse days of repression and suppression surely lie ahead, the Right knowing no more favoured way to react to opposition.

  24. David B. Benson says:

    “European Energy Review”
    Worth following.

  25. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Weather forecasts recently in these parts have been risibly inaccurate, even only one day ahead. Chaos looms.

  26. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    You should visit the Institute of Science in Society site, Paul. The amount of bad news about GE crops and the use of deadly herbicides like glyphosphate is staggering, as is the MSM propaganda system’s perfidy in suppressing nearly all of it.

  27. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    In fact Gore defeated Bush in Florida, but your Supreme Court voted Bush into power.

  28. Timothy Hughbanks says:

    Millions of people protested in cities across the world against the Bush-Blair Iraq war in 2002 and 2003. The mainstream media spent more time covering an orchestrated “event” attended by a few hundred paid appratchiks when Saddam Hussein’s statue was toppled. The oligarchs control the media and thereby ensure that the kind of news reporting that would propagate a “powerful and sustained popular movement” doesn’t happen. The most realistic hope for a broad consensus for dealing with climate change is if enough powerful corporate interests align against the fossil-fuel corporate interests. That’s why the opposition expressed by Bloomberg is encouraging (in a sad kinda way).

  29. Dennis Tomlinson says:

    Justice Sandra Day O’Connor voted to end the recount, providing the 5:4 majority decision. Her rationale was that inauguration day was drawing near. What a time for a Supreme Justice to chose expedience over reasoned judgement. We are left wonder what might have been…

  30. fj says:

    Bloomberg’s amazing. He made recovery from 9/11 look easy & now Sandy.

    Presiding over C-40 almost as mayor of America, it’s long overdue that Obama set up a US Department of Climate Action with Bloomberg the model secretary or close clone thereof.

  31. Paul Klinkman says:

    This is an open thread. So, I’d like you to note how a totally unrelated freeloading comment like this on can stick to the top. I name these, “remora comments”.

    Having a forum where this baloney doesn’t work is one of my targets as an inventor.

  32. Paul Magnus says:

    That could be like a before and after photo…

  33. Paul Magnus says:

    This one a bit more succinct…

    Sandy:God or Man?

  34. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    It’s not merely sad-it is tragic that we have to await a change of heart by our masters, like the most craven serfs, and pray that the real rulers of mankind might deign (in their own self-interest of course), to spare humanity and save all our children from living in Hell.

  35. prokaryotes says:

    saw it at

  36. Sesli Sohbet says:

    Weather forecasts recently in these parts have been risibly inaccurate, even only one day ahead. Chaos looms

  37. Frank Zaski says:

    It may be easier to heard cats than coordinate environmental groups!

    Environmental groups were surprisingly defensive in their responses to the email below. Many cited their (very modest) successes at coordination on an environmental topic.

    In lieu of cooperation, what is the best way to maximize their existence? Are they concentrating more on the process and not the goal?

    The email sent to environmental groups:
    Perhaps one reason environmental issues are ignored in the debates, in media and by most politicians is that our efforts are splintered. Each environmental group seems to have their own hierarchy, overhead, learning curve, messages, limited outreach, etc.

    Notice the clout of the NRA which has 4.3 million members. No one environmental group has much more than 1 million members, but collectively, we have far more than the NRA.

    At least on a few key issues such as global warming and coal, a coordinated effort by the hundreds of advocacy groups would probably be more effective.

    It could be beneficial to have a central coordinating body (similar to the United Nations) to coordinate research, messaging, advertising and especially media outreach and lobby work on key issues. Etc. etc.

  38. Alex Smith says:


    Can big cities like New York or Washington protect against storm surge and rising seas? 3 interviews. Mike Tidwell, author of “The Ravaging Tide: Strange Weather, Future Katrinas, and the Coming Death of America’s Coastal Cities.”

    Professor J. Court Stevenson, University of Maryland, on city surge defenses around the world.

    Daphne Wysham interviews German Green Parliamentarian Hermann Ott: leading the way to renewables before climate collapse.

    Radio Ecoshock 121107 1 hour.

    Listen/download Radio Ecoshock 121107 in Lo-Fi (14 MB)

  39. idunno says:

    While I partially agree, can’t really commend Climate Progress for leading on November 6 2012 with an attack on Obama. You prefer the alternative?