November 9 News: Advocates Ramp Up Campaign To Extend Wind Tax Credit

Advocates of expiring tax credits for wind power projects will greet next week’s return of Congress with a multi-front campaign for extension of the incentives in the lame-duck session. [The Hill]

Climate scientists agree the Earth will be hotter by the end of the century, but their simulations don’t agree on how much. Now a study suggests the gloomier predictions may be closer to the mark. [Washington Post]

Experts and environmental groups are wary of how to achieve a clean-energy future, and say the biggest chance of passing initiatives is by circumventing Congress entirely. [Daily Beast]

On the coast of North Carolina and at other so-called “hotspots” along the U.S. East Coast, sea levels are rising about three times more quickly on average than they are globally, researchers reported during a session devoted to sea level rise. [Our Amazing Planet]

Hot and dry conditions in parts of middle America deepened an ongoing drought in many states over the last week, according to a climatology report issued Thursday. [Reuters]

New York City will begin rationing gasoline on Friday for the first time since the 1970s, in response to a persistent gas crisis that has shuttered hundreds of gas stations and forced desperate drivers to wait in line for hours to fill their tanks. [New York Times]

European Union regulators ramped up their investigation of the Chinese solar panel industry Thursday by accusing the Chinese government of unfairly subsidizing panel makers. [New York Times]

Australia plans to join Europe in a renewed and binding pledge to reduce emissions under the Kyoto treaty, Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said today before leaving later this month for negotiations in Doha, Qatar. [Businessweek]

Superstorm Sandy and this summer’s derecho that knocked out power to many Marylanders are prompting a resurgence in discussions about global climate change, former Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening said Thursday. [Washington Post]

7 Responses to November 9 News: Advocates Ramp Up Campaign To Extend Wind Tax Credit

  1. prokaryotes says:

    It should become common sense to establish wind and solar power – a constant stream of energy generation with a global market!

  2. prokaryotes says:

    Reminder: After Hurricane Sandy: DANGER – Natural Gas Leaks, Homes Might Explode

  3. catman306 says:

    From Chris Mooney via Kevin Drum:

    (about tidal surges)

    It turns out, eight inches matters a lot. First of all, using Climate Central’s Surging Seas tool, [meteorologist Scott] Mandia estimated that 6,000 more people were impacted for each additional inch of sea level rise….Moreover, there is also reason to think that the second inch, so to speak, is worse than the first one. That’s because of basic physics. Water flowing atop a surface—say, a New York City street—has its energy sapped by the friction of dragging along that street. However, if the water level is higher, it’ll flow faster, because the water higher above the surface experiences less friction. “If you had an inch of water running down the street, you’d see all kinds of turbulence in it, which is basically energy being lost,” Strauss explains. “But if the water were a foot above it, you’d see more sheet-like movement, which is a more powerful motion.”

    Speed matters a great deal in the context of a storm surge, because the surge is only temporary and will recede. So how far it penetrates before doing so is partly a function of its speed.

  4. Michael T says:

    Last month was the 2nd warmest October (behind 2005) on record according to NASA:

  5. catman306 says:

    Anti-evolution Congressman Paul Broun (R-Ga.) ran unopposed in Tuesday’s election, but nearly 4,000 voters wrote in Charles Darwin to protest their representative’s views. (Broun called evolution “lies straight from the pit of hell.”) Darwin fell more than 205,000 votes short of victory, but what would have happened if the father of evolution had out-polled Broun?