Climate Denier Lord Monckton’s IPCC ‘Appointment’ That Wasn’t

by Graham Readfearn, via DeSmogBlog

It’s difficult to really know where to start in describing Lord Christopher Monckton, one of the planet’s most outspoken deniers of the risks of human-caused climate change.

You could say he’s the leader of the Scotland branch of a fringe UK political party, for example.

Or describe him as the chief policy adviser to the Science and Public Policy Institute, a climate science-mangling organisation in the US which doesn’t disclose its funders.

But earlier this week, Lord Monckton gave himself another title.

In an opinion column about how climate change had nothing to do with the deadly superstorm Sandy, Lord Monckton wrote how he was “an appointed expert reviewer for the forthcoming “Fifth Assessment Report” to be published by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”

Now that’s pretty impressive stuff. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change gathers and summarises the world’s research on climate change.

I wondered how one might be “appointed” as an “expert reviewer,” so I asked the secretariat at the IPCC about the process.

Here’s what they told me (my bolding):

Anyone can register as an expert reviewer on the open online registration systems set up by the working groups. All registrants that provide the information requested and confirm their scientific expertise via a self-declaration of expertise are accepted for participation in the review. They are invited to list publications, but that is not a requirement and the section can be left blank when registering. There is no appointment.

Hang on. No appointment? But Lord Monckton just … but he says that he … right there, he just said he was appointed, all official like.

Now there are some appointed spots within the IPCC report-writing process. Lead Authors and Contributing Lead Authors are approved by the IPCC bureau, as are Review Editors. Contibuting Authors are generally invited by the Lead Authors.

But reading the response from the IPCC, it sounds as though even I could get a gig as an “expert reviewer.” It would make a cracking addition to most people’s CV.

Anyone out there who might be thinking about applying for a job that you just know in your heart of hearts you’re not qualified to do, might want to think about asking Lord Christopher Monckton for a bit of guidance.

Because when it comes to puffing out your CV, the non-Member of the House of Lords is highly skilled.

His modus operandi (aside from speaking Latin in interviews) appears to be that the more spectacular the claim, the less likely people are to disbelieve you. Like climate change science being a plot to “shut down the west,” for example.

So here, just a small handful of some of Monckton’s greatest hits:

For lists of this stuff as long as one of Robert Wadlow‘s arms, visit Monckton MythsBarry Bickmore’s Monckton Rap Sheet or look at Peter Hadfield’s Monckton Bunkum video series (watch the first one below).

Perhaps there will be more to add to these lists next year when Lord Monckton returns to Australia in February 2013 for another speaking tour. His 2011 visit was marred in controversy after he branded a prominent Australian government climate policy advisor a Nazi, prompting venues across Australia to cancel.

There’s some confusion about who is organising the tour. There are reports that the fringe political group the Democratic Labor Party, who’s single Federal Senator is the anti-abortion climate sceptic John Madigan, are paying for his visit.

But the “Lord Monckton Foundation” has claimed it is organising the visit. Regardless, I really can’t wait.

Graham Readfearn is an independent journalist based in Queensland, Australia, with 15 years experience as a reporter and writer on newspapers, magazines, radio and online. This piece was originally published at DeSmogBlog and was reprinted with permission.

18 Responses to Climate Denier Lord Monckton’s IPCC ‘Appointment’ That Wasn’t

  1. Mike Roddy says:

    We’ve all had fun with His Lordship over the years. With his mood swings and strange features, he is a classic example of the dangers of Royal inbreeding.

    Somebody needs to investigate why he has such a large audience. Last year, he delivered a speech at La Jolla that drew an overflow crowd, with fans watching him on video in an adjacent auditorium. Climate scientists, meanwhile, attract much smaller audiences.

    This the genius of Colbert, who realizes that people love fantasy, the more outrageous, the better. Somebody (not a professor, please!) should investigate why this is the case. It could help in public communication. We need the urgent case for change to be fun and entertaining, since most people are bored with dry presentations.

  2. Lore says:

    I think it’s the “Alice Cooper Syndrome”. A fascination of macob, deviant behavior exhibited in a theatrical manner. What most people fail to realize here is that they are an audience to a slow motion train wreck while having a good time in the club car.

  3. Luc Binette says:

    The IPCC is shooting itself in the foot by not establishing proper evaluation of expert reviewers, as if someone can appoint itself an expert!!! At leat Moncton is not short in imagination and this story is going to be repeated at nauseam as a way to ridicule the IPCC. Please wake up guys at IPCC!!!

  4. idunno says:

    To become an expert reviewer on the IPCC5 report, all you had to do was follow the link here:

  5. Ian Forrester says:

    If Monckton does his job properly then all of AR5 will have been “peer” reviewed.

  6. Peter Bolds says:

    Potholer54has an entire series on YouTube debunking Monkton.

  7. Ben Goodman says:

    Start naming storms after climate deniers. Next one should be named Monckton.

  8. Merrelyn Emery says:

    February eh? Given current conditions we should be able to arrange a nice demo of carbon fuelled disasters, Aussie style – if there’s anything left to burn by then, ME

  9. Chris Winter says:

    “But the “Lord Monckton Foundation” has claimed it is organising the visit. Regardless, I really can’t wait.”

    And the home page to their Web site:

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    Site Powered By: Turnkey Website Solutions — Online web site design

    Flavell’s Law is alive and well.

  10. A.J. says:

    Sometimes I think Monckton should maybe have his own BritCom, like “Mr. Bean”. ;-)

  11. Ozonator says:

    So if lordy lordly signed up with his name on a:
    Nasa probe to Mars, Moon, or extremist US House – he is an astronaut?,
    registration for a signed Iranian Barbie doll collection – he is robotic expert?,
    EssoKochs’ bathroom wall – he is a toxic industry executive?
    snowdrift – he is a glaciologist?, and
    guest registration in Mexico- he and Roid should actually work hard at building this country and have tended to vote for something? (“Dr. Roy Spencer & Lord Christopher Monckton to Challenge Climate Orthodoxy at Cancun UN Conference Available for Radio and All Media”; SOURCE Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow with slavery, rape, and pillage today;, 11/24/10).

  12. Ozonator says:

    And I thought that they only avoided spellcheck like it was a real scientific prediction.

  13. Anne says:

    I rather like the guy, just for being as strange as he is. No doubt in my mind that he has some sort of personality and/or psychological disorder. He’s 100% entertaining, 0% credible. Like having our very own global village idiot. Keep up the Monckton Watch. Good stuff.

  14. prokaryotes says:

    He should have become a comedian…

  15. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Baron Monckhausen, a fantasist promoted by much more sinister elements, and hero-worshipped by the Dunning-Krugerites in whose eyes he is an ‘intellectual’. Then again, these things are relative, after all.