Oil Lobby Chief Warns ‘You Fundamentally Can’t Regulate’ Fracking At All

The oil and gas industry has enjoyed relative freedom in hydraulic fracturing without much accountability for its climate pollution and chemical use.

Earlier this year, the Obama administration issued the first-ever national standards for air pollutants related to fracking on federal lands. The American Petroleum Institute, the oil and gas lobbying arm, was even satisfied with the new rules, which still allowed companies to frack first and disclose later.

And that’s the way the industry wants it to be. At an event this week, API President Jack Gerard argued that there is no case for regulating the controversial drilling technique, suggesting companies should get free reign:

“You can’t be for the potential energy development in the United States and be against hydraulic fracturing,” Gerard said. “You fundamentally can’t regulate the very technology that has created the potential and deny the ability to use that in places where we can see job creation, revenue creation.

There is strong evidence for the need to scrutinize the fracking industry. The Obama administration’s new rules are just a small step in tackling problems, since it applies to only a portion of the U.S. natural gas supply and won’t regulate greenhouse gases. Hydrofracking poses a great risk for the future of the climate, since studies point to high levels of methane leakage, a greenhouse pollutant more potent than carbon. And thanks to exemptions from the Clean Water and Air Acts, as well as weak state-level rules, companies can avoid disclosure of chemicals that are injected near water wells.


14 Responses to Oil Lobby Chief Warns ‘You Fundamentally Can’t Regulate’ Fracking At All

  1. BillD says:

    How does “regulating” mean “denying use” or even “being against?” Regulating simply means making rules that limit pollution and other enviromental damage. We should be able to agree that we need some rules for all extraction of fossil fuels and minerals, just as we need rules for hunting, fish, land development and forestry.

  2. Mike Roddy says:

    Gerard: “You can’t fundamentally deny…revenue creation”.

    Translation: “We are making money here. Get out of the way, chumps”.

    Time to stop getting pushed around by creatures like him.

  3. Joan Savage says:

    “Can’t” regulate?

    That view echoes railroad magnates who butted heads with Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as the magnates assumed the US economy was in the thrall of the railroads and the presidents should knuckle under.
    Eisenhower evened up the balance of transportation power with the interstate highway system, only to later lament the rise of the military-industrial complex, which by the way had gained exceptions from regulation, in the name of national security.
    We are still stuck with lasting pollution from non-regulation of military production. Chromium, radionuclides and perchlorate come to mind.

    Must learn from history!

  4. We need to step back and look at the big picture. Fracking is the symptom. Fossil fuel use is the disease. We shouldn’t allow fracking because it wrecks the immediate environment. More important, we shouldn’t keep using fossil fuels because they are wrecking the global environment.

  5. Margaret Diehl says:

    Car accidents cause 5x as much money damage per year and vastly more deaths, yet we have learned to accept it:nobody agitates for less driving, more public transportation because of accidents. Will climate change be different because individuals feel less control? I’m afraid this will only be the case if it can be done without making people deprived.

  6. Paul Klinkman says:

    Fracking uses hazardous chemicals. People with nearby wells have the right not to drink the fracking company’s toxic chemicals.

    Fracking apparently sets off earthquakes. Neighbors have as much right to compensation for disasters caused by fracking companies as they would if your neighbor pounded the ground until your basement wall cracked.

    When fracking causes “dry wells” all of the methane leaks out and changes the climate a bit more. Our government should sign an international protocol limiting national methane releases and paying for violations of the protocols. If fracking companies want to roll the dice and overfrack, they should pay the nation’s fines whenever they lose. In no time at all they’d learn to underfrack.

  7. Walter Stockhecker says:

    “You fundamentally can’t regulate the very technology that has created the potential and deny the ability to use that in places where we can see job creation, revenue creation.”


  8. joe common says:

    what he means is, we can kill whatever and whoever we want and it’s not our fault.

  9. Greatgrandma Kat says:

    Fossil Fuel energy, If we all stopped using it they would stop producing it but how can we? We here know we have to, BUT, the transition to clean energy will only come when it is embraced by the majority of the worlds people. That fight is ongoing but will we win it before a lot of what we are fighting for is gone? Fracking is just the latest gold rush, promoted as the clean alternative to coal, but low price is what this country see’s, once again cheap fossil energy trumps common sense. It comes down to if we regulate it it will be more expensive. Haven’t you heard the U.S. will surpass Saudi Arabia in output of oil by 2013. And the beat goes on.

  10. wayne tusa says:

    Actually you can’t successfully regulate fracking. The technology is sufficiently primitive that irrespective of whatever the regulations might require – leaks and spills will still occur; air, surface water and groundwater contamination will still occur, health consequences will still occur and large scale land use impacts will still occur. And finally, given the rapidly escalating impacts associated with climate change we should not be exploiting a new carbon based fuel source..

  11. Ozonator says:

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  12. Nowhere has fracking been done safely without environmental harm [to water, air, individuals’ health, roads, etc.]. Entire communities are torn up in what often is a boom and bust scenario.

    In North Carolina, where a bill recently passed over the governor’s veto authorizes fracking, there is a newly anointed commission tasked with writing regulations. You see, NC doesn’t have an oil and gas history. So, who gets appointed to this commission? Right, you guessed it. Industry people and landmen who own thousands of acres of land that will get drilled. Uh huh; no conflict of interest there. But hold for the best part.

    There is a VERY important issue regarding hydraulic fracturing. If the shale is relatively close to the surface, as in less than 600 meters [about 1950 feet], the probability of water contamination increases greatly. The closer to the surface, the greater the odds of spoiling potable water forever. Yes, forever.

    Now here comes the ringer! In Lee, Chatham and Moore counties, the Cumnock formation of shale lies a mere 1000 feet beneath the surface. As you can well imagine, oil and gas companies are salivating at the thought of riches so close. Unfortunately, the shale rock formation rises gradually to come within 30 feet of the surface. Over a very large range, the shale rock lies within the aquifer. Let me repeat that. THE SHALE ACTUALLY PIERCES THE AQUIFER.

    What this means is that it’s only a matter of time until the water will be contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals. NO REGULATION can stop this! That’s right; the regulators can’t help in the slightest, even if they wanted to.

    So, it turns out that the API President is 100 percent right. Regulations don’t help at all. Just let big oil and the wildcatters do what they want. Doesn’t make a difference. In the end, air and water will be fouled; roads destroyed, taxes hiked to pay for cleanups. Happy birthday, America. Too bad Obama is asleep on the job!

  13. Ozonator says:

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  14. Ozonator says:

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