November 26 News: Climate Talks Begin In Doha, A City With The Highest Per Capita Carbon Footprint In The World

All eyes are on Doha, Qatar, this week as world leaders, politicians, academics and environmentalists gather to work on a global solution to climate change at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. [International Herald Tribune]

Doha will host the latest round of United Nations talks on climate change. But can a major oil and gas hub with the highest carbon footprint per person in the world lead the way on a switch to a green economy? [The Telegraph]

This year marks the end of the first commitment period of the 1997 Kyoto protocol. But it was never ratified by the US, contains no obligations for developing countries and has been abandoned by others. [Guardian]

Industrialised countries have failed to provide the promised $30 billion to tackle climate change in developing nations particularly the poor and least developed countries, hindering a global agreement on climate, according to an independent non-profit research institute. [Economic Times]

Newly published research suggests mountain pine beetles have become so widespread that they’re not just benefiting from global warming, they’re starting to contribute to it. [CTV]

China expects US President Barack Obama will give climate change more attention in his upcoming second term, top climate change negotiator Su Wei said ahead of the climate change talks in Doha, Qatar. [China Daily]

Two major organizations released climate change reports this month warning of doom and gloom if we stick to our current course and fail to take more aggressive measures. [The Atlantic]

Some advocates fear that rebuilding efforts could take shape on New Jersey’s storm-devastated shore before thoughtful decisions can be made about just how the area should be rebuilt. [Associated Press]

Maine snowmobilers love to have destinations for their wintertime rides, and they are working with the wind power industry on a plan to link perhaps 10 of the state’s wind farms with trails in a unique addition to Maine’s outdoor tourism menu. [Associated Press]

16 Responses to November 26 News: Climate Talks Begin In Doha, A City With The Highest Per Capita Carbon Footprint In The World

  1. John McCormick says:

    What irony.

    UNFCCC COP has met now for the 18th time. Not much to show for all the expense, carbon, etc.

    But, meeting in the city with the highest carbon footprint per person in the world is irony on steroids.

  2. Mike Roddy says:

    Qatar’s hosting this gathering is a sick joke, but the real villain here is the United States. We are the ones who effectively sabotaged action through the Senate’s failure to ratify Kyoto, and then Bush’s secretary of state announcing “Kyoto is dead”. This was enabled by US media complicity with the oil companies, providing cover for our politicians. The situation has changed very little.

    Interesting article about pine beetles. The author should look at hotter microclimates caused by logging, which are much higher than the increases from beetle kills. The reference here is “Cumulative Effects of Logging in Oregon”, by their board of forestry, containing over 200 scientific articles.

  3. Paul Magnus says:

    Is this Cameron’s Sandy?

    Climate Chaos posted a link on FB….

    “… the floods that are currently devastating parts of Britain should be a wake-up call on the need for urgent action. ”

    Friends of the Earth: Floods highlight need for urgent climate action
    Climate change will trigger more frequent floods in the future

    “These floods show how wrongheaded George Osborne is when he talks only about the costs of tackling climate change. The misery that thousands of families are experiencing today is a reminder of the far bigger costs we all face of failing to cut emissions.

  4. Paul Magnus says:

    Cameron Promises Help After ‘Shocking’ Floods
    Prime Minister David Cameron today told of his shock at the flooding which has hit the South West and promised to “ensure everything is being done to help” after a woman died in the chaos. The woman became the second victim to die as a result of this week’s horrendous weather.

  5. Will Fox says:

    A Norwegian liquid natural gas (LNG) tanker has become the first ship of its size to attempt a winter crossing of the Arctic. As Arctic ice cover reduces due to climate change, the Arctic sea route may become increasingly viable for large ships:


  6. prokaryotes says:

    The situation in the UK comes just days after this:

    The Guardian published sections from the same video which showed another Tory MP, Chris Heaton-Harris, boasting he had encouraged anti-wind farm columnist James Delingpole to stand in the Corby by-election.

    He also spoke positively about recently promoted Tory ministers who he believe share his anti-wind farm agenda who he said could keep Lib Dem energy secretary Ed Davey from controlling policy.

  7. Paul Magnus says:

    Insurance industry has hit the climate wall or is it cliff?

    Flood-hit communities are growing more anxious over the availability and affordability of flood insurance once the deal between the last government and insurance industry expires next June, claims Mary Creagh MP, Labour’s shadow environment secretary.

    In a statement issued this evening, she added:

    The risk of flooding is the biggest threat that the UK faces from climate change yet the Tory-led Government has cut investment in flood defences by 27%.

    Ministers need to get a grip on flood insurance and ensure high-risk homes are able to access the protection they need.

    UK floods cause chaos – live coverage
    North of England and north Wales brace for flooding as bad weather that has caused destruction in the south moves up the country
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