November 29 News: Group Threatens To Sue EPA For Not Acting Quickly Enough On Carbon

Campaigners threatened to sue the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Wednesday in an effort to push Barack Obama to make good on his re-election promise to act on climate change. [Guardian]

As President Obama approaches the start of his second term, the country faces a growing list of climate and weather-related challenges. How the Obama administration handles these issues, and more, will help determine how resilient the U.S. will become in the face of weather and climate extremes. [Climate Central]

The Senate on Wednesday gave the green light to the Pentagon’s investment in green energy. [Washington Post]

The United States government has temporarily banned the British oil company BP from new federal contracts, citing the company’s “lack of business integrity.” [New York Times]

The Exxon Mobil station on 2nd Street and Avenue C became an impromptu movie theater last night, as a coalition of climate-change activists projected a short film about Hurricane Sandy recovery onto the wall above it. [The Village Voice]

An area of Arctic sea ice bigger than the United States melted this year, according the U.N. weather agency, which said the dramatic decline illustrates that climate change is happening “before our eyes.” [Washington Post]

As the nations of the world struggle in Doha to agree even modest targets to tackle global warming, the cuts needed in rising greenhouse gas emissions grow ever deeper, more costly and less likely to be achieved. [Reuters]

This year is likely to be the ninth warmest on record, with global temperatures in 2012 cooler than the average for the past decade owing to the effects of La Niña weather patterns early in the year. [Guardian]

In the December edition of the scientific journal BioScience, scientists detail how climate change has been affecting — and could further change — a forest ecosystem in New Hampshire. [Poughkeepsie Journal]

A bipartisan group of legislators said Wednesday that the failure to expand a critical subsidy for renewable energy could cost Americans tens of thousands of manufacturing and construction jobs. [Associated Press]

7 Responses to November 29 News: Group Threatens To Sue EPA For Not Acting Quickly Enough On Carbon

  1. Victoria Lamb says:

    The President also needs to complete the budget negotiations (a process which could lead to a substantially diminished federal budget), talks on deficit reduction, a public campaign in support of new tax policies, and a start on immigration legislation. Believe me, I am all in favor of taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint, but this just doesn’t seem like a good time to take the POTUS to court.

  2. Ozonator says:

    An AGW attack on a Nato member –

    “Tornado hits Taranto: one Ilva worker missing, large-scale damage in the steelworks” (Posted By StrugglesInItaly;, 11/28/12).

    With condolences, on 11/25/12, I sent out – “GBRWE 11/25 – 12/1/12 ‘regular’ for global warming predictions: sports, rainfall, tornadic, hurricane, and stellar ecosystems with tectonic quantities … by Robert Rhodes, The “Ozonator” … B1. Weeks’ Reporting Period of GBRWE 11/25 – 12/1/12. … from American extremists’ holy environmental racism from global warming, the still Brain-dead Ronaldus Magnus Model of Hatred and Greed & T-bags – tornadoes, blizzards, torrential rain, and other forms of lightning or something uglier will develop in titanic swathes within 2 weeks – a). Earth: … Murcia – Alger – Cagliari – Palermo – Taranto”.

    From a body in search of a soul, “UN Climate Chief: Extreme weather calls for action — Urges governments to ‘do something about it’ … UN’s Christiana Figueres … Climate Depot Response: ‘Governments should ‘do something’ to stop bad weather? Oh my. Medieval witchcraft lives on in the 21st Century’” (racketeering found on 11/28/12) (Marc ‘Mengele’ Morano whistle-sucker performing/perfuming the stink at

  3. Jay Alt says:

    Yesterday Obama signed (quietly, without announcement or comment) the bill forbidding US airlines from paying the EU’s proposed airline carbon tax. The EU had delayed implementation for a year in hopes of creating dialogue or some framework for progress in years ahead.
    And they got exactly nothing. Except the sight of shiftless US pols glad-handing one another and a gutless POTUS who values short term-interests ahead of sustainable policies.
    And unless those who call ourselves environmentalists (and others who don’t admit it) work like hell, that’s exactly what we’ll be getting in the years ahead.

  4. prokaryotes says:

    Climate “changing before our eyes”-World Meteorological Organization

    The fact that Arctic sea ice has melted this year to its lowest recorded level shows, along with other weather extremes, that “climate change is taking place before our eyes”, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Wednesday.