December 4 News: Senate Democrats Try To Force Vote On Climate Change

Senate Democrats are attempting to force a vote on climate change through an amendment to the defense authorization bill. Its submission shows that Democrats might be looking for chances to put Republicans on the record on climate change, especially in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. [The Hill]

A year after floodwaters eroded sections of the Missouri River basin, exposing two petroleum pipelines and triggering their rupture, federal records suggest the same thing could happen to dozens of others. [Wall Street Journal]

Led by its hot-selling Prius line of hybrids, Toyota Motor Corp. posted November hybrid vehicle sales of 24,682 in the U.S., a 29% increase over the same month last year. [Los Angeles Times]

The West is taking a brief break from storms on Monday after a parade of strong weather systems dumped nearly 2 feet of rain, at least 40 inches of snow, and brought strong winds equivalent to a Category 4 strength hurricane to parts of California, Oregon and Washington through Sunday. [Climate Central]

Whether rich countries should compensate vulnerable communities for the “loss and damage” caused by events linked to climate change has emerged as a major new issue for developing countries in the UN talks that have just entered their second week in Doha. [Guardian]

In Doha, the talks have been slowed by wrangling over financial aid to help poor countries cope with global warming and how to divide carbon emissions rights until 2020 when a new planned climate treaty is supposed to enter force. Calls are now intensifying to include fossil fuel subsidies as a key part of the discussion. [Associated Press]

The largest solar power plant in Africa will be built in Ghana, the British company behind the plan said on Tuesday. [Guardian]

Typhoon Bopha, the strongest tropical storm to hit the Philippines this year, has slammed into a southern island, killing at least six people, destroying homes, cutting power and forcing the cancellation of flights and ferry services, officials said. [Al Jazeera]

7 Responses to December 4 News: Senate Democrats Try To Force Vote On Climate Change

  1. Colorado Bob says:

    The record book for Dec. 2, 2012 –

    New daytime high temperature records

    Out of a possible 5,684 records: 147 (Broken) + 77 (Tied) = 224 Total

    New daytime low temperature records –

    Out of a possible 5,775 records: 1 (Broken) + 0 (Tied) = 1 Total

    New nighttime high temperature records –

    Out of a possible 5,754 records: 178 (Broken) + 57 (Tied) = 235 Total

    New nighttime low temperature records –

    Out of a possible 5,659 records: 0 (Broken) + 0 (Tied) = 0 Total

  2. Dennis Tomlinson says:

    Yesterday’s high temperature in Chicago was 70F. When I walked the dogs last night at 9:00PM, it was still 60F. I have a few dandelions budding in the yard, but instead of yellow petals, the buds are opening to reveal blooms of white, end-of-life seeds. There was a tornado sighted yesterday afternoon in NW Illinois. Bad Karma and “Strange days, indeed.” -JL

  3. Addicted says:

    The Prius hybrid is exactly why I don’t get the incessant snickering about the Volt and Leaf failing. They are selling faster than the Prius did at its inception, and unlike the Prius, they require a different way of using your car, as well as new infrastructure.

    Both GM and Nissan realize that plugins are the future. They are getting the knowledge and experience needed to build the cars they will be selling 5 years from now through the Leaf and the Volt.

  4. Lisa Boucher says:

    The Prius is for those who want to maintain their immoral energy affluence, while still feeling good about themselves.

  5. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Pretty convincing.

  6. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Instant Bad Karma, mate. It’s on the edge here too. You see clouds like you’ve never seen before, it rains like a torrent for five minutes, after one of the driest springs, it snows in December in Victoria and there is record heat in Queensland. People talk a lot about the ‘strange weather’. The ‘Times of Tribulation’ are upon us.