Watch Personal Climate Stories: ‘It Seems Like Mother Nature Is Throwing Everything At Us That She Can’

Polls show that people understand climate change when they are directly impacted by extreme weather. This year has been the warmest and most extreme for weather ever recorded in America; consequently, we’ve seen an increase in the number of Americans who say they are concerned about climate change.

Ultimately, getting people interested in climate means drawing a personal link to extreme weather for them. Climate communicators are increasingly understanding the need to make this connection, and are thus tailoring their messaging and storytelling accordingly. A new series from the environmental group Friends of the Earth, called “Climate Stories,” does exactly that. Along with the campaign among environmental groups to isolate fossil fuel companies, this climate/extreme weather humanization strategy is likely to be a dominant messaging strategy moving forward.

Watch one of the films:

3 Responses to Watch Personal Climate Stories: ‘It Seems Like Mother Nature Is Throwing Everything At Us That She Can’

  1. Jean Netherton says:

    There is more we need to do. Please sign and share our petition.
    The petition reads:
    It is not enough that we the people shoulder the burden of reducing the carbon out put by buying more efficient cars, by buying solar panels, by buying mass transit tickets, or through the purchase of more efficient homes. These are all good things and good for business and I applaud these efforts – but it is not enough.
    Shut down the tar sands project in Utah before it begins. Reject the Keystone XL pipeline. Work to shut down the blight that is Canadian tar sands. Push the carbon tax and more.
    Because none of those other things we re-elected you for will mean anything if we can’t drink the water or breathe the air.

  2. Merrelyn Emery says:

    People can always deny scientific ‘theories’ if they have little science but not their first hand experience. It is important now to follow up the man’s statement that he does not know what they’ve done to make her mad, ME

  3. Solar Jim says:

    Yes Merrelyn, most Americans have no idea what carbonic acid gas is, or how powerful it’s multiple effects are. Everyone is using a description of a formula, carbon dioxide. Using this description is like eliminating the word “water” by replacement with dihydrogen oxide.

    Of course, after carbonic acid gas combines with water it becomes carbonic acid (H2CO3). Yet, no one can see it or the time lagged effects of radiative forcing. Thus, “I don’t know why” as if we lived in the Dark Age. To be clear, it is not the victim’s “fault.”

    With truly open, unbiased mass media this could be corrected within a year (and good luck with that).