December 12 News: Senator Boxer Seeks To Create A ‘Climate Change Caucus’

Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairwoman Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Tuesday that she’s forming a “climate change caucus,” and argues that Hurricane Sandy “changed a lot of minds” on the topic. [The Hill]

Climate change has the potential to stoke regional instabilities and fuel international tensions, according to a major new report from the US National Intelligence Council. [Guardian]

ExxonMobil said Tuesday that it does not support imposing a carbon tax as a way to raise revenue and help avoid the fiscal cliff — further deflating hopes that the long-shot proposal could find its way into the final deal. [Politico]

Federal officials have given energy and mining companies permission to pollute aquifers in more than 1,500 places across the country, releasing toxic material into underground reservoirs that help supply more than half of the nation’s drinking water. [ProPublica]

The Koch brothers will postpone their semi-annual meeting, which was originally scheduled to be held next month. It will now be held in April. In an e-mail to friends, Charles Koch says he wants to reflect on the results, and on election data, before he huddles with fellow business leaders. [National Review]

Seven Northeastern and mid-Atlantic states announced plans Tuesday to sue the Environmental Protection Agency, saying it is violating the Clean Air Act by failing to address methane emissions from oil and gas drilling. [Associated Press]

A London Assembly report on air pollution has flagged up a statistic that up to 9% of deaths in London can be attributed to man-made airborne particles. [Londonist]

China allocated a total of 13 billion yuan ($2 billion) this year from central government funds for domestic solar installations, Xinhua News Agency reported. [Bloomberg]

The small kerosene lamps that light millions of homes in developing countries also contribute to global warming, say researchers. [Zee News]

Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) forecasts global energy consumption will rise 35 percent by 2040, driven by China and India, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing the company’s latest long-term energy outlook. [Fuel Fix]


6 Responses to December 12 News: Senator Boxer Seeks To Create A ‘Climate Change Caucus’

  1. John Paily says:

    The increased climate catastrophes and human misery and restlessness cannot be alleviated unless we awaken Heat or energy of nature and how earth works to sustain it. Increasing Heat means unwinding and more fire bound destructions and fragility of earth. Earth reaction to oppose the heat manifests as winding leading to accelerated climate change. This means more of flash floods, flash snows, more earthquakes and eventually huge volcanic eruptions – Yellowstone which is due, can erupt any time. History and science tells that volcanic dust cools the environment. Earth will not stand to debate with rich nations and business people. We are heading for a disaster. Only thing that can save humanity is Knowledge and awakening to Truth – we need awaken to the Principle and Design on which Earth functions to maintain certain ratio of energy to matter and thus the heat. We need to develop energy management of earth and develop New Green Technologies that are nature compatible and releases less heat. This is a life time research. Some organizations needs to look into it and bring it to worlds notice and awaken it to save humanity from greater misery- Take it as an SOS

  2. Mike Roddy says:

    Boxer has been in the Senate a long time, so even though she’s branded by the Tea Party as a big Lefty, she is cordial and fair in person. The key to the climate caucus’ success may well be her ability to peel off a few Republicans, something McConnell and the oil caucus will furiously oppose.

    Let’s wish Barbara well here. We badly need initiatives and ideas in Washington.

  3. Greatgrandma Kat says:

    Vocal public support for Boxer and others who are trying to bring sanity to Wash should be loud and constant.
    Why are we only reading about the US NIC report in the Guardian? I know its a stupid question.
    Amazing isn’t it the Koch’s and their like still haven’t been able to figure out how come they failed to win the election after all it was bought and paid for, or so they thought.
    If energy consumption really makes it to those levels, what with all the destruction that is going to happen between now and than we really deserve what we get. I bet those numbers set the board at Exmobile to drooling.

  4. Esop says:

    The favorite dataset of the deniers, the “skeptic” run UAH AMSU dataset, is currently showing all time records for lower troposphere temps. I’m sure the good doctors are scrambling to come up with a new version of the code that will show less warming, like they always do when AMSU Channel 5 gets into record warm territory, as it doesn’t rhyme with the dramatic cooling that the “skeptics” proposed years ago.

  5. prokaryotes says:

    “Climate change has the potential to stoke regional instabilities and fuel international tensions, according to a major new report from the US National Intelligence Council.”

    the report does note one “positive” security development from the energy sector, arguing the US shale gas boom represents a “tectonic shift” that will allow the country to become energy independent. But it also acknowledges that “debates over environmental concerns about fracturing, notably pollution of water sources, could derail such developments”.

    Good assessment!