In Farewell Speech, House Republican Lists Climate Change As A Top Priority

During his farewell speech Tuesday, outgoing House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier (R-CA) listed climate change as a top problem facing the country — a rare moment when a Republican leader in office openly acknowledged the need for climate action.

Taking to the House floor, Dreier said climate change “is a fact of life” that must be confronted, and said it should be an imperative on par with the economy and gun control for his party:

DREIER: Now, Mr. Speaker, we know it’s far from perfect, but I hope that this bipartisan agreement can lay the foundation for continued work to address the tremendous challenges that we face as a Nation. Millions of Americans are out of work. The national debt as a percentage of gross domestic product is too high. Upheaval exists in nearly every region across the globe. Education and immigration reform must happen. The potential for a crippling cyberattack continues to be a threat. Climate change is a fact of life. And most recently, Mr. Speaker, our families are reeling from the tragedy of Newtown.

Though Dreier has had a poor voting record on climate issues, his congressional climate denier colleagues often still need reminder of the basic science.

President Obama also mentioned climate change on Tuesday in the context of the fiscal cliff. During remarks on the last-minute deal, Obama named his administration’s next priorities, which included “protecting our planet from the harmful effects of climate change.”

16 Responses to In Farewell Speech, House Republican Lists Climate Change As A Top Priority

  1. John Paily says:

    The need of the hour is to evolve and understand nature and life. Accelerated climate change is a reality. We need a better and simple understanding nature and its environment. Environment is an entity that constantly changes its energetic state. For every point where the change is towards increased heat, there is a point where it changes the opposite way. When heat peaks in one point it gives way to the opposite. Simultaneously the point that cools also peaks to give way to the opposite. These points are not only communicated instantaneously but also are communicated in time through many other points. We experience this as day and night and climatic cycle on Earth. Earth is designed to balance and transform smoothly. It works on certain principle. When we distort the design and principle on which it works unilaterally, the change accelerates and forces of nature and its transformation becomes destructive. This is resulting sudden peaks in heat [unwinding force] leading to fire bound and wind bound destruction. The opposition to it by earth manifests as winding force and is leading to sudden fall leading to flash floods, flash snows, huge earth quakes and volcanic eruptions. We are experiencing this reality. The destruction from natural forces is bound to increase if we fail to awaken. Earth does not care for our economic and political interest. The only way the world can survive this destruction is awakening to Truth of Nature – The Principle and Design on which nature functions

  2. BillD says:

    Is this an example of “getting rid of moderate Republicans?” Or do Republicans only speak out on the way out. Did this congressman retire or was he defeated in a primary election or during the regular election?

  3. Alteredstory says:

    I’m kind of tired of these people doing this on the way out.

    I know that talking about climate change as anything other than a hoax is a good way to get primaried out by your constituency in red areas, but if more of them start doing it, then they’ll begin to get traction.

  4. Bill Wilson says:

    Using our skies as an open sewer has severe consequences as we understand smoke causes more than asthma and cancer. For many reasons stopping the KeystoneXL is critical as it signals game over and even more dirty carbon. Like a garage filled from a running car with the doors closed so too there are limits to what we burn and we have gone far to far.

  5. I really wish that ConservAmerica was still using is older name, Republicans for Environmental Protection. As a one-time Republican turned Green, I think it was valuable to have the party named, rather than referenced in the home page headline, “Growing a Greener GOP From the Ground Up”.

    There was a time when the Republican Party had environmental leaders like Pete McCloskey who, like me, left the Republicans for other political allegiances when it became clear that most still in the party had become very anti-everything. Thank goodness that people like Jim DiPeso, ConservAmerica’s long time environmental voice have stayed on to fight this from within. We will win this fight in America when the GOP safe-district incumbents start finding themselves challenged in primaries by candidates who are not afraid to tell the truth on environmental issues.

  6. idic5 says:

    I will not say ‘too little too late’; rather, I ‘d say, ‘better late than never’ – like Ike’s warning of the ‘military industrial complex’ , tho on his way out. Watch the following video . this will confirm this outgoing congressman’s statement and it is a call for all of to get to work on this GW CC. THEre is a ton of work to do ; first – there is the creative social mental political work of persuasion of people’s harts and minds on this subject that it is a priority. Then there is the engineering of solutions, solutions that need to be done by the whole world (by definition).

    The supposed choice between JOBS — GW CC fix is a false distinction. DOne and conceived right, we can slowly wean ourselves from carbon based energy to green AND lots of jobs will be created. this is where the creative coordinated political work comes in.

  7. Mike Roddy says:

    It’s pretty pitiful that we celebrate an outgoing Republican who does nothing more than accept the existence of climate change.
    We are indeed battered, and must rise up.

  8. John McCormick says:

    You said what likely a few of us are thinking. There must be more on-the-mark news to report.

  9. Zimzone says:

    From Congressional halls to bathroom stalls, all Republicans ever offer is lip service.

  10. katym. says:

    everybody’s brave on their way out the door…

  11. Heidi says:

    Big oil, coal and gas still the puppet masters. Renewables sector has no clout. Green needs some green.

  12. catman306 says:

    For certain, he won’t be asking for campaign funds next election. But better late than never.

  13. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Only speaking the truth as one exits the scene simply reeks of moral cowardice, of lacking the bollocks to confront the lunatics in one’s own party.

  14. JeffP says:

    As a resident of the Congressman’s district for many years, I know he did not lose in a primary, he retired because his district was gerrymandered as a result of new legislation that was supposed to make California congressional districts more ‘fair and balanced’ to coin a phrase.

    However, the process was hijacked making California even more irrelevant than it was before. (Meaning we pay more to the Federal govt than we receive in benefit – which, one could argue, is why we are a republic of states)

    Education point – If I am a congressman, I fight for the interest of the people in my district. If I am in a state that is either hard red or hard blue, I will not be able to pass this legislation in many instances because my state has already been decided. Ask yourself, how many campaign stops did President Obama make in California during this last election cycle? (Don’t count the ones were he tied stops to major fundraising events)

    I am also California Republican that is concerned about the environment.

  15. Vincenyt says:

    Dave Drier is one of the finest legislators on the Republican side of the aisle. He is articulate, intelligent and very aware of the intricacies of the process. It was a pleasure to watch him, as Chairman of the Rules committee, battle with Louise Slaughter of New York on pending legislative action. I do not agree with him on many things, but he was a gentleman who will be missed !

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