January 3 News: Facing A Strong Pressure, House Speaker John Boehner Agrees To Vote On Sandy Aid

Amid vociferous criticism from both the right and the left, House Speaker John Boehner is agreeing to hold a vote this week for a bill providing relief for states hit by superstorm Sandy, though the measure — the first of two — will represent only a fraction of the larger $60 billion package. [CBS]

MidAmerican Energy is buying two solar power projects under construction in Southern California from SunPower Corp. that will generate 579 megawatts of electricity. [Associated Press]

Delays in Exxon Mobil Corp.’s response to a major pipeline break beneath Montana’s Yellowstone River made an oil spill far worse than it otherwise would have been, federal regulators said in a new report. [Huffington Post]

The one-year extension of a U.S. tax credit for wind power includes modified terms that may revive an industry that’s expected to stall this year. [Bloomberg]

Despite getting some big storms last month, much of the U.S. is still desperate for relief from the nation’s longest dry spell in decades. And experts say it will take an absurd amount of snow to ease the woes of farmers and ranchers. [Associated Press]

An agreement by almost 200 nations to curb rising greenhouse gas emissions from 2020 will be far more costly than taking action now to tackle climate change, according to research published on Wednesday. [Reuters]

Two aircraft have flown over an oil drilling ship that ran aground in a severe Alaskan storm and saw no sign that the vessel was leaking fuel or that its hull had been breached. [Guardian]

As part of fiscal cliff legislation passed Tuesday, pre-tax benefits for transit are now on par with parking benefits. Individuals who get commuter benefits from their employers can now look forward to (about) $240 a month. [Transportation Nation]

Sales of electric cars are on the rise in the United Kingdom, with one expert suggesting that sales will go up by as much as 100 percent in 2013. [Digital Trends]

12 Responses to January 3 News: Facing A Strong Pressure, House Speaker John Boehner Agrees To Vote On Sandy Aid

  1. John McCormick says:

    There is a parie fire spreading throughout the rethug party. Signs of disgust are showing up in strange places. We can feed that growing resentment and disillusion by constantly reminding Americans we are all victims of a deranged tea party. President Obama sees this change in attitude among a few ranking rethugs and he can challenge them to think like Americans and not like corporate tools.

    The vote to elect the Speaker might be fuel on the fire.

  2. John McCormick says:

    Typo alert: “prairie fire”

  3. prokaryotes says:

    Warren Buffett Just Bought The Largest Solar Energy Project In The World

  4. prokaryotes says:

    Today’s temps in Berlin “spring like” 10°C

  5. Merrelyn Emery says:

    Most of Australia is on high fire alert for the next few days, ME

  6. Ozonator says:

    Bo’ner’s extreme GOP needs AGW victims to fuel their money machine. Their gods wouldn’t make states Blue if they weren’t ripe for the picking…

    My condolences to Australia and Germany.

  7. prokaryotes says:

    How mars would look like if it still had water

  8. David B. Benson says:

    Count the housing units to disappear under the rising waters:

  9. prokaryotes says:

    Futuristic highways in the Netherlands glow in the dark


  10. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    In Adelaide a ‘barmy’ 45 degrees Celsius.