Republican And Democratic Scientists: Leaders Must ‘Speak To The Reality Of Human Caused Climate Change’

The Union of Concerned Scientists has releasing a new video featuring two climate scientists calling for bipartisan action on climate change. The scientists, one a Republican and one a Democrat, are urging both parties to “speak to the reality and risk of human caused climate change” and embrace the known science. Check it out:

10 Responses to Republican And Democratic Scientists: Leaders Must ‘Speak To The Reality Of Human Caused Climate Change’

  1. We each try in our small way to raise consciousness about the urgency of doing something about fossil fuel emissions. The UCS video here is another small salvo.

    I wonder what will happen when some intrepid soul forwards this to James Inhofe. Nah, I don’t wonder, I know: he will ignore it, as will all the hard-core deniers in Congress, who are backed by fossil fuel interests like the Kochs.

    How can our Republican and Democratic scientists turn the most entrenched deniers, whose religious and financial interests motivate them to be passionately opposed?

    I’m not sure, but cute videos have a pretty minor place in that strategy. Don’t get me wrong–I like the video; it speaks to me. But it doesn’t give anyone much ammunition to turn the key players, like Inhofe.

    That’s where the scientists need to concentrate their strategy.

    I proposed this idea to Dr. Katherine Hayhoe: why don’t you, as a fundamentalist Christian climate scientist, meet with Sen. Inhofe and lay out the facts and the potential consequences of inaction? Appeal to his Christian sense of duty and compassion?

    Her response was, she would do it if she thought there was a shred of hope it would work, but you can’t convince people who are not open to reason. She is concerned it would backfire and further entrench him, because his position is fundamentally irrational, and laying it out would just rub it in. She has a point.

    But that’s where the leverage is. Nothing is going to happen as long as scientists and politicians pussyfoot around the issue. Nobody wants confrontation, because that, too, risks backfiring. But I think a series of private conversations, presentations, shouting matches, whatever, between the key deniers and the most knowledgeable and persuasive people available–like a team of scientists and Pentagon brass, just like in a ’50’s sci-fi flick–is the best way to get the issue off dead center.

    Scaring the public won’t work. Scaring the key decision-makers might.

  2. Dennis Tomlinson says:

    “…Republican And Democrat Scientists…”
    Use of the word “Democrat” as an adjective is a hostile epithet used by the blatherers of the Right Wing Commentariat, usually with an emphasis on “rat”. Can it please be changed to “Democratic Scientists”?

  3. No, I got it right. I see now it’s in the headline.

  4. paul says:

    Succinct clear message. But THIS DESERVES BETTER! Great “new” idea using RSA animation, but the music track sounds like cheap porn. Also, gives new meaning to just how stereotypically “dry” scientists can be. It’s 2013 folks!

  5. Dennis Tomlinson says:

    Thanks. I just finished Chapter 27 in your book, and am enjoying it immensely. Don’t tell me how it ends.

  6. Ricky Bradley says:

    This is exactly the approach groups like Citizens Climate Lobby advocates for all across the U.S.

  7. Ozonator says:

    Evil Inhofe is rarely coming up on Goggle’s search engine since he left AGW death and destruction to be fiber in the bowels of military – industrial complex.

  8. Reg says:

    Why? There is certainly NOTHING “democratic’ about their politics. Why not be honest and just go directly to “Socialist Scientists”?

  9. Dennis Tomlinson says:

    Out pickin’ “Cotton” for ol’ Rushbo, are we Reg?