January 11 News: New York Times Closes Its Environment Desk

The New York Times will close its environment desk in the next few weeks and assign its seven reporters and two editors to other departments. The positions of environment editor and deputy environment editor are being eliminated. [InsideClimate News]

A persistent drought held its grip on America’s bread basket on Thursday, with no sign of relief for the four main wheat-growing states. [Guardian]

Adding to the troubles plaguing Shell Alaska and its drilling program in the Arctic, the Environmental Protection Agency announced late Thursday that it had issued air pollution citations to both of the company’s Arctic drilling rigs for “multiple permit violations” during the 2012 drilling season. [Los Angeles Times]

Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Chairwoman Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) has added a climate change counsel to her committee staff. [The Hill]

Japan’s environment ministry plans to set up a fund to promote clean energy projects and to seek investment from the private sector. [Bloomberg]

The Met Office has hit back at claims that it conceded there is no evidence for global warming and that its weather forecasts are inaccurate. [Guardian]

Mercury pollution in the top layer of the world’s oceans has doubled in the past century, part of a man-made problem that will require international cooperation to fix, the U.N.’s environment agency said Thursday. [Associated Press]

The World Bank can make a difference in areas such as climate change, education and health, President Jim Yong Kim said, as he crafts a strategy for the poverty- fighting lender. [Bloomberg]

27 Responses to January 11 News: New York Times Closes Its Environment Desk

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  2. joy keithline says:

    There needs to be coverage of the environment as there
    is on business, international etc. etc. Who made this decision? It is up to the press to keep us informed and educate us on matters of global concern. ANd to many of us matters of the environment are of the highest priority.
    How else can we accept the decisions or lack there of of our political ‘leaders’?

    This is not good news.

  3. Leif says:

    You are being too generous in your headline IMO Stephen. I believe it should read “Anti-Environment Desk.” I have seen pitifully little Global Warming News coming from the pages of the NYT these last years that could be defined as anything other than spoon fed fossil Baron swill. Perhaps it is for the best.

  4. SecularAnimist says:

    I guess it makes sense for the NYT to close their environment desk, since the way things are going, there won’t be any “environment” left soon.

  5. Jacob says:

    As crazy as it sounds, I think we need mother nature to speed things up a bit so the denialists can be put in their place. As fast as the environment is changing, it isn’t fast enough for TPTB to make the necessary changes to prevent even deadlier damages, or fast enough to make the average joe step up and do something to stop those who want to keep up with BAU.

  6. Dennis Chase says:

    Who owns the New York Times?

  7. matt says:

    HUH??!! I would expect Fox News to close dept. But not the Times. With all the environment news that happens every day, what a disatrous decision. Cover the Pebble Mine in Alaska or the decline of just about every species on earth….except one…

    As always, the earth is the first to go in a declining society.

  8. matt says:

    The dept should be doubling every year. The environment section in your paper should be just as prominent as the wall street section. With droghts, heat records, massive energy issues, global food supply, water issues, the shrinking ice sheets, palm oil,deforestation, amazon bio-diversity, australian fires…all these are more than just an article now and then…they are warning signs of how we must act. Write about the latest and biggest thing to come out of Canada…IDLE NO MORE !! google it…

  9. Mike Roddy says:

    It used to be up to the press to inform the public, and it was a responsibility that reporters and editors took very seriously.

    Now, our media might as well be the Entertainment Channel. They have abdicated, a huge and inexcusable moral failing.

  10. squidboy6 says:

    Does this mean the end of the “Dot.Earth” column? I won’t miss it, it was bipolar at best. There are several other columns which were very good, blogs mainly, but not that one. Dot. Earth seemed more interested in being a vehicle for the author than a place to report news or discuss controversial topics.

  11. Joe Romm says:

    It does not.

  12. Joan Savage says:

    The NYT yesterday pulled in examples of extreme weather that are a striking composite, yet they stopped short of incorporating the connection between extreme weather and warm ocean, as the Guardian had done recently.

    The pile of names of contributors to the article is probably a shade of things to come.

  13. Merrelyn Emery says:

    The Australian Climate Commission released its latest assessment yesterday highlighting global warming’s role in exacerbating the current extreme weather, ME

  14. D Williamson says:

    You didn’t really expect Uncle Rupert to actually tell you what was going on did you? Especially as he still reckons that human induced global warming is a myth!!! Read Grahame Redfearn’s blog or the Huffington Post if you want something a little more realistic.

  15. Susan Anderson says:

    DotEarth is in Opinion.

  16. Artful Dodger says:

    Perhaps not all bad. No word yet on the future employment of Andy Revkin.

  17. Artful Dodger says:

    Jacob, climate change is a one-way trip. Slowing it as much as possible is the best we can hope for in our political environment.

  18. Aussie John says:

    Australian Climate Commission report:-
    Well worth a read…

  19. Sasparilla says:

    False balance: Fox News demands a recount on US’ warmest year

    Great article, taking a Fox New article apart and laying out the background for the denier speakers the article references (ol Watts is in there).

  20. John McCormick says:

    Well!!! Of all the fits that’s news to print.

    Did I get that right Mike?

  21. Spike says:

    We live in hope.

  22. squidboy6 says:

    I can appreciate that, the author certainly had opinions.

    One would think that Hurricane Sandy would give the NYT pause to reevaluate that decision. I have a lot of respect for the NYT but they have made some very bad decisions in the past such as their Iraq War columns in the days before the war was started. Now I read them with a critical eye.

  23. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Mike, we all know that the MSM is a crude propaganda system that serves its owners’ economic and ideological interests. There is where you will find the rationale for this odious action.

  24. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Human crash-test dummy, perhaps.

  25. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    The usual suspects.

  26. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Perhaps nothing is better than a steady stream of disinformation, although I’m pretty sure that the effluent will keep on flowing.

  27. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Bullying, bluster and bulldust have never failed the Right before, but I’m afraid that the planet’s climate system is immune to intimidation. And that probably sends the Fox News apparatchiki livid with rage.