January 31 News: New Poll Finds Overwhelming Support For Cleaner Cars and Gas

An overwhelming majority of voters – 62 percent – support the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) setting stricter standards on gasoline and tighter emissions standards for cars, SUVs and trucks, according to a new American Lung Association poll. [ALA]

This bipartisan telephone survey of 800 registered voters, conducted during January 13-16, 2013, finds that nearly two-thirds of voters surveyed across the country support strengthening standards that limit sulfur in gasoline and tighten the limits on tailpipe emissions from new vehicles. These revised standards would reduce pollution from cars, trucks and SUVs, would protect public health and would create jobs by encouraging innovation….

The majority of voters surveyed (53 percent) still favored setting stricter standards on gasoline, even after hearing opposing arguments that cars are already cleaner and allege that this proposal would cost families thousands of dollars, and would increase the cost of gas nine cents per gallon.

Key poll findings include:

  • 69 percent of voters favor EPA generally updating standards with stricter limits on air pollution.
  • A 2-to-1 majority (62 to 32 percent) support EPA setting stricter standards on gasoline and tightening limits on tailpipe emissions from new vehicles.
  • Only 17 percent of voters believe EPA is exceeding its legal mandate to ensure air quality.
  • By a 2-to-1 ratio, voters still view the EPA and the Clean Air Act very positively.

ALEC has planted its “Environmental Literacy Improvement Act,” which mandates a “balanced” teaching of climate science in K-12 classrooms, in the state legislatures of Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona. [DeSmogBlog]

A new study concludes that every day renewables are delayed in favor of consuming fossil fuels as one-time energy, there is a future loss of $8.8 billion to $9.3 billion to the economy. [Grist]

A new paper published in Climatic Change examines the increased frequency of record-breaking monthly temperature records over the past 130 years, and concludes these records are now five times more likely to occur due to global warming. [Skeptical Science]

Environmental activist Bill McKibben was recently invited to speak on the issue of climate change in an informal meeting of the Vermont House of Representatives. [WCAX]

A new microbead technology may make the next generation of solar cells much thinner and cheaper. [Clean Technia]

Toronto must overhaul its roads, sewers, storm drains, electrical grids, and overall infrastructure in order to adapt to climate change, according to a new study commissioned by the city. [The Star]

Under a new French law, display lights in shops must be turned off at 1am, and interior lights in offices and other non-residential buildings must be switched off an hour after the last employee leaves. [The Guardian]

14 Responses to January 31 News: New Poll Finds Overwhelming Support For Cleaner Cars and Gas

  1. Paul Magnus says:

    “2yrs ago we were doing the exact same thing….”
    and were only at 0.8C plus.

    Frustration grows as flooded communities clean-up

    “I drove over a bridge just completed in Christmas after it was destroyed in 2011”

    “The agriculture industry has not even fully recovered since the last floods….”

  2. Paul Magnus says:

    THis is how we need to talk about the situation… Bill says “we have risen 1 degree, theres enough carbon in the air to rise another degree. A 4 degree rise is leading to mass extinction.”

    Bill says if we hit 4C its mass extinction….
    Vt. lawmakers hear climate change concerns
    Writer and environmental activist Bill McKibben is urging Vermont lawmakers to pass a big expansion of weatherization programs and block tar sands oil from being shipped on a pipeline

  3. Superman1 says:

    I have little faith in these polls. If a poll were to ask if people would do whatever possible to insure their grandchildren live as long as possible, probably 100% would say yes emphatically. But, we are now faced with a climate situation that will probably limit the longevity of their offspring, and what are people doing: nothing! Bring up your browser, which is read by millions, and see how many climate change articles appear.

  4. Paul Magnus says:

    Interesting perspective on this study…

    English Heritage launches study into effect of bridges on floods

  5. Joan Savage says:

    Surface water is setting new high records in the Appalachians, from Georgia to New England. The streak of black dots on the USGS map mark the high stream flows for January 31. Many stations are recording three to ten times the volume of previous records set on this date.

  6. Paul Magnus says:

    Unreal… 1000yr old bridge… gone!

    Many of the bridges, built more than 500 years ago for pack horses and wagons, still carry cars and trucks every day. The massive stone slabs of Tarr Steps, a pedestrian bridge over the river Barle in Somerset believed to be more than 1,000 years old, were washed away in floods last month, and engineers are now studying how to rebuild it.

  7. Paul Magnus says:

    The storms and floods of the future are going to be unimaginable or were…

  8. Ken Barrows says:

    Those polled are okay with tighter controls even if prices rise NINE CENTS per gallon. Was this article meant to be funny?

  9. Superman1 says:

    Yes, that jumped out at me, but it reflects the degree of commitment of a lot of people to correcting climate change. I saw one of these polls a few months ago that asked people whether they were committed to correcting climate change, and how much they were willing to pay to do it. The majority said Yes, and they were willing to spend up to ~$150/year to avoid climate change. Don’t sign up for any long-term magazine subscriptions.

  10. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    There will be more, more frequent and much greater floods, barring some miracle. I wonder how many climate denialists are left in coastal Queensland. There’ll be fewer and fewer with every passing year.

  11. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    No point re-building. The next flood, or the next mega-flood will wash it away again.

  12. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Un-be-lieve-able!! Is anything not corrupted by denialist madness? It does concur, however, with my belief that the elite want climate destabilisation to occur. Perhaps the editorial was written by the ownership, not scientists. The assertion that approving Keystone will gain the co-operation of the Right on other ecological matters is a really Big Lie, or some form of dementia. Truly staggering.

  13. Paul Magnus says:

    Yep, Its totally wrong. Its like the decision by the whitehouse not to address Global Warming earlier.

    Its time to negotiate with the deniers from strength. Not sulk away and hope things turn out the way they should.

    We need to be acting now.

    Nature is totally wrong. Already the tar sands are struggling because of the uncertainty created by these pipeline protestest and of course the fact that the US is developing its own oil again.

    But the protests and the awakening to the fact that the carbon has to stay in the ground is making a lot of investors nervous.