GOP Congressman: ‘The Best Thing About The Earth Is If You Poke Holes In It Oil And Gas Come Out’

The planet we live on is valuable only as a repository for natural resources, according to Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX). Stockman, a lawmaker best known for bringing Ted Nugent to the State of the Union and opposing the Violence Against Women Act because it protected “change-gender” individuals, went on an extended Twitter rant Thursday afternoon accusing environmentalists of hating science.

His commentary included several dubious assertions about the planet:



The offshore drilling moratorium Stockman refers to largely does not cover the majority of federal land. The moratorium was originally imposed after a massive oil spill off of the coast of Santa Barbara caused three million gallons of oil to leak into the ocean.

Most people probably believe the best thing about the Earth is that it has a stable biosphere and climate that sustains life — unique among all the planets we have observed. And while Stockman asserts that liberals hate science, he refers to the scientific reality of anthropogenic climate change — something that could kill millions of people in the next two decades alone and ultimately destroy our livable climate — as “the new fad thing.”

Stockman’s number one source of corporate campaign donations in the 2012 election was the oil and gas industry.

41 Responses to GOP Congressman: ‘The Best Thing About The Earth Is If You Poke Holes In It Oil And Gas Come Out’

  1. fj says:

    Uh, Devil’s Excrement more accurately.

    Death tolls greater than 9/11 on the world’s roads every single day.

    Iraq war costing in excess of $4 trillion and horrific of murder and mayhem

    Unstable Middle East . . .

    Corrupt governance resulting from record income and wealth disparities . . .

  2. robert says:

    Pesonally, I like strawberries : )

  3. Will Fox says:

    That first one is possibly the single dumbest tweet I’ve ever seen – and further proof, as if any were needed, that Republicans are morally insane

  4. Sasparilla says:

    I saw this great description of what a bozo is:

    “A bozo is someone who thinks they are much smarter and capable than they actually are. They constantly over-estimate their abilities and under-estimate the risks and threats around them. They typically don’t keep an open-mind. They look instead for data that confirms a previously held bias. They also don’t handle details well. They expect other people to clean up their messes when they happen, and so don’t feel the need to obsess over the little things. Because they don’t have a keen sense for the competitive market in which they operate, they typically don’t have good judgment in key strategic decisions or when hiring top talent. Instead of hiring the smartest folks around them, bozos prefer to hire people who blow smoke, telling them how great they are, or for some non-obvious business reason such as sharing the same college or frat.”

    Exceeds all the qualifications, sounds like ol Steve here is a dead ringer…bozo

  5. Timothy laurent says:

    Did this idgit actually say quote:the liberal hatred of scienceand progress keeps them bankrupt I know I didnt just read that right cause if any one party is bankrupt on is science and progress they fight tooth and nail against those 2 things but Im not suprised at what these people say anymore

  6. This guy is an ignoramus. I said as much on Twitter.

  7. Jackie says:

    Steve gets paid by the oil companies so he really has no choice. Just tell the voters what they want to hear and get elected. Then start taking money for any all companies who want your support. NRA has many law makers on the pay roll. You would think voters had learned but they keep putting the same crooks in office.

  8. LJL says:

    I say let’s turn the state of Texas into an experiment in uncontrolled drilling with no regulations whatsoever by Federal or local authorities. And, of course, no disaster aid or health care to fix things if something goes wrong down there. Then after thirty years the experiment can be assessed.

  9. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    You and I might see these disasters as tragedies, but, for the Right, it’s just the way they like it.

  10. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    The bozo is the Dunning-Krugerite par excrescence.

  11. David Heintz says:

    Conscious human says: “The worst thing about Republicans in positions of power is that when you poke them, lies and lunacy come gushing out uncontrollably.”

  12. M Tucker says:

    Yes, it is an old idea that the wild, undeveloped places, even our oceans, are only redeemed by exploiting their resources. I wouldn’t trust Stockman to be able to explain what science is.

    But, just because California doesn’t want to develop offshore oil doesn’t mean that they want to end all oil exploration. Even Moonbeam has been looking at the Monterey Shale.

  13. rbsingleton says:

    Except that the Earth feeds, clothes, and houses us, poking holes in it might be the best thing, if you really need to do that.

  14. Elisabeth Knoche says:

    The worst thing about Steve Stockman is when you poke a hole in him all that comes out is hot air

  15. Brianna Amore says:

    Apparently Republican lies are a renewable resource. There just never seems to be an end to them.

  16. Donna says:

    What an embarrassment to Texas Republicans….No wait they voted him in!

  17. Dr. Placebo says:

    If we put a turbine above each Republican legislator, the hot air coming out of their mouths would generate enough power to end our reliance on foreign oil.

  18. Sasparilla says:

    Yes he truly does appear so.

  19. rollin says:

    This country was built on attitudes like that.

  20. I say let Texas secede from the Union, as it has threatened to do on more than one occasion. The rest of the country would certainly be better off without Texas.

  21. “But liberal hatred of science and human progress keeps them bankrupt.”

    How did it get so twisted that liberals, almost all of whom believe in global warming theory, evolution, and more science funding and education are the ones with a “hatred of science?” You know that this has to come from some talk radio nonsense or think-tank talking points he picked up.

    It works like this. The conservatives screw something up — running up 1.3 trillion in unpaid war debts for Iraq and Afghanistan, for example. People notice and question or criticize their screwup. So they turn it around and say, “See! See all that liberal deficit spending?”

    Same thing here — Republicans are anti-science, but they somehow got the message that being anti-science isn’t popular, so they’re trying to make it a liberal thing. Simultaneously, they are trying to argue that science supports more drilling for oil, because science has established that global warming is a hoax, and science proves that fossil fuels are the best way to get energy.

    Yii !

  22. Bill Valenti says:

    I’ve got a song for you, Congressman:

  23. Jhombi says:

    FWIW, as a Californian living adjacent to oil wells, what keeps us “bankrupt” is the lack of a state tax on oil extraction, you know, like the one that’s keeping Texas barely afloat. That and the stupid corporate financed 2/3rds vote on revenue ( to keep them untaxed) that was put in thirty years ago. We’re working on that, and a resource tax is the next project I am getting on board.

    Oh and BTW Houston air is what our air looked like before we cleaned it up. Forty years ago. Like California needs advice from these “geniuses”.

  24. Nabil Al-Murabit says:

    Liberal hatred of science? Is he fcking kidding? Speaking as someone who lives right off the Pacific ocean coast, I don’t want what happened in the Gulf of Amerika to happen here. The beaches here are a good tourist draw and we don’t want that f’d with. This dude is so basically dumb ass with his statements that it’s sad that he reps a district in the Republic of Texas

  25. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Can they not secede from the planet? The morons that is. The smart Texans we can use.

  26. Joan Savage says:

    I’m saving a copy of the Bozo definition.
    Is there a source to cite?

  27. Dennis Tomlinson says:

    Yes, but then allow Austin to seceed from Texas and rejoin the union. And the good folks in Houston and Dallas can form a new colony called Houstas, seceed from Texas, join Austin, and rejoin as well.

  28. Joan Savage says:

    Nevermind. The internet search engine got the quote source.

  29. fj says:

    Antisocial personality disorders would likely be the rational way to characterize the groups you describe.

    One New York Times Magazine on sociopaths mentioned that normally they are one percent of the general population where in finance industry the statistic is something like ten percent.(The NY Times is not a scholarly peer reviewed journal so . . . )

    Sociopaths are very good at what they do, do not feel pain, and cause a huge amount of trouble relative to their small numbers.

    Going further, it seems that anything that insulates people from feeling other people’s (and sentient creature’s) pain can cause this highly destructive pathology(s).

    The notion of the clueless rich might fit this category: “Let them eat cake”; but also the way we treat people different from us and other sentient species. The existence of the 2 billion extreme poor can likely be blamed on this because they are off the radar for most people in the developed world.

    This is a field well worth considerable advancement and deployment of practical solutions.

  30. MightyDrunken says:

    The best thing about the Earth is if you poke holes in it bleeds.

  31. Daniel Coffey says:

    Your vocabulary is way too large.

  32. Daniel Coffey says:

    Sierra Club supported natural gas (and didn’t say much about fracking) during the 2007-2010 timeframe when they took 25 million in natural gas money. Why should Republicans be any different? Why should California be any different?

    Think about it. For a mere $25 million, Sierra Club looked the other way and now we have a “bridge-to-nowhere” fuel like natural gas.

    The difference is they did not say anything about it, Sierra Club kept it secret. This guy is just saying what he thinks, as stupid as that may be.

  33. HarryWiggs says:

    What a maroon…but, then again, he’s a Tea Baggie. What else can be expected?

  34. Merrelyn Emery says:

    Sociopathy, or more commonly psychopathy, is a very confused and essentially undefined area of mental health research. However, the fact that ‘these people’ are over-represented in occupations such as CEOs and lawyers in which there are huge rewards for excessive individualism, competitive and adversarial behaviour, tells you that for most, there is a large component of environmental causation or learning. Anything learnt can be un-learnt in an opposite environment, ME

  35. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    I just got sick and tired of using ‘excellence’ in any context pertaining to these zombies.

  36. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    The best thing about the Earth is that if you poke holes in it, you can sequester carbon therein, in the form of (deceased, of course), Republican imbeciles.

  37. John Smiff says:

    All American politicians are bought and paid for. Global warming is a corporate scam.

    International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)

    The biggest lobbying group at Copenhagen was the International Emissions Trading Association which was created to promote carbon trading more than ten years ago.

    Its members include :-

    BP, Conoco Philips, Shell, E.ON (coal power stations owner), EDF (one of the largest participants in the global coal market), Gazprom (Russian oil and gas), Goldman Sachs, Barclays, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley..

  38. Merrelyn Emery says:

    You are being unkind to mythical creatures again, ME

  39. Merrelyn Emery says:

    Joe, releaae this comment please. There is nothing wrong with it, ME

  40. Merrelyn Emery says:

    Why necessarily deceased? ME

  41. fj says:

    The key is that a little bit of psychology can go a long way towards reducing a lot of human misery

    . . . and something Obama alluded to in his State of the Union: