GOP Voting For House Budget’s Big Oil Giveaway Receive $38 Million In Oil Cash

By a vote of 221-207, Republicans passed Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) budget for the third consecutive year. The House Republican budget slashes funding for poverty programs and dramatically transforms Medicare for seniors, all while it grants tax breaks to special interests like Big Oil.

Ryan’s budget could mean a $2.3 billion additional tax break for the five biggest oil companies, according to a Center for American Progress analysis. Republicans would still maintain the industry’s $4 billion annual tax breaks at the same time they slash research and investment in clean energy.

According to data from the Center for Responsive Politics, Republicans who voted for Ryan’s budget have received more than $38 million from oil and gas over their careers. On average, the “yeas” received over four times the career oil cash as the “nays”:

Career contributions:

  • 221 Yeas (221 Republicans) – $38,056,766
  • 207 Nays (197 Democrats and 10 Republicans) – $7,830,295
  • The 221 members who voted yes received more than $12,400,000 in the 2012 cycle alone, compared to nearly $2 million for the no votes. The vote makes the 113th Congress no different from the 112th, when House members voting for a polluter energy package received $38.6 million.

    Big Oil hardly needs the help from taxpayers. While consumers faced record gas prices in 2012, the oil industry earned an outstanding $118 billion profit (and a trillion dollars over a decade).

    3 Responses to GOP Voting For House Budget’s Big Oil Giveaway Receive $38 Million In Oil Cash

    1. Mike Roddy says:

      This isn’t just corruption, it’s bribery. Oregon won’t allow this in the state legislature, and most European countries frown on obvious shilling for industry. It stinks, and is embarrassing to a country that was once celebrated for being a democracy. They’ve bought Obama, too, and vet any presidential candidate before deciding to shower him with the huge funding needed to become president.

      Unfortunately, the crooks are entrenched, with enough votes to perpetuate this madness. Is there a solution?

    2. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

      It’s crooks, alright-all the way down.

    3. Ima Voter says:

      Be a responsible voter, do NOT re-elect any of these people. It doesn’t matter if they have years of seniority, especially if this is the way they make use of it. Vote for people, regardless of party affiliation, who will respect our country, our environment, our finances. Big oil does not need subsidies, nor do big chem, big ag, or big finance. Removing these subsidies will go a long way toward reducing the deficit. Requiring agencies to reduce spending is the next step. Reducing pittances to needy citiens during an economic crisis is neither wise nor necessary.