Extreme Weather Drives Extreme Sports: ESPN Launches ESPN 5 With The Climate Reality Project

Kayakers practice for dry riverbed competition

NY, NY (April 1, 2013) – ESPN and The Climate Reality Project are psyched to announce a joint partnership to launch ESPN 5. Nicknamed “The Cinco,” ESPN 5 will focus on new extreme sports made possible through a changing environment due to climate change. The tagline of the new enterprise will be “Extreme Sports Thru Extreme Weather – Feel the Burn!”

In its inaugural year, The Cinco will focus on bringing attention to the emerging blend of adrenaline-soaked sports competitions that have been made possible through climate change.  The initial programming will include a dizzying array of top-flight events, such as hurricane wind-surfing, dirtboarding (previously known as snowboarding), dry riverbed kayaking, blizzard soccer, hurricane sandbag-tossing events, and the reality show-inspired event, “The Amazing Race … for Water.”

“After learning that this past decade was the hottest decade on record in the continental United States, ESPN knew that it had to be at the forefront of bringing extreme weather sports to our incredible fans,” said Joe Slobotnik, senior vice president for sustainability at ESPN. “The possibilities for extreme sports are endless thanks to the prospect of rising temperatures, more severe hurricanes, and wildly uncontrollable weather patterns. Feel the Burn!”

“For too long, people have connected climate change with polar bears, melting ice caps, hurricanes, and other boring stuff, instead of the awesome new sports carried by The Cinco,” said James N. Taylor of the Climate Reality Project. “The American public no longer wants to see winter athletes competing in the snow, or baseball games on a warm summer day.  What people really want to see is the world’s fastest athletes outrun wildfires in the West, run ultra marathons on just dirt-based energy bars, and play beach volleyball—in Iowa!”

With the growing popularity of the X Games franchise, The Cinco will debut the “V Games” later this summer.  This televised spectacular has already received crucial underwriting from some of the world’s largest supporters of extreme weather sports, such as Exxon-Mobil, Koch Industries, TransCanada, and many others. A complete list of programming will be made available closer to the event.

— A Climate Reality Project news release


7 Responses to Extreme Weather Drives Extreme Sports: ESPN Launches ESPN 5 With The Climate Reality Project

  1. lizardo says:

    Oh, I can’t wait, and really want to try those dirt bars. Wait, isn’t that what those folks are sunbathing on?

  2. fj says:

    Great idea!

    And to be able to call it a reality show to boot.

  3. fj says:

    uh, even though it was announced on april fools day.

  4. catman306 says:

    Actually climate change/disruption is an already solved problem (in Gaia’s mind). But Nature has plenty of time to work with so look for improvement in about 0.5 million years.

  5. Australia promises to host the “outracing wild fires” event. In years past the fast moving fires killed a few racing away in pickup trucks, obviously faster cars will be needed to outrun these wildfires. Promises to be very exciting.

    I hear that both the US and Pakistan want to host the long distance Swimming in Floods competition, But only the US will have the Extreme Sport: Tornado human kite flying competitions.

    NYC and Boston are waiting for hurricane season to hold a Cross Town Storm Marathon Run. Weather depending.

    Very smart of sports networks to bank on known increases in weather events – instead of cancelling for the weather, they can now schedule to the weather.

  6. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Well, you had me sucked in for a while. Still, life imitates insanity, so it will probably be picked up as a good idea, by some meeja Big Brain.

  7. Merrelyn Emery says:

    Good one and it reminded me of the annual regatta on the dry Todd river, tons of fun and some of the boats are really creative, ME