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  1. Artful Dodger says:

    Fukushima nuclear woes continue, now leaking radioactive water again.

  2. mary says:

    So THAT’S why the politicians are so ready to extract those $$ from our social security bounties! Got to keep that money in the fossil fuel hands.

  3. rollin says:

    The new virtual reality game “America”. Will you make it to the top one percent or be just another one of the food stamps recipients?

  4. Paul Klinkman says:

    I want Friends to come to a shared wisdom on climate change. Here’s a first attempt.

  5. Dennis Tomlinson says:

    I posted this a week ago today, having been invited to “Opione away”. I posted and Oh have I pined for my post to be released from comment pergatory, where it remains still. So let me try this again, w/o the link…
    A follow up on the LED light post earlier this week. There was a question about the efficiency of LED bulbs, the author had stated 60%. I have no idea where that number comes from. I still believe the best numbers for conversion of (electrical) watts to lumens for LED’s is around 30%, but improving steradily. The update I have comes after having lunch with a long-time friend who works as an applications engineer at ST Microelectronics in the Chicago suburb Schaumburg. He has been working exclusively with LED drive circuits for the last few years, and pointed me toward an application note (on which he is a contributor) which claims 93% efficiency (electrical power delivered to the LEDs divided by total power drawn from the mains. Here’s the link… (omitted)

  6. Joan Savage says:

    Jon Tester, the junior senator from Montana, describes how climate change has affected his family’s ranch and his state:

  7. Joan Savage says:

    Tester: Montanans already understand that climate change is affecting our daily lives. The argument isn’t whether the world is changing, it’s how to respond.

  8. Exactly. It’s a Republican thing — stick it to the poor so the rich can get richer, and have some shill like Ryan talk about how the rich “create jobs.” Meanwhile, all the jobs get shipped to China so the rich can get richer. There is a greater wealth disparity in this country than there has ever been.

    So, where to get the money?
    • Tax the rich.
    • Dump the fossil-fuel and Big Ag subsidies
    • Close loopholes and offshore shenanigans
    • Cut the military budget
    • Put a 1% transaction fee on all stock deals above 25K

    That will take care of the deficit and leave enough cash to fix our infrastructure, pay for universal health care and fund education.

  9. Kay says:

    The Fukushima radiation leak is a perfect example of government and corporate deceit. Did it ever really stop leaking? And what about the contamination in the water? With the fish? Should anybody be eating fish…anywhere? Water travels, fish travel, fish eat fish…Children are eating this fish. I just want to cry.

  10. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    I think that the carton might be marginally improved, by having the dollar bills shaped like cut-out people.

  11. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Very good news, proof, yet again of what we might do if ecological salvation appeared anywhere on the ruling elite’s priority list. Of course the Economist will tell us that, according to the immutable ‘Jevon’s Law’ such advances in technology will simply lead to us filling our dwellings with more and more LED lights.

  12. Merrelyn Emery says:

    The Aussie PM is meeting China’s new leaders today to discuss, amongst other things, the timing of China’s price on carbon. She is reportedly aiming to link up a multi-party Asian-Australian system, China, Japan, S Korea – heard on ABC24, ME

  13. Bob Lang says:

    “Efficiency of LED drive circuits”. Give me a break. Interesting but pretty peripheral relative to the predicament we are facing.
    We all know that LED and CFL bulbs consume about 1/5 of the power of incandescents, which frees up a lot of electrical power if and when we make the switch and LED’s come down to a competitive price point.

    But what we are facing is a liquid-fuels crisis. How are you going to implement a switch to an electrical transportation system powered by renewables without liquid fuels. The net-energy return of biofuels and synthetic liquid fuels is way too low too continue the kind of cheap-oil-based lifestyle we have now.
    Why should I get excited about 93% efficient LED drive circuits??

  14. Brian R Smith says:

    This is truly wonderful to watch. Not to be missed.

    “Oil Orgy” invades Energy Summit
    Tuesday October, 11th 2011

    “Protesters interrupted the Canada-Europe Energy Round table [1] in London today, to expose the UK government’s opposition to European legislation, which would label tar sands oil as highly polluting. The campaigners stripped down to Union Jack boxers and maple leaf underwear and covered each other with oil while kissing and groping in a provocative ‘oil orgy’ [2].”

  15. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    TEPCO has a long and distinguished history of being fast and loose with the truth. Whyever would they change now?

  16. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Every little bit helps.

  17. Dennis Tomlinson says:

    “Give me a break.” Break given.
    “We all know that LED’s and CFL bulbs consume about 1/5 the power of incandescents…” That may have been true a couple years ago, but LED bulbs are currently half again more efficient that CFL bulbs, and gaining.
    “But what we’re facing is a liquid fuel crisis.” Yes, one of many.
    “Why should I get excited…” You needn’t. I will be excited enough for the both of us.

  18. prokaryotes says:

    TEPCO workers were photographed when dumping contaminated material into the local rivers…

    That says it all …

  19. prokaryotes says:

    To See What Climate Change Feels Like, Go to Texas

    Made Google headline!

  20. fj says:

    High density energy storage is not required to move vehicles small and light enough to be easily powered by human power.

    High speeds and extended ranges are easily achieved by greatly reducing and eliminating frictional forces.

  21. 6thextinction says:

    Oh, that there were more of such protests!

    Thanks for posting. Very clever, altho I missed some of their dialogue during the orgy!

  22. Sasparilla says:

    Got a handle on what price natural gas in the U.S. needs to get to so that Wind achieves cost parity for power generation and that is $6/mmbtu.

    Currently natural gas is ~$4/mmbtu and its risen in price ~100% in a little over a year (as we climb out of the fracking production bubble). Another rise of ~50% in U.S. natural gas prices and Wind is cheaper again, give it a WAG of two years or less to get there. Credit to a Dave Roberts article for the information:

  23. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Steady on, Den! Remember the blood pressure.