All Risk, No Reward: New Coalition Makes Compelling Case Against Keystone XL Pipeline

A group called “All Risk, No Reward” aired ads opposing the Keystone pipeline yesterday during the Sunday news shows and will soon be targeting Democratic donors and youth.

This new ad makes the case that the oil will spill frequently as it is pumped through the U.S. on its way to be exported out of the country. This would not help American energy security and only create 35 permanent jobs:

This second piece features a rancher who’d rather not see other countries benefit from a toxic sludge going through and endangering his land:

All Risk, No Reward consists of a number of national and regional groups: League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, League of Women Voters, Indigenous Environmental Network, Bold Nebraska, Keystone XL Truthforce, STOP Tarsands, Sandhills Beef, Nebraska Farmers Union, Nebraska Interfaith Power and Light, League of Women Voters Nebraska, and Dakota Rural Action.

This effort arrives on the scene as the government of Alberta has been lobbying the U.S. government and waging a PR campaign of its own to advocate approval of the pipeline. In fact, last year supporters of the pipeline outspent opponents 35 to 1.

One video unlikely to show up on a national TV spot: what the cleanup of a tar sands oil spill looks like in Arkansas.

The scary thing is it looks even worse when burned up into the atmosphere to efficiently help cause climate change.

10 Responses to All Risk, No Reward: New Coalition Makes Compelling Case Against Keystone XL Pipeline

  1. David Goldstein says:

    I am glad that they are making these ads and hope that they will be effective. It just boggles my mind- makes me feel as if I am living in an insane asylum, actually – that climate change is not mentioned at all. I am sure that this was a calculated decision (and maybe a wise one in a ‘marketing’ sense). But it is so very odd and strange and…insane…that the ‘existential threat to our continued existence’ aspect is not a ‘selling point’ at all, let alone at the front and center. Whew.

  2. Zimzone says:

    One of the Republican talking heads on the Sunday news shows yesterday claimed that Keystone XL would create 60,000 new jobs.

    Nobody questioned this blatantly false statement.

    The spill in AR can’t even be charged against the pipeline because this sludge isn’t technically defined as oil.

    The ONLY benefit of Keystone XL is to Canada & the world oil commodity market. Texas refineries can’t keep up with present demand.

    Who would have thought the first Canadian invasion would not be with troops, but toxic tar sand sludge?

  3. Jay Alt says:

    Promoters for the project claim it’s just as safe as current pipelines, This is certainly false. Many people are already aware of difficulty in cleaning up dilbit.

    But another problem is that dilbit is being pumped through existing, old pipelines. The mixture is more corrosive than regular crude and thicker. The added viscosity requires them to raise pumping pressures above normal. What happens when you do that? The NTSB failure report shows a picture of the rupture area of the excavated Enbridge pipeline. The report links the failure to growth of multiple corrosion fatigue cracks.

    There is also an unrecognized connection between fracking and tar sands. With low NG prices, gas drillers are working fields that also contain liquids (gas condensates). The extra value of the condensate is often what makes those wells profitable. Where do the condensates go? Are they being refined? No. The number #1 solvent listed in dilbit is gas condensate.

  4. Richard Miller says:

    What Sunday morning news show said this? It does not suprise me, but it would be helpful to name names. Thanks

  5. I just don’t see the national interest of either Canada or the US being served. The rip-and-ship exploitation of resources — with appalling environmental consequences in Alberta — is not being applauded by the workers of Canada. See Since the sandy sludge from the pipeline is bound overseas, the US won’t get any benefit in energy security. The only real jobs in the US will be cleaning up the inevitable dilbit spills as the sand abrades the pipeline. The CO2 aggravation is not the only issue weighing against approval: KXL represents technology stagnation (pumping SAND to Texas??) and the arrogance of the 1% who evidently presume that massive deployment of paid stooges can override the public interest of the US and Canada. There were 62 senators who voted for KXL (who were they?).

  6. Gene Blodgett says:

    Pump the damn stuff to a Canadian port for export, keep it out of the US.

  7. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    It’s the Ministry of Truth’s ‘Memory Hole’ in action. Big Brother was a mere amateur compared to ‘democratic capitalists’ and their brainwashing apparatus.

  8. mulp says:

    Why do environmentalists feel they must attack and badger Democrats for not saving Republican voters from their own folly which they suffer today as a result of climate change.

    Why not run attacks on the Republicans in places like Texas where Gov Perry believes the solution to drought is not government, but the gods?

    I see lots of arguments that there is no difference between the parties, but replace all the Republicans in Congress with Democrats and what would you get vs replacing all Democrats with Republicans.

    Once you realize the difference, you would realize you should not be joining with conservatives and climate deniers in attacking Democrats, but instead should be attacking and defeating Republicans.

  9. Craig says:

    Amen mulp!!

  10. Doug Grandt says:

    Imagine if every one of us wrote to Rex Tillerson and explained what he MUST understand he is up against. The drumbeat is increasing in intensity and pitch, incessantly, unavoidably. Help beat the war drum. Write to Rex daily, drop everything, pull out all the stops. And copy Barack Obama and John Kerry.

    Mr. Rex W. Tillerson
    CEO & Board Chair
    ExxonMobil Corporation
    5959 Las Colinas Blvd.
    Irving, TX 75039

    President Barack Obama
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20050


    Secretary John F. Kerry
    U.S. Department of State
    2201 C Street NW
    Washington, DC 20520

    Please also visit