Offer Ends Soon, Act Now: Keystone Pipeline Public Comment Period Closes On Monday

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Worried that the disaster-for-the-climate Keystone XL pipeline will get construction approval to pump 51 coal plants’ worth of carbon into the atmosphere? Feel free to speak your mind.

The last day that the State Department will accept public comments on what should be done about the Keystone pipeline proposal is Monday, April 22nd. This will end a 45 day period that started with the placement of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in the Federal Register. That draft statement becomes final on June 21st, and then in a matter of months, the State Department will issue a National Interest Determination. At that point, it would be difficult to reverse a decision, so the time for the public to tell the Administration how burning tar sands oil will impact the climate is now.

Not sure what to write in a public comment? Here are some ideas:

  • 51 coal plants: Former NASA climate scientist James Hansen called Keystone the “fuse to the biggest carbon bomb on the planet.” A completed pipeline would emit the CO2 equivalent of 51 carbon-polluting coal-fired power plants. The science is clear: increasing CO2 emissions is bad for the climate.
  • Just 35 jobs: The Keystone Pipeline would not create 20,000-100,000 temporary jobs, as some have said. It would create 3,900 temporary ones, and only 35 permanent.
  • Not a done deal: The State Department’s Draft (EIS) concludes that the tar sands oil would be extracted even if the pipeline is not constructed. This is not true: the pipeline would move 830,000 barrels of oil each day, whereas moving it by rail is not feasible.
  • National security pipe dream: Some say the pipeline would be good for national security, but that is a myth. Here is the reality.
  • Drill here, drill now, send abroad: Though people often make the case that more tar sands oil from Canada helps American energy security, it is clear that much of this oil would just be shipped abroad into the international petroleum market.
  • Incomplete assessment: The draft EIS was completed by a consulting firm paid by the pipeline’s owner. There are more complete reviews of the full environmental, economic, and climate impact of the pipeline.
  • Thank you for spilling: Tar sands oil spills onto American soil with alarming frequency. Some Representatives think Exxon spilling 200,000 gallons of tar sands oil from a pipeline into Mayflower, Arkansas is not a big deal — in fact, the corporation should be thanked for the whole ordeal.
  • Think of the Canadians: Stopping the pipeline would be doing Canada a favor.
  • Morality: Opposing the pipeline is the right thing to do for our generation and the ones that follow us. Allowing it to happen is a sign of “cowardice.”

Anyone can submit as many comments as they wish. Some created a compelling video about why Keystone is “all risk, no reward,” but not everyone has to do that. Some protest President Obama to let them know that this decision matters for the climate, but that tactic, while important, is not for everyone.

Making a comment is easy: the State Department asks people to address them to this mailbox: Groups like, Sierra Club, CREDO Action, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, League of Women Voters, Sum of Us, and others have made it easy to compose a letter.

Whether it is snarky or serious, weigh in below if you left a comment regarding the “biggest carbon bomb on the planet.”

73 Responses to Offer Ends Soon, Act Now: Keystone Pipeline Public Comment Period Closes On Monday

  1. Maria Warren says:

    If you care about the world your children and their children have to live in then say no to Keystone. If you only care about money and profits in the short term at the expense of the quality of lives and the environment in the future then you are monsters.

  2. Iver Lofving says:

    Keystone XL will be a desperate move in order to prop up an energy system that has no future. Please don’t approve it for the sake of your children.

  3. Bill D. says:

    The core issue that got us into our current situation won’t be mitigated by public comment or protest. Our “representatives” in Congress are owned by the big money interests including the fossil fuel industry. As we saw in the recent failure to act on gun control, they clearly don’t care what the American public wants or needs.

    We the people will soon receive yet another lesson in the anti-democratic operation of our federal government. While we might chain ourselves to pipelines or dump cans of oil onto the sidewalk in front of the Capitol, it won’t change a thing. The current lust to exploit even more fossil fuels will only be reversed by an imminent and undeniable climatological disaster. History proves that human beings never do the right thing until all of the misguided and expedient options have been exhausted. Why should we think that anything is going to change now?

  4. K. Watson says:

    Besides all the pollution and future spills etc.,I have serious concern with our Government taking private citizen property and giving it to a corporation of a foreign country.

  5. I am strongly against cracking and oil we have many mean’s to which we can provide energy to the world with out killing it I do not believe in the religion MAXIMISE PROFIT!

  6. John Martini says:


  7. Patti Klos says:

    I DO NOT support this pipeline – it will just mean more problems for our already endangered eco system. HALT this pipeline

  8. I have sent this message:

    “Dear Secretary Kerry:

    I invite you to consider that approval of the Keystone pipeline would be divisive and lead to months or years of turmoil. There is no doubt that its construction would be the target of massive civil disobedience and non-violent protest. I personally would think such action justified, but regardless of the merits it cannot be ignored as a factor in your and the President’s decision.

    You are both, by temperament and conviction, conciliators. Your approval of the Keystone pipeline would ignite a bitter and long-drawn-out conflict that would be chalked up to your legacies and undermine your historic reputations. Lives might be lost; certainly some protesters would be injured and a good number serve time in jail. It is also a burden on policemen to ask them to use force to protect a private interest many of them will think insufficient.

    It is sadly possible that the intense anger aroused, and the broad non-violent protest already announced, would lead fringe groups to engage in violent sabotage. A pipeline is very vulnerable to this. I’m sure that the overwhelming majority of opponents of the pipeline would join me in rejecting and condemning such tactics. Still, the possibility is a real cost of your decision.

    Taking these severe risks into account is not “giving in to blackmail”. If the pipeline were truly necessary to US national security, the risks should be accepted. But no case has been made that it is. The pipeline would merely allow the commercial development of a dirty Canadian oil resource to proceed, and US oil prices to stay slightly lower than they would otherwise be, at enormous environmental cost. Any benefits it offers are largely private; the harms are public.

    When you weigh all the costs carefully and soberly, the Keystone pipeline is simply not worth hazarding the credibility of your office, the President, and the US Government.

    Yours sincerely
    James Wimberley”

  9. Raphaël Côté says:

    As an educated person, as a scientific mind, as a defender of human rights, as part of the biosphere, as a child of mother Earth, I have the common sense to say NO to whatever may be a menace to actual and/or future generations.

    There is :
    – NO necessity of petroleum industry or products for any human to survive, WE lived for a milion years, oil, max 2 centuries
    –> A mechanic more and more exposed of how rich parts of the world addicted the now poorer countries to the derivatives of oil for their survival at a cost, abusive, that “we” occidentals fixed for our only comfort
    – NO safe and non-poisonnous way to extract/transport/transform/use/dispose of petroleum and its derivatives
    –> Illnesses and deaths amongst all species around the globe, including humans, are originating from chemicals related to oil

    STOP the madness.
    USE the geniuses of publicity, media, mass manipulation and economy strategies to reverse this catastrophic industry that is
    – bringing down agriculture with money
    – poisonning soils and foods with chemicals
    – giving humans cancer by all f*ck*n products
    – melting the 2 biggest A/C ever : N&S poles
    – wasting all our most important resources at the same time : air, water, earth, ecosystems that provide balance and allows our species to remain…
    – even oil, yes, oil has extrordinary applications especially to produce unique materials
    BUT it’s about to disappear with its potential
    BUT all derivatives are poisons for life and must be produced/used/disposed wisely

    You think yourselves as the brains of this world because you found a way to get richer and more powerful than anybody?… but along the way you caused (even if you don’t want to accept it) you caused harm to so many, you should suffer a guilt as severe as genocide leaders.

    Real brains find new ways, they are wise enough to always perfect their own inventions, they objectively see the problems and solve them, event if it means destroying their own invention.

    Don’t tell us there is NO way of having everydoby eat, drink and breathe clean while still having a very lively economy that allows people to also get some luxury. Cause why techonology then?
    Don’t tell us it is impossible to ensure quality of life and respect of fundamental human rights while maintaining the possibility of being capitalist. Why money and economy then?

    Don’t tell us our parents made it to the moon only for our children to never see the stars and maybe burn under the sun.

  10. Will Spencer says:

    We’ve seen in the last several years that the risks of environmental disaster outweigh the “benefits” of facilitating greater dependence on fossil fuels and further expansion of infrastructure.

  11. Brad Davis says:

    Please say no to the oil sluts in congress and turn down this project that would forever ruin the Ogallala aquifer in the sand hills……. If you think oil is so precious, wait till you have no clean water to drink and you will be fucked!!!!! Idle No More!!!!!!

  12. BobbyL says:

    Our elected representatives also closely follow polling results and the latest polls (Rasmussen, Pew, Fox News) show that about three times as many Americans support building the pipeline as are opposed (about 66% vs 22%). If Kerry and Obama do reject the pipeline (however unlikely) expect Congress to try to approve it. Many experts say Congress probably does have the power to make the final decision.

  13. Ann Raven says:

    Citizens have been protesting the pipeline in great numbers. The government knows that we do not want it. We also want gun control. I wonder if government is listening to the people it is supposed to serve, AT ALL!
    Urgently, Ann Raven

  14. Lisa Marie Hornbrook says:

    No Pipeline. We need to have more respect for the earth and all of its inhabitants, and
    switch to renewable energy sources. The pipeline is too toxic and risky. Obama needs to be a real leader and say no to the pipeline.

  15. Dennis says:

    Leaks will continue no matter what promises or assurances are given.

    Tar Sand oil is abrasive and can cut through seals, valves, sensors and joints.
    Since this propose expansion passes right over one of our larges fresh water aquifers, the dangers are to great of a risk just to shore up the profits of the oil companies.
    ~80% of this oil is going to be exported to begin with AND WE get to keep the toxic waste.

  16. Mark Whitney says:

    No guarantee that oil companies will be compelled to clean up any spills.
    No guarantee that the oil will not be shipped to other countries
    No guarantee that the jobs created will offer any long-term economic benefit to the USA.
    The pipeline as currently proposed goes over the largest aquifer in the country. There will be a serious problem if and when spills occur.

    Please vote no on the Keystone Pipeline!!

  17. P Hughes says:

    Too many risks w/Keystone Pipeline. I vote an emphatic “NO!”

  18. Diane Karasevicz says:

    Accoring to former NASA climate scientist James Hansen, Keystone is the “fuse to the biggest carbon bomb on the planet.” A completed pipeline would emit the CO2 equivalent of 51 carbon-polluting coal-fired power plants. The science is clear: increasing CO2 emissions is bad for the climate. More C02= more global warming.

    Global warming is already here, and superstorms like Sandy are going to become the norm. The ecology of our planet cannot handle the increased CO2 emissions from projects like Keystone. Earth will not be able to sustain life as we know it if Keystone is allowed to be built.

  19. Leslie Holman-Anderson says:

    Dear Elected Representative and/or Appointed Functionary:

    * The Keystone Pipeline will generate neither jobs nor revenue for the United States OR Canada.

    * Spills, ruptures and other accidents in recent months have proved that in contrast to industry claims, the Keystone Pipeline is not safe.

    * It has been amply demonstrated that the ‘fracking’ process pollutes groundwater to the point that it is unsafe to bathe in, much less drink.

    * There is strong evidence that approval of the Keystone Pipeline was obtained through graft and political corruption.

    Therefore, it is your responsibility to deny the right of the Keystone Pipeline to cross any portion of the United States, and to close it down where it has already begun. I look forward to hearing that you have done so.

  20. Chris says:

    Sent my message. The Keystone is a terrible idea.

  21. Tree Hugger says:

    Please don’t build ths pipe, it will stop billionaire Warren Buffet from making millions by shipping the oil on his trains. We also need trains so useful idiots can stand in front of them when they realise they have beeen helping big corporations and Marxists take over the USA all along.

  22. lizardo says:

    Hoping to get my comment in by the end of Monday specifically focusing on this:

    State’s Supplementary EIS for Keystone XL (KXL SEIS) is itself a very potent argument AGAINST approving the pipeline.

    In order to avoid the increased emissions/tar sands expansion the SEIS goes to great lengths to (try to) demonstrate that the same volume of bitumen could reach Gulf Coast refineries through rail (and existing pipelines).

    So the pipeline is not needed.

    In addition, compared to rail, a new 36″ pipeline with a capacity of 830,000 barrels a day threatens far greater volumes of diluted bitumen (dilbit) spilled compared to any potential rail derailments.

    One recent tar sands rail derailment of 14 cars:15,000 gallons. Another one, involving 22 cars: 16,643 gallons.
    Compare those to a couple of recent pipeline ruptures.

    Alberta (Rainbow) 2006 343,000 gallons. Arkansas (Lakehead) 2010: 800,000 – 1,000,000 gallons. Montana (Silvertip) 2011: 63,0000 gallons. Arkansas (Pegasus) 2013: 147,000 – 210,000 gallons.

    Pipeline leak detection systems miss 19 out of 20 ruptures and 4 out of 5 large ones. What are the chances that a train derailment goes unnoticed? A buried pipeline with a slow leak can gush for months or years.

    So to me the SEIS is hoist on it’s own watsit.

    Lastly, a pipeline designed, as the SEIS states, to ship product from Alberta to the Gulf Coast locks in a very temporary situation in terms of demand and supply, compared to rail. It also creates a maw that must be fed.

    Of course no-one on the outside/our side buys the no-difference argument, but it was stunning to me to read that the SEIS essentiallymakes the case that the pipeline isn’t necessary! (In section 2.2.)And yet the other shoe is not dropped.

  23. Mary Maxx says:

    NO to the tar sands! The profit gained is vastly out-shadowed by the damage guaranteed!

    That the costs will not all be borne by those making the profit is a compelling reason to say no to this disasterous project!

  24. Jeffrey Hill says:

    You would risk the water supply of many (Ogalalla aquifer) so the billionaire Kochroaches can get richer. The US will not benefit from this oil, and you know it. It’s about personal hatred of Chavez and his heavy Venezualan crude that Kochroaches refine at a higher cost than Canadian tar sands bitumen.

  25. BillD says:

    Just to be clear, sent your comments to:

  26. BillD says:

    Just to be clear, send your comments to:

  27. Julia Williams says:

    You ignored the people’s will on sensible gun regulation…PLEASE do NOT ignore this threat! NO NO NO Tar Sands Oil Pipeline!

  28. Chris Winter says:

    From the Energy Information Administration:

    April 19, 2013
    Concentration of U.S. crude oil imports among top five suppliers highest since 1997

    We’ve been increasing domestic production since 2009, but oil imports from our five largest suppliers rose from 64 to 72 percent of the total. In particular, we got 14 percent more from Saudi Arabia than in 2011.

    This to me is further proof that KXL will not get us closer to energy independence.

  29. LeesiD says:

    This pipeline would be a disaster to the environment. There was a reason that Canada didn’t want it going through their parcel of land……

  30. Marianne Lane says:

    No pipeline!

  31. MIchelle Lewis says:

    Human error must have accountability when lives may be subjected to harm. The Keystone pipeline may be another blatant disregard & risk to the safety of civilians. There should be an option to expand the language under ‘Acts of Terrorism’ to include high risk companies.

  32. Ursula says:

    This is an excellent point.

  33. paul kangas says:

    What is the best strategy to stop big oil?
    It is to push for big unlimited SOLAR.
    Meaning a solar feed in tariff ( FiT ) that requires Utilities to pay home owners & farmers $0.29 kwh for feeding solar onto the grid.
    We need energy, so we can’t just stop the use of oil,
    unless we first come up with a better source of energy.
    That is unlimited SOLAR.
    Germany has now become the solar leader in the world, thanks to their this strategy using a FiT.

    Be reasonable. Demand the US go 100% for solar & renewables, which are unlimited & Free.

  34. This pipeline could only serve to turn our drinking water, land, and our atmosphere toxic and unsafe for us to continue to live. The Keystone pipeline will only provide 35 jobs; not the numerous jobs that the public is lead to believe would be made available. I am very concerned about potential leaking due to poor maintenance and monitoring. We have seen what can happen with oil spills, Arkansas most recently and the lack of accountability and responsibility to those that have sustained untold damage to their properties, homes, drinking water…etc. I do not want to have them fracking with either of both processes of chemically and hydro-pressured; especially the chemical infusion that includes Benzene’s which caused the death of my husband. I don’t want them in my atmosphere or in my drinking water…I know that after the point of infusion of benzene’s in your fracking process it takes a time period of 8 years for benzene levels to come into safe compliance. I want our planet to remain inhabitable. People should not suffer because a few fat cats want to fill their wallets with an endless supply of profits. Those that are seeking to do this are clearly not concerned for our planet, the atmosphere, or the well-being of the world population. Those that are behind the development of the Keystone Pipeline are interested only in what they, a handfull of self-concerned and profit seeking persons, want; not in what is right for the planet, our water supply, our atmosphere, or the health of the other 99% of the inhabitants on this planet. Stop the Damn Pipeline!

  35. paul kangas says:

    Germany has shut down half their nukes, by using a solar feed in tariff.
    Why is the US so behind the times??
    Do you have a solar panel on your apartment window?
    If you don’t have a solar panel you should not be complaining. Get some skin in the game.

  36. Lynne says:

    I e-mailed my comments to the Keystone site. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and motivating me to do that tonight.

    If you haven’t seen it yet, you can do nothing better for Earth Day than to watch the YouTube movie, “Do The Math: A Movie to Spark a Movement”. It’s something for all of us who are standing up and fighting for our future.

  37. Lori Batina says:

    Dear President Obama and State Department Keystone Public Comment Monitors,

    You will have received many letters and comments laying out all the problems inherent in the Keystone project: the science behind the horrible risks to the environment resulting from tar sands extractions and pipeline spills (which have already occurred), the insignificance of paltry new jobs gained, the alienation of many US, Canadian and First Nations people, and the betrayal of a dream of clean energy advancement set forth by your administration.

    I won’t repeat again all the summaries and statistics that green organizations have tried to prepare for voters like me to send to you. I have sent those before, and have sent a letter by post, and tweeted, and picketed, and considered direct protest. Above all this, I am a lover of the great wilderness still found in our beautiful country, and of the National Parks established by a previous administration. I am also a Mom, who hopes my child, and all children, will continue to appreciate the need to protect our fragile planet.

    We all know that great political pressures exist to continue our use of fossil fuels. We are an oil-hungry nation, and our hunger remains greater than our collective desire to become fossil fuel independent, despite our tragic war with the Middle East. Even greater is the power of the oil company lobbyists.

    You know all of this. We, the American citizens, and especially the majority of us who believed in your dream, ask you to stay committed to developing clean energies. Please reject the Keystone pipeline and any tar sands extraction. Remember your vision of new, green energy technology development for the US. Other countries are gaining ground, and we can, too.

    I live in Washington State, which has developed a growing number of wind energy farms in its central areas. When I see these windmills, I think they are beautiful because they will help protect the nearby mountains and forests, which are more beautiful. I have seen reports that the US could provide for all its energy needs with a combination of wind and solar energies – if it wanted to. We CAN do this. Remember how we saw development of more energy-efficient vehicles when you supported it and when gas prices rose? Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    We know the opposition is great, but you campaigned on this and we supported you. The Keystone project is dangerous to the environment and has become a symbol, a line in the sand, for so many who supported you. It must be rejected. Our elected officials did not listen to the public on gun control – will you all turn your backs again?

  38. DallasNE says:

    I sent an email to the address listed and have received a confirmation back from the State Department that they have received my comments.

  39. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Homo monstrum-that about sums the Bosses up.

  40. Eric says:

    I don’t think I can put it any better than everyone else has.

    It also seems shameful we have to fight to stop something this potentially detrimental to our planet before the end of Earth Day.

  41. David K says:

    Obama set to okay pipeline, former insider says, as poll shows support

  42. Andrew says:

    The oil will be extracted even if keystone xl isn’t approved, it just won’t go to the gulf. Pipelines have already been proposed to take the oil to the west coast for export to China and to the east to help lower gas prices.

  43. lizardo says:

    Canada’s Globe and Mail, their headline somewhat misleading as it refers to a former Stater under Condi Rice, however the article makes a depressing case for approval if (big if but important one) Obama thinks Keystone will lower US gas prices or provide price stability.

    Obama seems to think climate action/cleaner energy more expensive/too expensive right now.

    I don’t buy the article’s argument that people in the path of the pipeline want it, that’s nuts.

    Next steps: yet more public education, calls to White House?

  44. Adrian says:

    A group of Illinois Quakers sent an email focusing on the moral and theological arguments against the pipeline.

  45. Jennifer Rogers says:


  46. Robert Wheaton says:

    No. I do not support the pipeline.

  47. Christine Foster says:

    Vote NO to the pipeline. We need to get away from fossil fuels and move to clean energy. It’s said that jobs will be lost but I don’t see how that can be true. The coal miners and oil workers only need to be retrained to work clean energy. If we want to save our planet it’s the only way to go. It’s only greed that is keeping us from making the right decision for our world. Think of your children and their children. Is that really the kind of world you want to leave to them just because of the money. What a good example to set for them. GREED

  48. Okay, President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, have you ever heard of a solar power spill, a wind power spill? Have you seen the boreal forest pillaged to produce renewable energy? Ah, I didn’t hink so.

    If you allow the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, I will be among the thousands (or more) patriotic individuals blocking its construction. If you stop it, we have your backs.

    Save our money; our air, land and water, our children’s and grandchildren’s future; promote healthful and SUSTAINABLE AND MORE jobs in renewable energy. Say NO to Keystone, and its psychopathic promoters, and say NO to “the tyranny of oil.”

  49. Connie Weeks says:

    The Keystone pipeline only helps the oil companies. They don’t care about the environment. The bottom line is the money they will make selling the oil overseas. It won’t bring down our oil/gas prices. So Earth Day is the perfect day to say, “NO WAY”.

  50. Christina (Chris) DeLaigle says:

    The United States of America needs to get on with it and learn to use earth-friendly, renewable resources for power such as solar power and wind power. Our crippling addiction to oil has us tied to this industry which will eventually reduce Americans to antiquity because we will no longer be able to afford it, we won’t be able to go anywhere because of our over-production of vehicles that the roads, which we are NOT paying attention to are deteriorating at a super-fast rate, and because we are polluting our land and water supplies with this GUNK that NEVER really goes away. Stop the puppetry of the oil companies over Congress and the private citizens and let’s get CLEAN. DO NOT ALLOW Keystone XL to be built over U. S. Lands. There will BE NO U.S. lands left untouched by their pollution. We ARE better than this and SHOULD be better stewards of the land.

  51. James says:

    Please do not approve this pipeline…Oil spills sickens the world.

    There is no benefit to having the pipeline, that can even remotely offset the imminent danger it presents. The jobs it creates are temporary, but risks are permanent.

    Hands down, vote no…Please!

  52. nancy jenkins says:

    Please do not go forward with the Keystone Pipeline. We, the people, are rapidly losing faith in our leaders who are suppose to act for the people, not for corporations or lobbyists or in their own personal interest. It is disappointing to say the least to hear of so many recent decisions that do not take the wishes or the wellbeing of the citizens of our beloved country into account. Please help us learn to trust our government again.

  53. Teresa says:

    There are numerous compelling reasons NOT to allow this or similar pipelines to be constructed. I know that you are aware of them, & many of them have been outlined in other comments here.

    The question is not: why we shouldn’t we build the Keystone XL but: WILL YOU DO THE RIGHT THING? You know very well what that is. Please think long & hard about your answer, & how you would explain to your own family the reasons for doing the wrong thing. Because ultimately, that is what it will come down to.

    Your children & their children will pay the price if you choose the selfish, wealth-producing route rather than the responsible route that benefits everyone. Thank you for your consideration.

  54. jess walker says:

    No pipeline! This is just simply a “no brainer ” decision! No to keystone pipeline! No! No! No! This must not be an issue in the future, attached to some bill….. no pipeline, ever! No!

  55. Susan says:

    No pipeline! Time to move forward toward clean, free energy! Leave this political fiasco behind.

  56. virginia nemith says:

    Please stop the pipeline. As you know we are in the times of earthquakes in places on the earth that never had them. Where the pipeline is going- we have movement of the earth. It is not safe and will pollute our environment for All of our children if there is an accident. The risk far outweighs the benefits. This will also have an impact on your friends and relatives also.Please think. Please stop the pipeline from going in. Please for all of our childrens’ sake. Thank you

  57. Randy Richards Sr. says:

    I believe drilling thousands of holes in the earth and siphoning massive amounts of sludge out of the ground is one of mankind’s biggest mistakes! I think that is what is causing earthquakes because if you think about it we are displacing massive amounts of sludge from under the ground, but what the hell is gonna hold the earth together as we displace tons of material that is probably there for a reason! I don’t think that reason was for us to consume, I think it’s there to stabilize earth! Yes contrary to conservative beliefs it isn’t gay marriage that is causing earthquakes!
    ~What has oil done besides create war and pollute our air and oceans and land!…We have three God given energy sources that are free, clean and never ending! WATER, WIND and SUN are what we should be using not oil!!! Water, wind & sun do not pollute and there is plenty to go around!
    ~If a more advanced human from another planet visited here I think they would be shocked by what we are doing to our home by poking holes into her and fighting over this disgusting black liquid that was meant to stabilize our planet, but instead it is polluting it and causing wars and many lives lost and the perpetuation of greed and the perpetuation of starvation and suffering! This advanced species would probably say what the hell were you thinking!!!…Republicans don’t want clean energy because they are so deep into big oil’s pockets that they are getting rich by suppressing Democrats ideas for a cleaner greener America!…Faux Noise (Fox News) is the biggest liar when it comes to this topic because they are paid to push the republican agenda which is to suppress facts and scare voters on every issue!
    We should be scared, scared for our mother earth and what we have done to her! And we should be scared for our future generations that have to live on this planet too!
    ~~Without a doubt in my mind clean energy is the way we must go!!!

  58. Karen Yeager says:

    No pipeline! It does not provide many jobs and it leaks and ruins people’s property.People will then move away and no one will be paying property taxes to governments.

  59. Jody Cummings says:

    How many ecological disasters are enough? How many dead animals are enough? How many acres of poisoned land are enough? How many tens of billions of dollars spent on clean-up–instead of earth-friendly uses–are enough?

    At what point do we stop putting the interests of big business ahead of all our ethics and morals, and start focusing on taking up stewardship–not dominion!–over this glorious gift of a planet?

  60. Deborah Cicconi says:

    We’ve seen all the leaks, sickness, and death…
    We’ve know it isn’t creating jobs…
    We know that it isn’t helping America financially…
    We know only a few are getting rich off it at America’s expense…
    We also know it makes us vulnerable to accidents and sabotage…
    We know it’s wrong, period.
    NO to Keystone

  61. Marijo says:

    The Tar Sands project will destroy what we have left of our environment, should spills occur, and they will. Better to load it on a train to the refineries. Say no because only a few will profit and we will ALL suffer the consequences of the continued rape of the Earth.

  62. gillian weaver says:

    Canada has two huge shores at the ocean, let them run their dirty mess across their OWN country! We do NOT want it here! How dare they use Eminent domain to illegally seize the property of US citizens! And why? so the filthy oil companies can make more profit, destroy more plants, animals, land and people for a few bucks. It’s oil that is being sold overseas, not here. Plus it’s not even really OIL, but bitumen and the oil companies get out of fines and clean up on that, thanks to our ignorant republican congress persons. Can we have the Whigs back instead of republicans?

  63. kathy says:

    No pipeline. Time to focus on environmentally friendly alternatives. Love your Mother!

  64. Sue Robinson says:

    I think it in not a good idea to run this pipeline across this country. W should invest more in solar & wind power.

  65. audrey says:


  66. Laura Little Holt says:

    It’s Earth Day, 2013. Please stop this ridiculous pipeline plan. It makes no environmental sense whatsoever & crosses too many sacred tribal lands. You will be digging up resting places of our Native ancestors. Our land deserves more care and respect. Thank you

  67. Joan Martinez says:

    Take a pass on the pipeline…and the pollution…and the destruction of one of the few freshest water sources still left in the world! Soon our resources will be worth more than gold as other areas look for pristine waters and fertile land to grow corps that won’t carry lethal substances.
    We need to protect the earth and waters!

  68. Linda Christy says:

    Please do what’s right for our living planet instead of our rotting, overloaded pocketbooks!

  69. Terri Marshall says:

    Please do not expose our precious ground water, fertile farmland and heartland communities to such high risk for toxic environmental and health disaster. We have energy alternatives and the people of this country want representatives to stand up to big oil and industry money and say “no” we don’t need this. We deserve justice for our future existence and the well-being of our children.

  70. feoliocifoico says:

    Hi Randy
    Sorry to say we can run out of water. It took Millions of years for the water to seep in the ground to form the Ogallala Aquifer. It is a shallow water supply from a few feet to 1,000 feet deep. It runs under 8 western states on the plains. It supplies most of the drinking and irritation for these states. There is no way to replace this water, with out it the plain states will turn back into a desert.

  71. Adam says:

    Added my comment. Thanks for the article!