Quick Video Wrap Up Of The Week’s Global Warming News

The good folks at Climate Nexus have an ICYMI 71-second video of the week’s news:

ICYM Week of April 29th from Climate Nexus on Vimeo.

4 Responses to Quick Video Wrap Up Of The Week’s Global Warming News

  1. Since we are at 400 ppm and need to be at 350 ppm, what are the chances that we will be able to pull some of it out of the atmosphere? And if we do that, where do we put it? Should we save that underground storage for that rather than for running coal-burning plants?

  2. Rabid Doomsayer says:

    350ppm was the maximum that might be safe. We really want to be under 320ppm and even that might be have too high to prevent undesirable changes.

  3. D. R. Tucker says:

    Iowa State Senator Rob Hogg joins us to talk about his new book “America’s Climate Century” addressing what’s at stake and what we can do about it. Next, Shanna Devine, lead investigator at The Government Accountability Project (GAP),
    shares her findings in an in-depth look at the health and environmental impacts of the BP oil disaster three years out.
    And Jay Shofet, head of the Green Environment Fund, checks in with some fascinating eco-trends unfolding in Israel.

    Read more:
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  4. Mike Public says:

    A video should really have some visual content, not just a bunch of static text.
    You could have presented the same facts as a set of bullet points.