May 31 News: UN Recommends Big Companies Report Environmental Impacts As Well As Profits

A UN development panel concluded that climate change is too important an issue to leave off of corporate disclosure forms. [Reuters]

Big companies should report their impact on the environment in addition to their earnings under a U.N. plan to boost economic growth and ease poverty by 2030, according to recommendations by a panel of world leaders released on Thursday.

Slowing climate change and protecting the environment should be at the core of global development, said the 27-member panel, led by British Prime Minister David Cameron, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

There is one trend – climate change – which will determine whether or not we can deliver on our ambitions,” the report said. “Without environmental sustainability, we cannot end poverty; the poor are too deeply affected by natural disasters and too dependent on deteriorating oceans, forests and soils.”

The report – handed over by Yudhoyono to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in New York – recommends 12 so-called illustrative goals to replace eight Millennium Development Goals that were aimed at reducing poverty and hunger. Those goals were agreed to by world leaders in 2000 and expire in 2015.

A new special report from USA Today on the impacts of climate change spotlights how increased carbon dioxide creates more pollen, making allergy sufferers miserable. [USA Today]

Former Iowa lawmaker Ed Fallon is organizing a 1,000-person climate march across the country next year, spanning 8 months, thousands of miles, and lots of public curiosity. [Des Moines Register]

A wildfire outside of Los Angeles burned out of control last night, with a local fire inspector saying “Heat is going to be our big enemy.” [LA Times]

The latest on Organizing for America’s grassroots push to discredit climate denial. [The Week]

The fact that glaciers are melting in the Alps is not just a sad reminder of global warming — it also means a greater risk of avalanches as the mountains lose their “glue.” [New York Times]

Let’s say you’re an electric utility — what is it like as hundreds of thousands of solar installations come online? The demand curve moves, you can use less coal, and certain technical issues arise that are not insurmountable. [Renew Economy]

New Jersey is set to increase spending on solar energy by nearly half a billion dollars, meaning almost a hundred more megawatts of new capacity. [Solar Love]

Australia is on track to generate 22 percent of its energy from renewable resources. [CleanTechnica]

What does a timber company actually have to do in order to obtain “green” certification? [LA Times]

The Canadian government refused to detail how $16 million in taxpayer funds was spent to promote oil, gas, and other resources. [Vancouver Sun]

Google invested $12 million in a South African solar farm. [San Jose Mercury News]

Curious about the new solar plane making a cross-country trek? Ask them anything on Reddit today at 1pm. [CleanTechnica]

23 Responses to May 31 News: UN Recommends Big Companies Report Environmental Impacts As Well As Profits

  1. BillD says:

    Seems like just the opposite of the Exxon CEO’s position that a focus on climate change will be to the detriment of the world’s population, especially the poor. I think that the UN leaders are correct. People in developing countries are sensitive to the price of food. A few droughts, floods and other disasters at the same time have the potential to greatly drive up food prices, causing starvation.

  2. Superman1 says:

    The poor will be the first to be thrown under the bus as food shortages increase. But, it’s even far worse than that.

  3. Joan Savage says:

    The UN report on the post-2015 development agenda (81 page pdf) is available.

    Quote about the need for a single agenda:

    “The need for a single agenda is glaring, as soon as one
    starts thinking practically about what needs to be done.
    Right now, development, sustainable development and
    climate change are often seen as separate. They have
    separate mandates, separate financing streams, and
    separate processes for tracking progress and holding
    people accountable. ..”

    (Ch. 1, p.5 in paper text, p.17 in pdf)

    Quote about adaptation:

    “The Panel calls for a quantum leap forward in economic
    opportunities and a profound economic transformation
    to end extreme poverty and improve livelihoods. There
    must be a commitment to rapid, equitable growth – not
    growth at any cost or just short-term spurts in growth, but
    sustained, long-term, inclusive growth that can overcome
    the challenges of unemployment (especially youth
    unemployment), resource scarcity and – perhaps the
    biggest challenge of all – adaptation to climate change. This
    kind of inclusive growth has to be supported by a global
    economy that ensures financial stability, promotes stable,
    long-term private financial investment, and encourages
    open, fair and development-friendly trade. ”

    Ch.2, p.8 in text, p.20 in pdf)

  4. Superman1 says:

    The past three-four decades of inaction on addressing climate change were not consequence-free. They will be directly translatable to reduced longevity of the poor and most vulnerable in the coming decades.

  5. W.J. Van Ry says:

    None of this is going to happen without addressing overpopulation around the globe and in the USA. Also, we need to develop a new economy based on appropriate balancing of human numbers with ecological carrying capacity. That will take time, a lot of time. Do we have it?

  6. Vyacheslav Mammadov says:

    The use of resources without restrictions limit will inevitably lead to global destruction of the planet earth.
    Alternatively, new technology!
    The success is through control of the urbanization limit of civilization.

  7. prokaryotes says:

    ClimateState magazine Issue 1, webbased version now online! Check it out

    There will be a few tweaks here and there but almost done!

  8. Will Fox says:

    California native fish could disappear with climate change,0,3475642.story

    (some of the readers’ comments are depressingly ignorant)

  9. Paul Klinkman says:

    If it were my (disgusting) job as a corporate troll to go onto a good forum and make it less useful, I’d write lots and lots of rather bland responses to myself over and over at the top of the comments section, in order to take up gobs of room, to insure that few if any casual readers would scroll down far enough to look at the more pertinent comments.

    If I were the moderator I’d think about getting rid of the trollish stuff. Its function is to subtly attack your website’s success.

  10. Superman1 says:

    Nice job. One suggestion: put a one sentence summary under each title, like Salon does. It took a while to open the articles I examined, and a summary would have helped me decide whether to open or not.

  11. catman306 says:

    I wonder if we’ll ever know why and how the climate changed on Mars? Is it pertinent to this blog? I think in some way it probably is.

    Mars pebbles prove water history

  12. prokaryotes says:

    Thanks Superman, the server has some probs today for some reason and i will consider to add a overview with a topic description / subline.

  13. Superman1 says:

    The three technical posts between this one and #9 were removed, while content-free and invective-filled posts by Secular are allowed.

  14. Merrelyn Emery says:

    As is Venus, and the anomalies with both these planets may share a common cause but I won’t mention the name of the hypothesizer because I don’t want 30,000 people jumping on me, ME

  15. prokaryotes says:

    If you click this link

    you can watch aerial images from flooded parts in and around Germany.

    The last month there has been maybe 2 or 3 days here when the sun was shining, temps around 10 C only. Very unusual weather for this time of the year.

  16. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Which is precisely what the rulers of the world want. As in Syria, climate destabilisation can be used to further the aim of political destabilisation, and the result is mass suffering, which does not leave our Masters unmoved.

  17. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Such pabulum, with the imprimatur of David Cameron, whose own regime is brutally socially and economically regressive, and geo-politically aggressive, is beyond parody. It is up there with his ‘promise’ to lead the ‘greenest ever UK Government’.

  18. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    New technology is vital, but the supreme necessity is for social and economic justice and equality. Without that necessary precondition we will simply sink into neo-feudalism and the ‘war of all against all’ as the ecosystem disintegrates around us.

  19. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    I thought that it was because its internal dynamo shut down, its protective magnetosphere decayed and the solar wind stripped it of its atmosphere-or is that all just hypothesis?

  20. prokaryotes says:

    Someone just posted this on WU

    Yes, a possible EF-5 monster near El Reno earlier, and since then, just a whole slew of constantly-forming and re-forming and lifting and shifting tornadoes and funnels all over OKC metro—several circulations at any given time. Very high winds as well.

  21. prokaryotes says:

    WTF now in north Norman and the mod says it’s near the school and hospital and might have hit a gas line.