Wall Street Journal Slams ‘Totalitarians’ Behind ‘Dreadful’ Bike-Share Program That Has ‘Begrimed’ NY City

A NY neighborhood 'begrimed' by bikes

You probably think that bike-sharing programs are a modest, environmentally friendly way to give people another option to the fossil-fuel-based car culture that dominates our major cities.

For the Wall Street Journal, though, it is a program designed by “totalitarians,” which has “absolutely begrimed” New York’s “best neighborhoods,” all “so that New Yorkers can feel that they are in Paris and London.” Yes, Mayor Bloomberg is a Euro-socialist dictator! And bikes are so much uglier and dirtier than taxis and parking spots.

Here is WSJ editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz being interviewed by a WSJ staffer who together repeat just about every anti-bike myth imaginable on New York City’s new bike-share program.

It is chilling to believe that any member of that uber-elitest editorial board actually believes “I represent the majority of citizens of the city.”

The myths in that interview have all been debunked by Business Insider (here), most notably that the program has been “sneaked under the radar” — what with “159 public meetings” and “230 private meetings with officials, property owners, and others.”

Let me just add that Washington, DC has had an identical — and very successful — Bike Share program since 2008. But then everyone knows we have been taken over by Euro-socialists.

Or maybe it is Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal that has been taken over — by the pro-pollution crowd:

  • Not The Onion: Wall Street Journal Hits “Rock Bottom” With Inane Op-Ed Urging “More Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide”

43 Responses to Wall Street Journal Slams ‘Totalitarians’ Behind ‘Dreadful’ Bike-Share Program That Has ‘Begrimed’ NY City

  1. prokaryotes says:

    It seems, this article fits into this new aggressive doublespeak rhetoric

    Mr. Speaker, the President’s dishonesty, incompetence, vengefulness and lack of moral compass lead many to suggest that he is not fit to lead.

    “We’re at a crossroads at our country,” Bridestine told Levine. “We’ve got to make a decision. Do we want liberty or do we want tyranny?”

  2. Dave S. Nottear says:

    That was comical – I really thought it was an SNL skit at first, and that you were joshing us.

    Sadly, I believe Mz Dorothy Rabinowitz is representative of too many of the wealthy, economically insulated and isolated folk, in NYC and elsewhere.

    The Adult-Sized Children are a formidable force in America.

    Time to go collect more stones…

  3. Michael Glass says:

    Your reference to your “Not the Onion” post is missing its hyperlink.

  4. Thomas says:

    I wonder what she considers the “best neighborhoods?”

  5. Joan Savage says:

    Joke candy!
    But seriously, Rabinowitz’s non-factual views reflect the general decline in WSJ editorials.

  6. Joan Savage says:

    “The bike lobby is an all-powerful enterprise.” – Rabinowitz

    The Chicago Magazine got a grip on that blooper, and produced an historical view of real bike lobbying in Chicago in the past century. It’s not what we might have expected.

  7. Joan Savage says:

    City cyclists versus suburban cyclists, who knew?

  8. Robert Nagle says:

    What I find so amazing about this video is that she takes it for granted that bikes are dangerous to cars. But she really doesn’t marshall any kind of evidence to support that claim, although the data about bicyclist fatalities is easy to find.

    Once While at a street corner on my bike waiting for the red light, another car nicked me and knocked me off my bike. Luckily it wasn’t serious, and the driver was apologetic. He was a doctor who offered to bring me to his office for an examination. I was ok — the injuries were very minor, but I always remember his last words, “You be careful.”

    “You be careful!?????” The doctor ran into ME. I didn’t do anything to cause this to happen, and yet the doctor was warning me to be more careful…. This is typical of the “windshield vision” that some drivers have about pedestrians and bicyclists.

  9. Joan Savage says:

    Apparently not neighborhoods with the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, pictured here with her son John on bikes in Central Park.

  10. Dennis says:

    When will the Wall Street Journal come out against the taxicab? Seems to me this program works a lot like cabs do.

  11. perceptiventity says:


  12. Joan Savage says:

    That’s in reference to a post in moderation.

    The Chicago Mag has a piece on the history of bicyclist lobbying in the Chicago area. City and suburban cyclists differed over a municipal tax on bicycles.

  13. From Peru says:

    The NY City major is driven by a “totalitarian [socialist/communist] ideology?”….


    Psychological projection in action!

    The only ones that are driven by ideology are people who say the kind of nonsense like this…totally blind to the idea of a common good and basic rights of health and security for every people in the society…

  14. Bart Flaster says:

    OT, I know, but WWUT has been posting open letters raising some legitimate questions (eg. the recent slow down in warming and divergence of predicted warming with actual). I’m a believer in CC and a supporter of renewable energy.

    It seems an opportune time to to call WWUT out to repudiate false claims they have made such as the ones debunked by Potholer54. Pointing out that without repudiation of those false claims their own credibility is tarnished.

    It seems an appropriate sally.

  15. Madeleine du Toit says:

    When I see that something emanates from Wall Street (as with this post, which starts with “Wall Street slams …” I oppose it without reading any further.

  16. robert says:

    My exact thought! Is this an SNL skit? : )

  17. robert says:

    Favorite Quote:

    “The bike lobby is an all-powerful enterprise.” !!!

    Seriously, supporters of the bike program (which, by latest polls, comprises a majority of New Yorkers) need to publicize this video to the hilt!

  18. M Tucker says:

    Dorothy Rabinowitz represents those in America who demonstrate naked arrogance and who are intellectually dead. They have nothing to actually contribute to society. They are selfish egotistical takers who hold back progress.

    Meanwhile Lester Brown, on his Earth Policy Institute site, posted an article on 5/14 titled “Dozens of U.S. Cities Board the Bike-Sharing Bandwagon.” So, it isn’t just New York and DC, we have Dozens of US cities.

    “When New York City opened registration for its much anticipated public bike-sharing program on April 15, 2013, more than 5,000 people signed up within 30 hours. Eager for access to a fleet of thousands of bicycles, they became Citi Bike members weeks before bikes were expected to be available. Such pent-up demand for more cycling options is on display in cities across the United States—from Buffalo to Boulder, Omaha to Oklahoma City, and Long Beach in New York to Long Beach in California—where shared bicycle programs are taking root.

    At the start of 2013, the United States was home to 22 modern public bike-sharing programs. By spring 2014, that number will likely double as a flurry of cities joins the more than 500 bike-sharing communities worldwide. (Read more about bike sharing around the globe here.) With the expansions of current programs and new openings in larger markets like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, the nationwide fleet of shared bikes is poised to quadruple in the next couple of years, from nearly 9,000 to above 36,000. And with a growing list of American communities exploring the possibility of setting up bike shares, this number is expected to continue to climb.”

    So, not only is Dorothy Rabinowitz a dead weight around the neck of progress but the WSJ is nothing more than a propaganda machine for people like Rabinowitz.

    Read a wonderful article and see a list of US cities all on board with the bike-sharing program. It’s a lot of cities! This is not a small movement.

  19. Raul M. says:

    OT I know and Greenland has warm enough weather today at 4pm for the ladies to sunbathe after work at a number of locations.

  20. Sasparilla says:

    Bart, if you read WWUT, you’ll find all your answers to the “questions” raised by the deniers/delayers, answered in excruciating detail (often directly taking apart the silly, pro fossil fuel Op Ed’s & Ed’s the Journal sticks out there – just like prior WSJ Ed’s about CFC’s not destroying the Ozone layer and before that the WSJ Ed’s saying Smoking didn’t cause cancer – they’re remarkably consistent over the decades in being a mouthpiece for whatever propaganda talking point big industry wants to put out there).

    In the end, it comes down to the basic question, will a greenhouse gas behave like a greenhouse gas if its released into the atmosphere? Of course it will.

  21. Sasparilla says:

    I think the cabs use fossil fuel’s and these folks probably still use them occasionally.

    Love this on bicycles though. Lovely touch with the Chevron commercial running before the video started.

  22. fj says:

    Bikeshare is extremely early stage net zero transport and transit.

    Must be scary to the fossil fuel industry when it truly gets out that it not needed at all and is in fact a major drain on the economy and the environment.

  23. fj says:

    There are one million NYC public school students.

    Imagine how great that would be if the streets were completely safe and students could bikeshare instead of having to travel underground sardine-like in subways or in packed buses to and from school.

  24. prokaryotes says:

    Wall Street Journal Slams ‘Totalitarians’ Behind ‘Dreadful’ Bike-Share Program That Has ‘Begrimed’ NY City – The bike lobby is an all-powerful enterprise (

  25. fj says:

    Citi Bikeshare is wonderful.

    I took it across the Brooklyn Bridge in bright sunshine and it was absolutely sublime.

    At $95 per year, it costs a fraction what it costs to maintain a bike in the city and an even smaller fraction what it costs to take mass transit; and, it uses existing infrastructure at virtually no extra cost, which because it was built to support cars and even heavier vehicles, is exorbitantly expensive.

    By the way, a car costs on average something like $9000 per year according to New York AAA.

  26. Timothy Hughbanks says:

    As a bike commuter sitting cooling off from my ride home from work, I got a thrill hearing that if I were to leave College Station TX and move to New York, I would be part of an all-powerful Inner Party totalitarian apparatus that seeks to RULE THE CITY! Mwahahahaha!

  27. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Class hatred is very important to the Right. They must believe that they are an elect, and the rabble, whose labour produced every dime of the elite’s wealth, are untermenschen. An unchanging attitude, rooted deep in the their psyche.

  28. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Rabidowitz is probably trying to attract Rupert’s attention. She will have added to her prospects with this lunacy, in the ideological bedlam and moral swamp of the Murdochcracy.

  29. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Precisely! Very well stated.

  30. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Rabidowitz represents the power elite, who, seeing their neo-feudal project crumbling, are becoming more and more belligerent and desperate. They intend fighting their loss of total power and dominance, which loss is required if humanity are to survive, with every ounce of their hideous strength. This, as ever throughout history with class warfare, will be a bitter struggle, only this time, if the Right win again, it will be the end of us all.

  31. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Pure pathopsychological projection, from the real totalitarians.

  32. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Here’s a similar psychopathy, on display in the Financial Review our (non-Murdoch) business ‘community’ rag. Headlined, ‘Moral Inferiority of Deep Green Activists’, it begins,
    ‘American environmentalist Bill McKibben is receiving fawning (that’s where a person is treated with a little courtesy, or even allowed any exposure at all-its a favourite Rightwing smear term)coverage on the ABC for his deep green agenda (familiar hate words for any environmentalists)….etc’. Followed by mostly hatred directed at McKibben for daring to say that we musn’t go on mining coal if we wish to avoid climate catastrophe. But back to the smear-job.
    ‘Australians (good, Right-thinking Australians, for whom The Fin speaks)should not feel morally defensive over the critique of a radical (anyone to the Left of the editorialist)modern-day Malthusian who favours a global one-child per family policy…..This newspaper readily accepts the majority (weaseling here, of course, a majority only, not the ‘near unanimous save for shonks and cranks’ that would be more accurate)scientific conclusion that…fossil fuels…(are) warming the Earth. But dealing with this requires concerted global action (ie foist the cost on the poor world, as we attempted at Copenhagen)that would both mitigate and adapt (like the dinosaurs ‘adapted’)to climate change at least cost (to the rich).
    ‘Deep green environmentalists (an ubiquitous hate trope throughout the MSM)object to…..Australia generating our energy from …both renewables and fossil fuels and still exporting coal and gas into the second half of this century’. (So he either refutes the science, is totally ignorant of it or just doesn’t give a damn). Then it pushes carbon capture and storage, a non-existing technology, praises economic growth as the only way to progress, and proposes ‘…less-costly mitigation in other countries.)- that is the ‘carbon off-sets’ scam, where the untermenschen in the poor world do the heavy-lifting while the ubermenschen, like the editorialists, go on as they prefer. The WSJ is just the festering tip of a worldwide, hard Right, MSM jihad against environmentalism in any form whatsoever. On the one hand it is good, because it shows them to be scared, but on the other, cornered rats are more dangerous than ever.

  33. nyc-tornado-10 says:

    On the local nyc cbs news station it was reported on wednesday that the bikeshare has been used 100,000 times in it’s first 10 days, which comes out to an average of almost 2 rides a day for each bicycle. That’s pretty good for the first 10 days of the program. I have a feeling that some users of the bikeshare may decide to get their own bikes and use them for transportation.

    One thing about taxis in nyc, they have been using more hybrid taxis in recent years, the city is experimenting with several electric cabs, so the WSJ is likely to oppose taxi cabs when they stop using fossil fuel, or at least greatly reduce their consumption. This also helps build up the market for hybrids and electric vehicles.

    The main purpose of WSJ is investment infomation and news. If they deny global warming and it’s effects, they are delegitimizing their coverage.

    Of course, the WSJ and other wall $treet news propaganda sources never even hinted the US economy was about to collapse 5 years ago, so what use are they, even in their own specialty of economics?

  34. Jeff Poole says:

    Here in Brisbane our LNP (= Conservative) former Mayor (now our state Premier) set up exactly the same kind of city bike system.

    The Labor opposition ( = US Democrats) supposedly the more environmentally friendly party opposed it with media support from…?

    You guessed it- Rupert Murdoch’s Courier Mail newspaper. Our only statewide daily paper.

    It’s past time we ditched ‘liberal’, ‘conservative’ or whatever to describe politics and merely stuck with pro- or anti- Murdoch.

    Anything that Uncle Rupert opposes is fine by me.

  35. nyc-tornado-10 says:

    “For the Wall Street Journal, though, it is a program designed by “totalitarians,” which has “absolutely begrimed” New York’s “best neighborhoods,” all “so that New Yorkers can feel that they are in Paris and London.” ”

    I prefer copenhegan, but certainly london is a very pleasant city (i have never been to paris). The WSJ makes socialism seem so nice, is socialism really that wonderful, i would love to join the party!

  36. Rabinowitz: “The bikes lobby is an all-powerful enterprise.”

    Wow! I think I should join. I’d love to be all-powerful.

    “Oops, there goes another fossil fuel plant!”

  37. rollin says:

    “The bike lobby is all powerful…” great comedy here. Who could write this stuff.

    The same thing happened when the power company started putting up solar panels on power poles all around central Jersey.

  38. toby says:

    Rabinowitz represents the majority .. of her country club and dinner guests.

  39. fj says:

    Should ramp to about 10-12 rides per bike per day.

    7000 bikes now projected for end of 2013.

    Way too slow ramp up on numbers and neighborhoods serviced.

  40. Raul M. says:

    Oh, maybe she had a headache, you know, someone or group making lots of money on puts and calls ( stocks) just before a natural disaster and then putting the money back into the affected community so. Probably very hard to coordinate pr campaigns with put and call campaigns. But you know, putting the profit margine back into the community for the people has its advantages. It’s not as headachy.

  41. nyc-tornado-10 says:

    Let’s hope there are growing pains, due to very high demand, and i think it will happen. As the program spreads to the outer buroughs, it will be more convenient for everyone, as it offers more coverage.

    In nyc, and many large cities, driving for general transportation is crazy, you are operating a 20,000 dollar machine under high stress, just to get around, it is working and paying to get to work.

  42. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    One malignant creature, terminally poisoning society after society-what a final testament to the innate wickedness of capitalism. And more proof, if any were required, of the death of the ‘social democrats’ of so-called ‘Labor’.