June 14 News: Obama’s Second-Term Climate Strategy Could Be Unveiled In July

According to former Obama administration officials and some donors, the President plans to release his climate strategy next month — cutting carbon pollution from power plants and possibly investing in biofuels for the military. [Bloomberg]

With his administration under pressure from environmentalists to reject the Keystone XL pipeline project, President Barack Obama plans to unveil a package of separate actions next month focused on curbing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

At closed-door fundraisers held over the past few weeks, the president has been telling Democratic party donors that he will unveil new climate proposals in July….

Obama’s promise frequently comes in response to pleas from donors to reject TransCanada Corp. (TRP)’s proposed Keystone XL project, a $5.3 billion pipeline that would carry tar-sands oil from Canada to U.S. refineries. Opponents of the pipeline say it would increase greenhouse-gas emissions by encouraging use of the tar sands.

While Obama has not detailed the specifics of his plan to the donors, pipeline opponents anticipate the package will include a plan from the Environmental Protection Agency to issue final rules to limit greenhouse-gas emissions from new power plants….

The White House plan may also include a standard for limits on existing power plants, something EPA officials have said they expect to propose in the next 18 months.

38,000 people have fled their homes and two have died as Colorado battles a historic wildfire outside of Colorado Springs. [New York Times]

Wildfires are substantially worsened by climate change. [Mother Jones]

The Department of Energy is cutting its own leakage of sulfur hexafluoride, the most potent greenhouse gas in existence, in half after the department’s office of sustainability support took action following an executive order to cut emissions. [New York Times]

Senators from states hit by Hurricane Sandy are putting political pressure on the White House to impose carbon emissions standards on power plants, saying the storm makes the case for stronger steps to confront climate change. [The Hill]

A study says warming oceans are the biggest contributor to loss of Antarctic ice, driving melting from the bottom up. [Carbon Brief]

A new report from NOAA finds that extreme weather cost the U.S. $110 billion and 300 lives in 2012. [Climate Central]

The Department of Justice and state of Arkansas are suing Exxon Mobil over March’s tar sands pipeline oil spill. [The Hill]

More and more, developing nations are beginning to invest in renewable energy. [Bloomberg]

How lawsuits from environmental organizations can compel the executive branch to cut carbon pollution while also saving it money. [National Journal]

45 percent more of the U.S. could be at risk of flood by 2100, according to a FEMA report. [Mother Jones]

Spring in the United States was colder, wetter, and featured more extreme weather than what’s average. [Climate Central]

The Senate EPW Committee will consider a comprehensive climate bill offered by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in July. [The Hill]

NIVEA is touting its new magazine ad, which includes a printed sheet of solar panels for charging your cellphone on the beach. [Clean Technica]

The expected future price of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars is dropping fast. [Gas2Post]

30 Responses to June 14 News: Obama’s Second-Term Climate Strategy Could Be Unveiled In July

  1. wili says:

    Earth could be four degrees warmer by 2100: Report

    “The planet is on track to warm by four degrees Celsius by the year 2100, if the global community fails to act on climate change, a new report by Climate Action Tracker has said.

    “Recent emissions trends and estimates of the effects of those policies in place and proposed lead to a new estimate that warming is likely to approach 4 degrees Celsius by 2100, significantly above the warming that would result from full implementation of the pledges,” the report said.

    The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has previously set a goal of limiting the increase in the global temperature to no more than two degrees Celsius every century.

    The report said the “existing and planned policies are not sufficient for countries to meet these pledges” and current emissions trends are likely to lead to higher emission levels than previously projected.

    “The continuous global fossil-fuel intensive development of the past decade suggests that high warming levels of 4 degrees Celsius are more plausible than assuming full implementation of current pledges,” the Climate Action Tracker said in its latest update, released at the Bonn climate talks.

    Marion Vieweg, Climate Analytics project manager, said: “There are no new targets and governments appear to be undermining, weakening or even cheating on their current rules.””

  2. Mike Roddy says:

    Don’t hold your breath. Biofuels are no better than gasoline when it comes to GHG’s, and are the President’s gift to Monsanto.

    Barry won’t do anything, and we can’t even make him. He’s on the side of the fossil fuel companies.

  3. Alduos says:

    “They’d said that for a long time we were a disaster waiting to happen. I guess it finally caught up with us,” said Mrs. Bailey. Truer words have never been spoken.

  4. We'll see what happens says:

    Knowing Obama he’ll announce this strategy and approve the pipeline in an effort to make everyone happy or to be seen as bi-partisan.

  5. Sasparilla says:

    I agree Mike. It’s funny how the President’s rhetoric on climate change magically changes for elections, pre election European visits and in particular fundraising events, good sounding words but then the actions are the opposite of those grandiose statements and recently of course him publicly using denier language 2 weeks ago in a speech stating that “when the science is in” on climate change the government will have a place to take part in addressing it….

    He’s been a good supporter of green tech, but on pure climate change issues he has been and is part of the problem preventing serious action.

  6. Spike says:

    Qamar-uz-Zaman Chaudhry, a vice-president of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and former director of Pakistan’s Met Office, said the recent extreme summer temperatures that are commonly followed by massive floods could largely be attributed to climatic warming. “If we look at the frequency and the trend of the extreme weather events impacting Pakistan then it is easy to find its link with climate change,” he said.

  7. GreenCaboose says:

    On the plus side he’ll make the occasional mention of climate change in a speech, fund a few green energy firms (they are after all big bucks contributors) and have the EPA do a few things that can easily be reversed later. But on anything with a permanent effect you can’t distinguish between the Obama administration and the previous administration of Oil company executives. Extending drilling, pipelines, you name it – Subsidizies-To-Carbon-Firms-R-Us.

  8. prokaryotes says:

    US domestic surveillance has targeted anti-fracking activists across the country.

    W T F

  9. prokaryotes says:

    How are we supposed to combat climate change? Holding hands and singing Kumbaya? At least this article did not mentioned

  10. prokaryotes says:

    The Heartland Institute’s skeptical Chinese fantasy
    The Chinese Academy of Sciences translated a Heartland report, but endorses the climate change consensus

  11. prokaryotes says:

    ‘Hey, Senator Inhofe, I am not going fishing. (Many) military people like me want to get climate change right.’ — Ret. General Steve Anderson

  12. prokaryotes says:

    Climate activist need your support!

  13. Colorado Bob says:

    In the articles I’ve read about this study the Live Science one had this nugget –

    This phenomenon may have helped melt the Larsen B Ice Shelf, most of which collapsed in 2002. Now, the glaciers that were slowed by the shelf’s enormous mass have sped up, flowing to sea up to eight times faster than previously, Rignot said. If all the ice shelves were entirely removed, glacier speeds would increase by up to tenfold on average, he added.

  14. Colorado Bob says:

    The 6-12-2013

    19:45 UTC

    Fires and smoke in western United States
    (afternoon overpass)

    If one clicks the 250 meter resolution, the ground is just fried in New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas.

  15. prokaryotes says:

    Thanks for pointing that out Bob, added the article now to this story.

  16. prokaryotes says:

    “These changes are faster and larger than anything people anticipated,” Rignot told LiveScience’s OurAmazingPlanet.

  17. prokaryotes says:

    d new environmental regulations could force some utilities to close their coal-burning plants, Riley says. But the stocks have been so hammered — some down as much as 75% — that they could eventually become a value play.

  18. Charles Zeller says:

    If algae and 10,000 sq miles could displace fossil fuel derived gasoline, that would be a technology that would significantly reduce atmospheric CO2 concentration increases. Disrupting the geological carbon cycle is much worse than efficiently utilizing the biological carbon cycle.

  19. fj says:

    Obama must nix Keystone XL immediately and move this country to act on climate change at wartime time speed.

    Anything less is extremely dangerous.

  20. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    The excrescence would simply re-appear elsewhere with a new name. Zombie slime. Evil in humanity never dies. We really looked, I think, like we might get a grip on it, what with the Enlightenment, the growth of collectivist ideologies, the wakening of ecological consciousness, the emancipation of subject populations etc, but then radical evil hit back, from the 1970s onwards, propelled by insatiably greedy capitalist dead souls, unprepared to share life’s good things with others, and, here we are, forty brief years later, staring into the abyss, and being scourged over the edge.

  21. Colorado Bob says:

    Been reading more on the westerlies moving south and gaining speed.
    The Southern Hemisphere Westerlies in a Warming World: Propping Open the Door
    to the Deep Ocean

    They found that the strengthened
    westerlies had accelerated an
    existing wind-driven circulation in
    which the wind draws water to the
    surface from deep down beneath
    the southern edge of the band of
    westerlies and draws it northward
    across the northern edge, where it
    sinks down a kilometer or more in
    the subtropics.

  22. Sasparilla says:

    Whenever you are threatening the status quo – particularly a status quo with as much money and power (in Govt) as the fossil fuel industry, participants will be watched & classified as a possible or outright threat by the facilities of that government…I’m sure climate change activists are no different here.

    Even the short history of the U.S. is filled with examples of the govt protecting the status quo whether it was race based change, labor trying to exercise power in the economy you name it – until the tipping point is reached the rock rolls the other way.

  23. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Nafeez Ahmed has an excellent piece in The Guardian regarding the incredible depth and extent of military and quasi-military and private corporate spying and surveillance already being targeted on environmentalists and anti-capitalists like the Occupy movement. The spying is nakedly on behalf of corporate interests (who run their own huge intelligence and disruption activities and benefit from the massive privatisation of intelligence and surveillance since 9/11)and has leaped forward since 2008 (what happened then, I wonder?). He mentions at one stage, FBI documents that, ‘..confirmed a ‘strategic partnership between the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the private sector’ designed to produce intelligence on behalf of ‘the corporate security community’. In other words, as one critic put it, ‘…federal agencies acting as a de facto intelligence arm of Wall Street and Corporate America’. You can see what’s coming, a mile away. So many straws in the wind, a wind steadily whipping up and up. The Bosses are sowing this wind, with their greed, lust for power and misanthropy, and we, the people, will inherit the whirlwind.

  24. Colorado Bob says:

    More on the ice shelf melt item.
    It’s the volcanoes the South Sandwich Islands …………… Capt. Cook saw them in 1775, the deniers found them about 2 years ago when the British found even more sea mounts. But farting around with the deniers makes for good research , and I found a beauty , the South Sandwich Trench .
    Just look at that seafloor East of the Drake Passage.

  25. Colorado Bob says:

    The largest ocean current in the world comes through this , the fly wheel of the entire ocean system, the ACC the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.

    This fly wheel has me worried , The speed of the winds here, the speed of the water . Of all the places not to go, is to try and across this new normal spinning around Antarctica. By 2100 it will be a very violent place. All the time.

    The total heat going after the last cold place.

    The westerlies are gaining speed and moving south That means the system is gaining speed.
    It’s also a direct pipe to the bottom of all the worlds oceans. We get this spinning really fast, we can put a lot of Co2 and heat very deep in every ocean.
    The ocean due East of Cape Horn is 14, 528 feet deep.

    It’s 15,204 feet off Eleaphant Island, and the South Shetlands.

    That’s hell of a water wheel.

  26. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Humanity has long been an immanent disaster waiting for the technological means to be developed that would ensure its unfolding. Once we set to cutting down the forests, farming and herding animals, and growing our population, we were on the road to perdition. There have always been philosophers and thinkers who saw how it would all end, but greed, arrogance and good old-fashioned hubris won out in the end. Nemesis draws near.