June 25 News: Markey And Gomez Battle To The Finish In MA Senate Race

Massachusetts voters will choose their junior senator to replace Secretary of State John Kerry in today’s special election: Rep. Ed Markey, who got a cap-and-trade bill passed in the House or Gabriel Gomez, who claims to be a “green Republican” but mostly talks about supporting the Keystone XL pipeline. [CBS News]

Massachusetts voters appear poised to keep their congressional delegation blue in Tuesday’s special senatorial election, according to the latest poll. Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., leads Republican Gabriel Gomez by 10 percent, 52 to 42 percent, in the race for Secretary of State John Kerry’s former Senate seat, according to Suffolk University.

Democrats in the state have been intent on assuring that Tuesday’s election won’t be a repeat of the 2010 Senate special election, when Republican Scott Brown defeated Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, a Democrat. Brown filled Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy’s seat after his death, but lost reelection against Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., in November.

Today, President Obama is going to detail his plans to address climate change during his second term — but he’s just giving the people what they want. The public gives broad support to air pollution regulations, including those for carbon. [Reuters op-ed]

One concern about the new carbon pollution standards is how long they could possibly take to be enacted — and the fact that oil and gas refineries are not included. [Fuel Fix, Fuel Fix]

Coal shares plunged yesterday, a result of President Obama’s upcoming climate speech, weak economic data from China and overall stock market downturn. [Washington Post]

Alaska has been dealing with record highs as the jet stream wobbles and weaves “like a drunken driver.” [AP]

Lots of people in the media are still confusing “a slowdown in global surface air warming” with “a slowdown in global warming.” [Skeptical Science]

Four people have been killed in the worst flood in Alberta’s history. [Bloomberg]

An oversupply of carbon permits in the EU’s emissions trading program will cancel out efforts to cut emissions elsewhere, according to a new report. [Guardian]

The Supreme Court has agreed to review a lower court decision nixing an EPA rule aimed at cutting soot and smog emissions that cross state lines. [The Hill]

Chile’s Environmental Evaluation Service has already approved 4 gigawatts of new solar projects, and is reviewing another 2.2 gigawatts. [Clean Technica]

The world’s first vessel to circumnavigate the planet will become a research ship this summer. [New York Times]

Over the weekend, a wildfire burning up the Rio Grande National Forest in Colorado doubled in size — 117 square miles. [AP]

Researchers have developed a single-step way of converting carbon dioxide into methanol fuel. [Clean Technica]

14 Responses to June 25 News: Markey And Gomez Battle To The Finish In MA Senate Race

  1. prokaryotes says:

    Obama begins to speak in about 2 hrs from now… stream is online already

  2. prokaryotes says:

    Environment Canada Considers Geo-engineering as Climate Change Fix in ‘Secret’ Meeting, Documents Reveal

  3. prokaryotes says:

    Mount Ararat, the 5,137-metre outcrop on which some believe Noah and his Ark survived the great flood, is a symbol of identity to many millions of Armenians. It has also become a symbol of conflict − and its warming climate is a likely harbinger of change to come in the region.

  4. prokaryotes says:

    Green vehicles are EU’s win-win option

    Powerful message to Europe’s politicians that building low-carbon cars and vans is the way to create a million jobs, boost the economy − and improve air quality

  5. prokaryotes says:

    “These are facts… in a world that is warmer than it used to be, all weather events are affected by a warming planet.”—President Obama #ActOnClimate

  6. prokaryotes says:

    Outlining a new climate change plan on a warm day in Washington, President Obama said Tuesday his State Department should not sign off on the Keystone XL oil pipeline if it increases greenhouse gas emissions. #ActOnClimate

  7. Joan Savage says:

    NOAA just posted on FB 9 minutes ago:

    Pavlof volcano, in Alaska’s Aleutian chain, just erupted, sending ash and steam up to 28,000 feet in the atmosphere, which could affect North Pacific jet routes. The NWS Alaska Aviation Weather Unit issued an a Significant Meteorological Information, or SIGMET, message and the NWS Anchorage Weather Forecast Office has issued an Ashfall Advisory and a Marine Statement. In addition, the NWS Cold Bay Weather Service Office is conducting an extra upper air sounding. More info…

    (To see the Ashfall Advisory, click on the part of the Aleutian chain highlighted in yellow on the map.)

  8. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    We’ve been destroying it, and ourselves, since we marched out of Africa. We have one last, hopeless, chance to become something other than utterly destructive, right now. It’s make or break time for the uptight ape.

  9. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    In secret is where 90% of decisions are made in capitalist ‘democracies’. Make that 99%.

  10. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    If Gomez is a ‘Green Reptilican’ then possibly he means that he is a chameleon, and will change his colour when elected (to deep brown, or an aggressive orange). No doubt much eye swiveling and tongue-lashing is also possible.