June 26 News: Obama’s Climate Plan Will Also Aid Public Health

Photo: Sean Suddes/Sierra Club

In addition to slowing climate change, public health advocates heard President Obama’s climate plan and hope it will cut down on asthma and respiratory diseases. [Modern Health Care, subs. req’d]

When President Obama revealed his Climate Action Plan on Tuesday, public health advocates concerned with the impact of global warming on human health were paying close attention. They hope the president’s plan will help reduce what they say are the changing climate’s adverse effects on child and adult asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases, heart disease, diabetes, and other air- and heat-related conditions, as well as water-borne and insect-borne diseases.

Following the president’s climate change speech at Georgetown University, leaders of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America met with Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and other national health leaders. AAFA President and CEO Bill McLin and board Chair Lynn Hanessian planned to stress the importance of environmental protection in protecting public health.

“Twenty-five million Americans, including over 7 million children, have asthma, and 50 million Americans have allergies,” McLin said in a release.

Those numbers are significantly higher than they were just a little over a decade ago. In 2001, about 20 million people in the U.S. had asthma. Between 2001 and 2009, the number of Americans with asthma rose by 25%, from about 1 in 14 people to 1 in 12. And although it is difficult for experts to pinpoint exactly why these rates have risen, it is widely agreed that increased air pollution and allergens worsen the symptoms for those with asthma and allergies.

Last night, Rep. Ed Markey became Senator Ed Markey as he won the special election to replace John Kerry as Massachusetts’ junior Senator. [Grist]

President Obama said action to curtail climate change was needed because, “Americans across the country are already paying the price of inaction.” [New York Times, Wall Street Journal]

President Obama is beginning to address climate change as a health problem, not just an environmental one. [National Geographic]

Not only warmer temperatures, but also possibly melting sea ice in the Arctic is behind the massive flooding in Alberta. [Calgary Herald]

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) had one takeaway from Obama’s climate speech: the President has declared war on coal. [The Hill]

So just how will the president’s climate plan affect the coal industry? [National Geographic]

A federal study has found tar sands oil doesn’t pose a greater risk to pipelines than conventional oil, but doesn’t address the environmental and health risks of a spill. [InsideClimate News

The UK is likely to miss its carbon emissions targets in the 2020s, because emissions cuts aren’t happening quickly enough. [Guardian]

Rising seas are about to swallow the island home of Marshall Islands President Christopher Loeak. [The Telegraph]

Experts are saying poor local planning and a destructive approach to development have left Himalayan communities in India vulnerable to extreme flooding. [New Scientist]

Researchers recently got a glimpse of just how much trash is littering the sea floor. [Treehugger]

On Tuesday, LA became the biggest city in the country to ban plastic shopping bags. [AP]

19 Responses to June 26 News: Obama’s Climate Plan Will Also Aid Public Health

  1. prokaryotes says:

    Big Oil’s Big Lies About Alternative Energy

    What this article concludes is basically that all the major oil companies for years just joked around when it came to clean tech..”greenwashing”.

  2. prokaryotes says:

    Police and prosecutors also failed to disclose, during two trials of climate-change activists, that an undercover cop called Mark Kennedy had secretly taped their meetings, and that his recordings exonerated the protesters. Twenty people were falsely convicted. Those convictions were later overturned.

    If the state is prepared to abuse its powers and instruments so widely and gravely in cases such as this, where there is a high risk of detection, and if it is prepared to intrude so far into people’s lives that its officers live with activists and father their children, what is it not prepared to do while spying undetectably on our private correspondence?

  3. prokaryotes says:

    Researchers study 18,000 hours of deep sea footage, find ocean seafloor is covered in trash…

    Imagine intelligent species in the future assessing our sediment footprint.

  4. prokaryotes says:

    The Folly of a War on Science

    “Signs of catastrophic climate change have yet to touch, let alone slow down, the richly-funded-anti-science and anti-environment climate change denial movement enthralling most North American governments – Canada’s federal government in particular.”

  5. prokaryotes says:

    The Climate Show 34: Four Hiroshima bombs a second

  6. prokaryotes says:

    Climate change models predict heavier rains, more precipitation falling as rain instead of snow and rain falling on top of snow — all of which favour more flooding, said Pomeroy.
    “This is Pacific Northwest U.S. weather we’re getting and we’re not built for it. We didn’t design our cities, our floodways, our flood maps, anything for this. ”
    Alberta should build flood walls along the Bow River and manage its reservoirs for flood control as well as power generation, Pomeroy suggested. He said it was just luck that some reservoirs upstream from Calgary were unusually low and were able to hold back some of the water.
    The province also will have to rethink what it considers developable land, said Pomeroy. The location of some developments in the Bow Valley are actually built on flood plains, something he calls “absurd hubris.”
    “We’ve got to live with it and that means not developing in certain areas,” he said. “We can’t engineer our way out of this.”

  7. prokaryotes says:

    This. Must think in with the oil folks “We can’t engineer our way out of this.”

  8. Leif says:

    “Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) had one takeaway from Obama’s climate speech: the President has declared war on coal.”

    I would say,: “Coal, (Ecocide Fossil Barons), have long declared war on humanity, the President has finally declared retaliation.”

  9. prokaryotes says:

    Shares of Peabody Energy have plunged 49% since hitting a 52-week high in November. Walter Energy has lost 75% of its value the past year and most of those losses have come within the past five months.

    If you divest you are a patriot!

  10. Sasparilla says:

    These are really massive losses/drops in what has been an up market.

    The stocks may come back some of course, since we’re exporting so much coal but at some point exports will start getting the spigot turned off, as an investor (even if you care less about climate change) why even be exposed to it…seems alot of investors are considering this and fleeing.

    Coal is the first fossil fuel industry that has to have a stake driven through its heart – seems like the financial guru’s already get this and know its only a matter of time.

  11. prokaryotes says:

    “The all-time record high of 117 degrees could be broken Saturday in Las Vegas, according to AccuWeather senior meteorologist Alan Reppert. The average high this time of year in Sin City is around 102 degrees, he says.”

  12. Merrelyn Emery says:

    Julia Gillard’s PMship showed us all what lies behind the surface of our culture. I’m an old woman now, seen it all, and had hoped her ascension would finally nail our dream of equality in action. Wrong again! She was subjected to the most concerted negative, and sexist, campaign I have ever seen in this country. So the polls went down and guess what, her party blamed her for it and elected a man they thought could drum up more votes, a man who plays the media like a symphony. No wonder the younger generations have no faith in repesentative democracy, ME

  13. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    The only thing they left out (so far) was an attempt to gaol her, on trumped-up non-charges, as they did with Carmen Lawrence. They even ran a rigged Royal Commission, to produce the necessary pre-determined findings, but that was a feature of the Howard years. As ever, the excrescence of Murdochianism led the misogynistic charge, as they did against Christine Nixon, Lawrence, Joan Kirner, the Ngarrindjeri women, Germaine Greer for decades (of course Germs just laughs at them, not caring for the opinions of poltroons).Gillard was not the bees’ knees, but in comparison to that monument to egomania, Rudd, and the unspeakable Abbott, she begins to look like Joan of Arc.

  14. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    The sheer degree of state surveillance and spying is profoundly disturbing, and has nothing to do with ‘terrorists’, nearly all of the domestic type being patsies carefully and blatantly cultivated by the police forces for PR purposes, to justify yet more money spent on police powers and technology. The real enemy is the rabble, who need to be kept in line, silent, obedient and quiescent. The Bosses know that the reality of ecological catastrophe will lead to mass unrest, so they are preparing for that day, and a decapitation strategy of neutralising habitual whingers, like our happy company, is certain to be a central part of their strategy to maintain power.

  15. Merrelyn Emery says:

    So far is correct. They will never forgive her for breaking the rules and actually doing the unthinkable, like pricing carbon, ME