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  1. Mark Belgium says:

    I live in one of the smallest countries in Europe. Belgium, the land of Rene Magritte, a surrealist painter. His most famous painting is ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’. Belgians are poorly understood in the rest of the world. We have this strange kind of humor (surrealistic), are far too modest and the subject of mocking mainly by the ‘superior’ British. Last year at the end of September we had a big climate event: “Sing for the climate”. 80,000 people gathered all over the country to sing a song to urge our leaders to act. A few weeks later 300,000 students where singing the same song in their schools, in train stations and on public squares. This was a real grassroots event organized by so many individuals after Nick Baltazar (our local climate activist) made an appeal on national television. Al the different events where filmed to make a video clip:
    As a true activist, Nick also achieved that his video was shown at the last day at the Doha conference.
    So, 380,000 people were involved in climate action and nobody heard of this, only “Big in Belgium”. That is real surrealism.

  2. Colorado Bob says:

    “It’s total destruction, down to the topsoil. Even the roots of (the) trees, they’re gone. Forget about it,” said Johnny Tomatuk, deputy chief of the Cree community in Eastmain.

    By Friday, the fire had burned through an area of about 300,000 hectares, about six times the size of the island of Montreal.

    “It all generated about four kilometres away from our backyard and just took off eastward, where the wind was pushing it,” he said.

    The area hasn’t had any rain in over 60 days, Tomatuk said, leaving plenty of dry fuel for the fire.

  3. Colorado Bob says:

    Ghosts of Forests Past: Bark Beetles Kill Lodgepole Pines, Affecting Entire Watersheds

    Bark beetle epidemic changing water quality as well as forest health

  4. prokaryotes says:

    Perception of climate opinion in the public mind by Stephan Lewandowsky

    Michael Mann: The Battle to Communicate Climate Change: Lessons from The Front Lines – summary

    State of the Climate System (2013) by Richard Alley
    Walk through to recent science.

  5. rollin says:

    The warnings went out years ago and are still going out. Everyone knows about global warming, apparently we are not psychologically wired to control nature on a more than personal scale, merely to adapt to large changes, if possible.

  6. prokaryotes says:

    Support Carbon War Room #TenIslandChallenge & win a trip to meet yours truly in NYC

  7. Superman1 says:

    We have a problem dealing with time lags. Many diseases, like lung cancer, involve decades between initiation of the stimulus and when harsh effects start appearing, and the latter has little impact on the former. Climate change has many such similarities.

  8. Sasparilla says:

    Train explosion (oil carrying) in Quebec forces evacuation – train derails, oil cars catch on fire…

    Not sure if this is tar sands or not.

  9. BobbyL says:

    Sounds like our foreign policy. Arm a bunch of religious zealots (or Holy Warriors as they call themselves) to fight the Soviet Union and not worry about blowback in years to come.

  10. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    No Bobby. Ride the Blowback! That’s the path to ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’, and endless trillion plus military budgets.

  11. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    We are well and truly rooted, as they say. It was quite sobering to read an article in The Guardian, pointing out the incontrovertible fact that more damage is done to the planet by the over-consumption of the rich, and the rich world in general, than by the subsistence consumption of the billions of poor, then see the CiF comments fill with rabid, undisguised, race hatred of all those nasty brown people who are ruining our world by their very existence. With the Right more dominant than ever, and, as our worst PM ever Howard used to mucilaginously observe, the times suiting their ideology of xenophobic fear and hatred and paranoia, we are in for a bumpy ride. Even with food, Western over-consumption of meat, with so much grain going to feed, and metabolically poison, cattle, is a prime disaster, but we’d never give up our steaks, would we?

  12. prokaryotes says:

    The European Biochar Research Network (eBRN) & COST Action TD1107 Biochar as option for sustainable resource management interconnect knowledge in Biochar systems all over Europe

  13. prokaryotes says:

    Ocean Satellite Jason-1 Dies After 11 1/2-Year Mission

    The joint U.S. and French satellite Jason-1 was decommissioned this week after its last remaining transmitter failed, according to a NASA statement. Launched on Dec. 7, 2001, Jason-1 was designed to have a lifespan of three to five years but it lasted for 11 1/2 years. It is being called a resounding scientific, technical and international success.

  14. BobbyL says:

    I didn’t realize our government was that brilliant to devise such a plan. I must have been underestimating their intellectual powers. And I guess they have been supporting the burning of fossils fuels to bring the world to its knees so it can easily carry out the plan to dominate. No wonder Obama has an all-of-the-above energy policy. Suddenly it all makes sense.

  15. prokaryotes says:

    ..derailment of a train carrying crude oil originating from North Dakota’s Bakken Shale. 2013/07/06/deadly-quebec-oil-train-disaster-and-athabasca-river-spill-same-day-tar-sands-healing-walk

    I think people could take much more advantage when messaging that these kind of disasters are a thing of the past once we switch to clean energy solutions.

  16. prokaryotes says:

    Re doug #54 “…my question is, how far could this phenomenon go? What is the “end” state? Is it possible for example that we could find the jet stream staying in place for months at a time, years, decades? How wavy could this waviness become?”

    Ok, here is what i imagine could happen:

    Maybe think of this metaphor for earth as a living being, assume what happens if a major artery stops the flow of blood.

    Now for the observation; Energy is no longer bound in the sea ice, instead it goes into the ocean and atmosphere. A main theme here seems to be that the main northern hemispheric pressure gradient – the polar vortex collapses, maybe even permanently.

    Which in turn changes the major air oscillation ,the Jet Stream. Which means profound changes with ripple effects through out the earth systems. A new “mode” is established which primary characteristic is persistence of conditions (hence the lack of the past air flow). THIS mode hints especially to a interconnection with the IPO index( ), which suggests that ocean circulation will be affected incredibly. You probably enter a rapid transistion phase when system adjustments cross various tipping point thresholds in a couple of years. A lack of the major air oscillation, which i assume hints to equally less wave generation – could establish a permanent El Nino configuration. Where heat is just hanging in the upper surface of ocean waters, hence ocean dead zones will spread.

    You might have to deal on a short time scale with the failing of considerable amounts in grain production. This was further highlighted in a recent Chapman talk, Richard Alley gave last month (see link above). Though he tied it to higher temperatures, i make a connection here to extreme weather – persistent weather conditions combined with an emerging permanent El Nino.

  17. wili says:

    OT–really bad pun warning:

    So an early English poet, a Canadian, and a young user of modern slang walk into a bar.

    Poet: Op’ eyen. (trans: open [your] eyes.)
    Canadian: Eh? (trans: standard C. question tag)
    Modern: Way! (opposite of “No way!”)

    (Sorry. ‘-/ )

  18. wili says:

    More or less on topic:

    Finland is now being inundated:

    “More than a foot of hail hits a New Mexico town”:

    And anecdotally, from Newfie at Malthusia site:

    “Here in the bonavista area of Newfounland we have heavy smog from forest fires in Quebec and Labradore some 400 to 500 miles away. Nobody here recalls anything remotely like this, including a cousin who spent his career flying this areA with the RCMP.”

  19. prokaryotes says:

    Not sure is everybody realize but the rail shipments are the response from the Oil industry to the delay of the Keystone pipeline.

    All these oil men could instead construct solar farms and export the electricity for a new electric fleet of cars. No such accidents, no bad image and i’m sure they would figure out how to direct oil subsidies accordingly.

  20. David K says:

    This is becoming a big issue in Maine as these tankers cross the state on their way to the Irving Oil refinery in Saint John New Brunswick. Undoubtedly it will become bigger. Here is Bangor Daily News reporting on a group blocking oil movement across their state a couple of weeks ago.

    For those who live in northern New England you are well aware that this region is a large segment of Irving’s market.

  21. Superman1 says:

    BobbyL, “And I guess they have been supporting the burning of fossils fuels to bring the world to its knees so it can easily carry out the plan to dominate.” There are, in fact, people who believe that, and they have posted such on this site. While one never knows the reality of what the three-letter agencies produce, the more probable explanation is quite simple.

  22. prokaryotes says:

    A road train exploded near my home town,here are few shots

  23. Joe Romm says:

    Yeah “people” who believe that. Like those people who believe we didn’t land on the moon.

  24. Superman1 says:

    That’s almost four percent of the population of Belgium. For perspective, contrast that with the 0.01% of Americans who attended the climate rally in February, while 33% watched the Super Bowl. Apples and oranges; maybe; or maybe Red Delicious vs Gold Delicious.

  25. Superman1 says:

    ‘When’, not ‘if’!

  26. Superman1 says:

    JR, Well, to be specific, Cleverdon has posted numerous times about this Cheney-based plot to bring China to its knees.

  27. Nell says:

    We have decried the lack of coverage of climate change by the MSM… but I’m thinking it’s not just climate change that is being neglected.
    The quality of journalism has fallen precipitously in the last couple of decades. I used to speculate that it began with OJ, but it’s probably the internet that’s the root cause. Plus nobody cares.

  28. Joan Savage says:

    Post-carbon beauty could include seeing far more stars in the night sky.

    Thierry-Cohen made photo montages of major cities and the stars we could have seen above the cities, if it were not for light pollution and atmospheric pollution.

    Sadly we might have cloudy nights even in a carbon free future, but here’s imagining!

  29. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    ‘We’ do not have a say. We live in fake democracies, in reality plutocracies, where the political and social processes are totally controlled by the rich. They do not want anything to be done to avert catastrophe. The only remaining question is -Why?

  30. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Why do you think that they refuse to change? Why don’t they invest their money in equally profitable but ecologically beneficial industries? Why do they insist on maintaining their investment in omnicidal processes?

  31. Mulga Mumblebrain says:


  32. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Bobby, the Pentagon plans for global ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ are public knowledge. Their secret plans are not. The NSA PRISM revelations of spying on the entire world, including economic espionage against putative ‘allies’ like Germany, are all over sections of the MSM. Surely you do not deny that US military budgets are one trillion plus per year, money that flows to mega-corporations owned by the ruling elite? The control of Middle East oil and gas, described by Pentagon planners as ‘The greatest material prize in human history’, has been US policy since the alliance with the Sauds was forged during WW2. And ensuring the oil trade is carried out in US dollars is the bulwark of US dollar global hegemony. In my opinion this sort of strange denialism of reality sits oddly with a proper rejection of climate destabilisation denialism.