Mann Of Steel: New Film Starring Author Of ‘The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars’

OK, it’s more of a new video starring climatologist Michael Mann than a film.

But still, the author of The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines has had to be a Mann of Steel to withstand the attacks by climate-denying super-stupor-villains.

Yet, few scientists in recent memory have been as a scientifically vindicated as Mann (see “New Science Study Confirms ‘Hockey Stick’: The Rate Of Warming Since 1900 Is 50 Times Greater Than The Rate Of Cooling In Previous 5000 Years and here).

Last month, at a conference on, “Communicating Climate Science,” Mann told his epic tale, a battle between good and not-so-good. Here’s a truly super-Mann talk:

19 Responses to Mann Of Steel: New Film Starring Author Of ‘The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars’

  1. Superman1 says:

    There are many imposters, but there is only one Superman, more widely known as Superman1.

  2. Joe Romm says:

    Ah, but what about this!!!

  3. Mike Roddy says:

    Good one, Dr. Mann, and you’re getting better with the visuals, too.

    The real Superman? It reminds me of a line from Shakespeare: “We are all of us dreamers of dreams.”

  4. Lou Grinzo says:

    It can be extremely easy to get depressed about climate change and our pathetic response to the mess we’ve created. It can be so depressing (and frustrating and exasperating and …), in fact, that one can be left searching for heroes.

    Here’s a hint: Look again. They’re already here.

  5. chessmen says:

    I really question why Superpman1 would crack a joke like that on a Michael Mann post…

    I checked that link Joe.

    And then I read this…”Liberals have largely won the culture wars of the last half-century not through the power of ideas but through the power of control over entertainment and education. It will be a long time before conservatives recapture the academy or even secure a decent foothold, but with a few more movies like “The Man of Steel” conservative values may have a shot at recapturing the culture.

    Superman, after all, fights not only for truth and justice but for the American way. Even when he is played by an English actor.”

    This website needs to go away…”liberals control education…” This guy is advocating propaganda, indoctrination, and education along only Conservative lines…

    Just one of many scary comments from this Corporate site.

  6. David Goldstein says:

    Just so happened to send off my latest climate article to Dr. Mann about the connection between climate change and the 19 young men who died in last week’s Arizona Wildfire. Here it is (Joe, please feel free to use if you wish!):

  7. M Tucker says:

    I’m glad Professor Mann is encouraged but I think he might be just a little naïve about the power, determination, and the far-reaching influence of the fossil fuel empire arrayed against ANY government action. Just because Heartland might seem desperate does not mean the true opponents to government regulation are desperate. Heartland is just a tool of the fossil fuel industry just like Inhofe and Barton. In fact Google’s support of Inhofe indicates and expansion of the hydra-headed monster into other industries. With the fossil fuel industries now open access into politics and continued Republican dominance of the House the opposition is well placed to obstruct new regulations and even roll back some of the old regulations.

    I do like Mann’s characterization of the massive corroboration of the ‘Hockey Stick’ as the Hockey League. That’s great!

  8. Superman1 says:

    Note how they felt it necessary to emphasize the author’s deprived background, as though it gives the shlock they present more credibility.

  9. Superman1 says:

    “So the sublime of the Superman story is to save the world, to preserve the environment.” They must have been reading my CP posts when they wrote the screenplay!

  10. Superman1 says:

    You expected more from the Heartland Institute?

  11. Superman1 says:

    “Here’s a hint: Look again. They’re already here.” Thank you, Lou, I appreciate that.

  12. Superman1 says:

    David, good article; posted ~ 4hours; 0 comments. Article on hurricanes getting stronger; posted ~ 4 hours; 8 comments. Article on Snowden’s asylum in Venezuela; posted 1 hour; 2300 comments. Article on challenge to gay marriage ban; posted 8 hours; ~7000 comments. You can probably fill in my conclusion.

  13. prokaryotes says:

    Well, if you watch the video from that article you see that superman is even cleaning up oil spill’s… that video is kind of old btw.

  14. M Tucker says:

    Very good article David. You asked why Brewer is not interested in addressing climate change. Well, there is no advantage to addressing climate change in a strong red state like Arizona. It is all ideological. Arizona is not protecting the fossil fuel industry, they are protecting their deeply held belief that government regulations are bad. That is why Brewer is firmly against EPA regulations. In Arizona, regardless of the heat waves and wildfires and dust storms, they do not want to hear about or talk about climate change. Maybe the firefighters who protect the property of the Arizona voters think climate change is an important factor in the fires but they make up a very small part of the total population. The majority do not want to discuss it. That is why Brewer gets so mad if a reporter brings it up. I’m sure you know the story about what she allegedly did to a reporter who ventured to ask her about climate change. Brewer might not run or might not win next year but it is a safe bet another tea party, anti-government regulation, anti-imagination, pro-prison industry, wacko libertarian will win.

  15. Adam R. says:

    The balding, professorial Dr. Mann doesn’t look much like a super hero, but I’ll take him over any that ever appeared in Marvel Comics.

    Hurray for you, Mike: we’re lucky to have a tough hombre like you on the side of the good guys.

  16. chessmen says:

    No. I did not.

  17. David Goldstein says:

    Yes, Superman, I appreciate that you notice the challenge in getting attention and response as a climate writer (short of being Mr. Mckibben or Mr. Gore). In light of that, I heard from an Exxon scout today. They have noticed my work and are offering me a position as a ‘double agent’. At first I resisted citing moral repugnance. But there benefits package was just too tasty to pass up and so, unfortunately, I go to join the Dark Side. I mean, if we are going down anyway, might as well go down in luxury!!! (kidding, by the way)