July 16 News: Chevron Grabs Enviro Advocates’ Personal Data To Fight Lawsuit Over Oil Waste In Amazon

Chevron still fighting 20 years later. (Credit: Dolores Ochoa/AP)

Chevron was indicted for dumping 18.5 billion gallons of oil waste in the Ecuadorean Amazon, and to fight off the lawsuit, a U.S. court is granting it broad subpoena power to grab personal information about environmental activists. [Sustainable Business]

After a 20-year battle, Ecuador’s court ruled against Chevron in the world’s biggest environmental lawsuit, but the company isn’t giving up and has indeed settled on a new strategy to avoid paying $18.2 billion in damages for 30 years of pollution in the Amazon.

Chevron is attempting to fight back by claiming it is a victim of conspiracy and incredibly, a US federal judge has given the company access to email and internet use by environmental advocates in order to build its case.

A federal judge ruling enforces Chevron’s subpoena for Microsoft to provide IP usage records and identity information for email accounts owned by over 100 environmental activists, journalists and attorneys. Chevron has also subpoenaed Yahoo! and Google.

Gina McCarthy’s cloture vote is today, amid the swirl of possibilities of filibuster reform. [New York Times]

Meanwhile, the conservative group CEI is suing Gina McCarthy for her text messages. [The Hill]

If you write a story about the Koch Brothers that they don’t like, you might get a Facebook ad attacking you for writing the story. [Washington Post]

More than 5,000 people are still missing after floods and mudslides devastated northern India last month. [Wall Street Journal]

After massive rainstorms, mudslides, and a typhoon in southern China, nearly 300 people are either dead or missing. [AFP]

The Colorado Black Forest Fire, which began in June, cost $292.8 million and ruined 486 structures, making it the second-costliest fire in Colorado’s history. [Bloomberg]

Severe drought in the western U.S. has prompted federal agencies to ship thousands of gallons of water each day to wild horse herds. [LA Times]

It’s so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk in Death Valley during a heat wave, but National Park rangers are asking visitors to stop doing so because it leaves a gooey mess. Really. [AP]

The state of California has fined nine companies, including Exxon Mobil Corp., for filing late or inadequate greenhouse gas emissions reports. [LA Times]

The tragic train crash in Quebec is not a reason to build pipelines like Keystone XL, it is a reason to strengthen safety laws and stop pumping tar sands oil. [The Hill]

The petroleum industry is running ads opposing a rule requiring increased use of biofuels in regular gasoline. [Fuel Fix]

The American Energy Alliance, a conservative energy group, has launched an anti-carbon tax campaign aimed at targeting members of congress who have been “soft on the carbon tax issue.” [The Hill]

BP looks to save $1.7 billion off the fine it owes for the Deepwater Horizon spill because it was “dispersed” into the sea before it reached the surface. [Fuel Fix]

Greenland is getting darker, partially because of black carbon (soot), doubling its melting rate. [Ensia]

Australian opposition leader Tony Abbott adopts climate denier talking points when criticizing a price on carbon, saying it’s “not a true market … the non-delivery of an invisible substance to no-one.” This on a continent dealing with the externalities of climate change on a daily basis. [Renew Economy]

The Safe Climate Caucus asked Speaker Boehner to schedule a floor debate on climate change. [The Hill]

Two 20-megawatt solar farms in California have reached commercial operation. [Green Building Elements]

Women-owned businesses receive just one percent of Department of Energy direct contracts. [Bloomberg]

A European vote today could establish a large marine sanctuary in the Antarctic, but Russian and Ukrainian fishing interests could derail the proposal. [Guardian]

22 Responses to July 16 News: Chevron Grabs Enviro Advocates’ Personal Data To Fight Lawsuit Over Oil Waste In Amazon

  1. prokaryotes says:

    Retrograde Low Makes Rush Against Feeble Jet Stream Toward Desert Southwest

    I’ve honestly never seen anything like this before. An upper level low and associated frontal systems had stalled near Tennessee this weekend. Then, on Sunday, the low abruptly turned west, riding against the now-feeble tide of the Northern Hemisphere Jet, its center transitioning all the way to eastern Arkansas last night even as associated frontal systems extended all the way to Utah. Today, the low continued to churn westward, against prevailing winds and centuries of weather precedent, and is now located near the Texas panhandle.

  2. prokaryotes says:

    We Are All Climate Change Deniers

    Almost all of us minimize or normalize our enormous global problems

    Read more:

  3. prokaryotes says:

    Free market is best way to combat climate change, study suggests The best way to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change is through the use of market forces, according to a new study.

  4. prokaryotes says:

    Elon Musk Teases Big ‘Hyperloop’ Reveal

    Elon Musk is promising to reveal details about a futurist transportation system called a “Hyperloop” within a month, tweeting somewhat cryptically on Monday that “[c]ritical feedback for improvements would be much appreciated.”

    Musk, the co-founder of Pay Pal, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX, introduced the idea of the Hyperloop last July, calling it a “cross between a Concorde and a railgun and an air hockey table,” but offering scant few details on the technological underpinnings of the idea.

    The first iteration of a Hyperloop, according to Musk, would be a passenger line between San Francisco and Los Angeles which would supposedly ferry people between the two cities in less than 30 minutes while costing just $6 billion to construct, or about 10 percent of the estimated cost of building a high-speed rail along that nearly 350-mile route.,2817,2421807,00.asp

  5. Paul Magnus says:

    Keystone XL Scandal: Obama Attorney’s Law Firm Represents TransCanada’s Pipeline in Alaska

    Steve Horn…. says
    1.) Bob Bauer (Obama’s personal attorney) – notorious for his legal work that allowed more corporate money to flow into electoral politics – is Anita Dunn’s husband, Obama’s former communications director who now does PR on behalf of TransCanada. The law firm he works at, Perkins Coie, does legal work on TransCanada’s S. Central LNG pipeline 2.) The contractor who did the environmental review for TransCanada’s Keystone XL lied about its current ties to TransCanada via the Alaska pipeline on its State Dept. conflict-of-interest form, a crime punishable by up to five years in jail under 18 USC § 1001.

  6. Paul Magnus says:

    But it hasn’t!

  7. prokaryotes says:

    Uhm yes emissions were reduced…

    The ECX was created by the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) in 2005 to help the European Union (EU) achieve its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol to reduce carbon emissions. The EU set limits and issued permits for how much carbon firms could emit into the atmosphere. If companies exceed their limit, they incur regulatory penalties.

    Yes there are problems, but even James Hansen today opts for a free market solution, based on a Carbon fee.

  8. prokaryotes says:

    Mining Company Deploys More Masked Militiamen Against “Eco-Terrorists”
    Welcome to the scary new world of mining in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin.

  9. Paul Magnus says:

    Perhaps even if we could find a new, cheap energy source, it might be a bad idea. Do we need to change our goals?

  10. prokaryotes says:

    Tony Abbott caught dog-whistling to climate change denialists

    Abbott’s latest remarks on carbon pricing betray the fact that his views on climate change are inspired from the depths of the climate denier blogosphe

  11. Merrelyn Emery says:

    Thanks Prok, yes Abbott was dog whistling, not wolf whistling as reported by Renew Economy, which is what men do at sexy women, not a class I would want confused with deniers, ME

  12. prokaryotes says:

    Tesla Tumbles On Goldman Skepticism

    Investors in Tesla Motors TSLA -14.31% have not had much to complain about this year, with the electric carmaker reporting surprise profits and its stock surging more than 250%. But with shares near the $120 level a Goldman Sachs analyst is warning the company may be priced for perfection.

    Patrick Archambault proposes something of a Goldilocks case for Tesla, three different scenarios withing a broader research report on the automotive industry published Tuesday.

    One sees the company selling 105,000 vehicles with a 14.6% operating margin,. The second, more bullish case has Elon Musk‘s company selling 200,000 vehicles and garnering a 3.5% global share in the luxury auto market– “consistent with the typical 3-5 year share gains seen by the most successful industry players across multiple luxury sub-segments over the past decade” — with 15.2% operating margin. The third, or middle-of-the-road, scenario calls for volume of 150,000 units and 14.8% margins.

  13. Paul Magnus says:

    What is the problem with this headline? Its .3m.
    Are we really to believe an accuracy of .3m. No.
    Should read 2-3m….

    Sea levels may rise 2.3 metres per degree of global warming, report says

  14. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    The unpredictability of the atmosphere under the influence of the huge amounts of energy being accumulated therein, is surely prodigious. We really have no idea what is coming. To paraphrase JBS Haldane, this new climate regime is not just stranger than we imagine, but stranger than we can imagine.

  15. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Goldman Sachs anal-yst puts out negative report, Shares fall. Goldman Sachs cashes in on shorting the stock, and buys up at bargain prices. Just like shelling peas.

  16. fj says:

    The real conspiracy is silence on climate change and the disastrous effect the fossil fuel industry including Chevron is having on the the people of this world and the planet that supports them.

  17. Calamity Jean says:

    Well, I hope it drops some rain on them.