If God Came Back: Louis C.K.’s Hilarious Take On Religion Vs. The Environment

There are two ways to respond to the Evangelicals who don’t seem to support climate action.

There is the calm and rational way — see our recent post, “Evangelical Scientists Issue Faith-Based Call For Congress To Address Climate Change.”

And then there is the way of the current king of standup comedy, Louis C. K. (animated by JRoneyMedia):

13 Responses to If God Came Back: Louis C.K.’s Hilarious Take On Religion Vs. The Environment

  1. Ken says:

    At first I misread this as “C.S. Lewis’s Take On Religion Vs. The Environment”. This is…not exactly that. But funny.

  2. Paul Magnus says:

    God doesn’t swear like that!

  3. wili says:

    (S)He does damn, though.

  4. Nell says:

    How can anyone not be in awe of the life support system we enjoy regardless of what or who provided it?

  5. fj says:

    Yep, the message is loud and clear that the fossil fools are bringing civilization and life on this planet down.

  6. Jacob says:

    Who is more foolish, those fools or the fools who follow them?

  7. And yet it seems that there is always something the takes the focus away from climate and the world we are making. Dr. King’s Fierce Urgency of Now sucks up all of the human energy as those who care end up caring about Edward Snowden vx. the NSA, the search for justice for Trayvon Martin, the struggle for power in Syria and there is little progressive energy left over to save the world from ourselves.

    There will always be another Trayvon Martin and another Edward Snowden. There might be no tomorrow for billions. Our daughter told us last night that she is pregnant. I worry.

  8. Ominous Clouds Overhead says:

    God’s gonna say all that and more when he sees all this crap. He (she/it/if exists) is gonna make up some new cuss words, would be my guess. Pretty funny vid, but sadly too true.

  9. Joan Savage says:

    American parents might react like that to wasteful children, or think about reacting like that. Fill in the blanks, I gave you a ____ and you did ____!

    I doubt if this piece would make sense, as humor or otherwise, to most of the world’s peoples. Humor can be culturally-limited.

  10. Aussie John says:

    The swearing spoils it.

  11. J4Zonian says:

    As long as we let it be about Edward Snowden and the hunt for Edward Snowden and Edward Snowden’s search for a place to live instead of about the content and meaning of the documents he leaked…and the extraordinary abuses of power revealed in those, and in the leaks by Bradley Manning and the incredible hypocrisy of the Obama administrone instituting a witch hunt for leakers and protestors while recognizing the illegality of the sale that put Tim DeChristopher in prison without a pardon… Remember, those of you in the us, a few years ago a time when the network news dreamcatcher kept catching fossil fool mishaps? Gas leaks, oil leaks, coal sludge dam breaks… one every few weeks or oftener for months? What ever happened to stop those? Anything?

    There was a saying in the 60s and 70s about dilution as the solution to pollution. That’s exactly the strategy, conscious or un-, here. Dilution of effort and concentration by activists, ever poorer, ever more marginalized and illegalized by ALEClaws and corporate media, and stressed by health issues caused partly by exposure to toxics… Yes, it will go on. The more horrible things they do, the less we do anything about each one and the more they get away with. If they stopped having accidents or causing scandals for 2 months it would give too much time to organize over the last one to happen, talk about it in depth, sort out actual news from the celebrity drug bust of the week, change a law or 2, convince some waveringwimpy corporate congressman [sic] to pursue a case against the real criminals… so they don’t do that. They keep screwing up so we can’t stop their screw-ups, and so most people can’t even figure the screw-ups out. It’s a perfect world

    for them

    isn’t it?

    Congratulations on your grandchild-to-be. I’m not assuming anything about your life, what are you doing about his or her life?

  12. J4Zonian says:

    PS The post didn’t work right; that was supposed to be a reply to 6. Wesley Rolley.