Braking Bad: Meth Cook Walter White Drives (And Kills With) An Aztek, Not A Prius


Meth cook Walter White and one of the drug dealers he ran over in his non-Prius

Climate Progress works hard every day to debunk myths that undercut climate science or clean energy.

That means we read and watch a lot of things so you don’t have to. A case in point is my binge-watching of Breaking Bad — the acclaimed show about the underachieving chemistry teacher who becomes an overachieving methamphetamine cook.

At first, this might seem to have nothing to do with climate and clean energy. But in fact, a lot of people mistakenly think that the show’s anti-hero, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) drives a Prius. Here’s a (still uncorrected) Huffington Post piece from 2011:

He’s a killer, indeed a mass murderer. Not only has he strangled, shot, and flattened drug dealers with his Prius (a first for a hybrid in the annals of movies or TV?), he is indirectly responsible for countless other deaths. Who knows how many addicts have ended up in the morgue after smoking or inhaling his irresistible crystal-blue rocks?

Yes, Walter White is not a nice guy. But he never flattened anybody with a Prius. For the record, the car he broke two drug dealers with, the one he brakes badly, as it were, is an Aztek:

3 Responses to Braking Bad: Meth Cook Walter White Drives (And Kills With) An Aztek, Not A Prius

  1. catman306 says:

    The 2001 Pontiac Aztek is one of the 50 worst cars of all time. Hated at the Auto Show.,28804,1658545_1658544_1658540,00.html

    Any year Prius would be a good investment.

  2. Joan Savage says:

    20 mpg – 2003 Aztek FWD
    18 mpg – 2003 Aztek AWD


  3. BBHY says:

    How did they turn a Prius into an Aztec? That makes no sense.