VIDEO: Constituents Give GOP Congressman A ‘Climate Denial Award’


OFA unicorn


GRANITE BAY, California — A group of 20 constituents presented Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) (in absentia) with a Silver Unicorn Award for his continued denial of climate science at an event Tuesday afternoon.

Across the country, Organizing for Action activists gathered this week to hand out “Congressional Climate Denial Awards” to the most stringent deniers of climate science on Capitol Hill. The trophy itself was a silver unicorn, because, as one California organizer noted, climate change deniers are apparently willing to believe anything.

ThinkProgress attended one such award ceremony in a plush suburb of Sacramento represented by McClintock.

Watch highlights from the event:

The California congressman made his climate denier status public in 2009 when he defiantly announced that “We’re all told of course the debate is over and that all the scientists agree… and as all of you know, that is succinctly not the case.”